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  2. Certainly, AoH2 getting less and less popular. So if i were to continue the project, it wouldn't be for AoH2 mod.
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  4. Cool, but what do you mean Darfur not Darfur?
  5. 1950 COLD WAR.rar
  6. nice impersonation dude. thanks for putting my real name as ur profile name
  7. The possible reason for Spain's Civil War would be... After the Nationalist Victory in the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939), the fascists kinda kicked the Carlists and Nationalists from power, creating discontent among the state. In 1960/62 the other factions rose up against the rulling fascist party and thus started the Second Spanish Sivil War
  8. Im making new states like: Sultanate of Darfur not Darfur. French republic can be in the mod maybe. And thx for this suggestion.
  9. I don't know, as this could force you to put in the original names like: French Republic
  10. Mani

    The Great War Mod

  11. Or should I say Sublime (Ottoman) State?
  12. Ottoman vassals in central arabia
  13. interesting several countries falling into civil wars, something obvious since many would not agree with the regime
  14. I will do these firstly:
  15. back from deep sleep, will be posting some scenarios or something else soon.

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