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Age of Civilizations

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Anything about my work. and your ideas.

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  2. Welll it's quite other situation Right now, i'm filled with work, I don't have time to get back to it right now, I need to take over every shit in my life and end them :v. My "newest" work(school):
  3. HELP ME DUDES How to install the mod?
  4. soooo, I don't have time even now, I've made some progress but then other website project went in, 2 days of work(12hours) and it's only 50% https://wersjon.000webhostapp.com/index.html
  5. If anyone is intrested why I'm having "small" break from Ashan: EXAMS. I've a lot of exams, basicly Math that is taking hours to learn. polynomials: <<< stuff like this :v
  6. Due to another IRL problems, I'll post done PAO islands soon.
  7. Simple C++ application that runs 3D in console 😛 (older Version)
  8. Да, я понимаю, но я говорю о конкретном документе
  9. Hasima and islands near it are done 😛
  10. Good news everyone, I got rid of my IRL problems, so I'm back with updates, hope you like them 😄 66% of Hasima islands is fixed:
  11. oh again i make this mistakes evrey time whit how and who
  12. I asked how are you, not who you are :PPPP ( ce mai faci <<< Am ghicit limba? )
  13. When it's ready It's WIP, I had a lot of job this week, I'm getting back to it today 😛
  14. steapdede just you can see on top 😄
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