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  3. I started working on a more "Hearts of Iron 2: Darkest Hour" style U.I, the menus are pretty much almost done:
  4. Post in English and Spanish ☕ English: A mod in which I will try to add maps, civilizations, scenarios, events, governments, flags and much more. [Short description because I don't have much to add, from this day (03/01/2021 or 01/03/2013)] 🗺️ Spanish: Un mod en el que intentaré agregar mapas, civilizaciones, escenarios, eventos, gobiernos, banderas y muchas cosas mas. [Descripción corta ya que no tengo mucho que decir, comenze desde este dia (03/01/2021 en el sistema de EEUU o 01/03/2021sistema normal)]🗺️ // English // If
  5. Hi there fellow people, so when i got Windows 10 i wanted to launch age of History, but it dont work. It says that version of 1% isnt compatible with windows. I tried everything but it didnt worked. If you know how to fix this, please tell me. Thank you very much🤗
  6. Mka

    AoH II / EU4 Map

    Hi buddy! I started making a map for you. The map will include the EU4 states. Usually there will be all scenarios found in Eu4 MAP :
  7. Yo, i made 2 backgrounds, a grey one and a blue one, here it is http://www.mediafire.com/file/j3pbru6wqk1iss5/backgrounds.zip/file
  8. you are using wrong dude i gave you the e3 mod map i dont wanna restart with you on this mod for the 4th time bruh
  9. Dosyayı RAR dan çıkartıp çıkan klasörü AoH2 nin olduğu klasöre at
  10. please help, no matter which mod or base game, when I upload a custom leader image it always goes inverted or something. The first one is the normal, the second one is with brightness all the way up. Anybody know why this is happening???
  11. anyway i forgot to replace loading screen texts from project alpha loading texts so it says project alpha by aoc2moddingtr in the loading screen 🤣
  12. Probably you doesnt have enough memory, you need 1GB free on your phone to install it
  13. Hi! Thank you for give a chance for my mod! However, yes, you can modify city names. You need to modify city names placed in some files assets\map\Roma\data. If I remember correctly, there are many files about cities, they're divided. I didn't have time at the time to modify all cities. If you want, I can share your work here, updating Roma Invicta
  14. I have aoh2 in my phone and I would like to create a city, but when I put the name of the city and click save, the new city is not saved. Anyone know how to fix the bug?Sorry if I'm wrong to write but I don't speak English
  15. If I make any country focus tree in conq 2, can you put it in the game if you like. @Kerems2434
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