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  2. I just tried this on Android. I set up a custom civ with two leaders born a year apart from each other, just like Azana and the test leader. I then created two scenarios set 70 and 71 years after the first leader was born. And in both scenarios, the first leader showed up. So I don't know if this applies to the Android version of the game in the same way it does for PC. EDIT: I just created another leader born 2 years after the first one. The first guy still shows up.
  3. I am loving how the stage is looking! I look forward to playing it, also it is motivating me to create something similar, although I do not think it is so good
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  5. The premise for one of the next scenarios. Also I'm currently drafting new scenarios on mobile, but not actually updating the mod files. So no actual development is happening atm.
  7. Yeah, but what about leaders that come into power in between those 70 years? That's the problem I have with the leader system.
  8. and, if you hate this game and the mods, why did you entered to this server?
  9. La modificacion parece muy prometedora,¡No lo abandones! Esta muy buena me gustaria ayudar pero no tengo los recursos jsjs..😅 Heart of AoH2 y project sophia fusionados...uff me encantaría saludos desde Bs.As,Argentinaaaaa 😄
  10. If you really hope,This mod will be frozen like others. I have ever seen a lot of great mod get frozen. I don't wanna repeat. I stand newtral.
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  12. i just did this in a rpg history game
  13. if you set the birth date of the leader that you want less than 70 years from the start date of the scenario, and set the unwanted leaders birth date after the scenario, then it should work i believe.
  14. Showing the right leaders in the right scenarios. If I try to make a leader that comes into power before the scenario starts, chances are some guy from the future will show up instead.
  15. @Simon Wilford okay i'm understand no offensive word 🙂
  16. reject modding, embrace monky
  17. Товарищ,революция скоро настигнет тебя,хотя и в другой форме,Коммунизм победит! И я пишу это на языке революции
  18. Твоё право так считать, моё мнение не изменилось. Мне интересно как ты будешь это переводить)
  19. Nearly a month later... Nothing!
  20. Hey there everyone, My name is Trisk and I help the main developer of this mod (Vis Tacitus) on his Discord server. It seems that some of you have failed to get the memo on where the mod currently is. Yes, it's in its final state right now. Unfinished, but it has been released. And it's right here. No, there is no officially supported Android version. In fact, there are so many bugs with it that I believe the creator of the unofficial Android version will not even share it anymore. Also do note that continued development of the mod will likely be done by @Leeb in the follow
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