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  2. はい、このスレッドを立てた日本人です!(笑) Modの開発者がウクライナ戦争の影響で開発が遅れてしまっている状況です😅 またVKにも貼ってある通りテレグラムにスレッドを移していますのでテレグラムのリンクをお踏みください
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  4. Cool someone can made also very good idea if default county released puppet can create party puppet or even made you party leader in puppet nations
  5. Good idea, but for authoritarian countries there mustn't be political parties. Maybe some forms of government can have parties and some not. Or maybe (if it is an only modern day mod) make only two forms of government and some sub-ideologies: AUTHORITARIANISM: State Capitalism: The so-called "Communist" countries like China, based on a state active role within commercial activity through the use of state-owned or state-managed for-profit enterprises Kleptocracy: Based on taxing the resources and the population of the country, by means of taxes, diversion of funds, etc.
  6. I have a question, How can I Activate the choose your way Feature on Android? Thanks
  7. How to download on Android?, I'm new
  8. Kesinlikle Tank,Uçak,Silah,Nükleer Silah vb. şeyler üretmemiz gerek bence :D
  9. Roma Invicta is a great game for people who like Ancient Time themed mods. It has loads of new provinces, all the civilisations of the time, several mods and it's greatly accurate when it comes to civilisation locations, names etc. However there are a few innaccurate things on the game. For example Sparta's only colony at Italy Taranto (source) but in the Ab Urbe Condita and the rest of the scenarios including Magna Grecia many Greek colonies in Italy is vassal to Sparta. Most Greek colonies in Italy have the wrong vassal and that's a shame since there's valid information that exists online an
  10. My second map 1694.zip
  11. who are you?some special nation cant change government such as russian states,Ming,japanese,and islamic country.
  12. Help! Every time I open the game and I go to the load game section the games automatically crashes. Anyone can help me out?
  13. Witam przedstawiam mój pierwszy scenariusz bez eventów ale w przyszłości planuje dodać eventy. to jest scenariusz alternatywna europa. myśle że wam się spodoba! English: Hello, I present my first scenario without events, but I plan to add events in the future. this is the alternative europe scenario. I think you will like it! Scenariuszaltewnatywnaeuropa.rar
  14. Как передать другу сценарий и как его установить, если это возможно?
  15. Current situation in Istanbul:
  16. Как передать другу сценарий и как его установить, если это возможно?
  17. How can I change the name, and the name of the members vidmate rank (so there is no kings, but also ministers).
  18. Jesse09

    world war 1

    So I would like to do the same because if you change government of your customized nation, it won't change anything on https://testmyspeed.onl/.
  19. It's me again with a map project, I hope it won't die. I'm planning a map that will contain 5-10k provinces built on a 13k blank map. Screenshot from the base map: Discord Nick: HasanBeg#4755 Note: That won't be much active till the Summer Holiday.
  20. Mineva12

    Nuclear Age

    Einstein? Oppenheimer I think
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