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  2. Britain turns fascist and annex's Iceland, Ireland and maybe Greenland.
  3. Can you make some provinces in east Asia,like Ogasawara Islands 、Dalian Bay、Guangzhou Bay、etc in future?
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  5. I will add Antarctica if the majority in a future vote wish it and the scenario "the world today" will start from December 2019 (I have not put events yet but I will put them)
  6. ALPHA 1.0 RELEASED! Now five months into the development of War of the Eight Continents, Alpha 1.0 of WotEC is finally released! Download the mod here! (PC) (156MB compresed, 175MB uncompressed) Alpha 1.0 features: Over 2,000 civilizations from various time periods 3 detailed maps: The Known World (9,427 provinces, 1,405 cities, 28 scenarios, 350 formable civilizations) Demo 1 map (551 provinces, 7 scenarios, 22 formable civilizations) Demo 2 map (1,091 provinces, 15 scenarios, 44 formable civilizations) 2 new ideologies (Imperial
  7. Yes thanks, now i can sleep peacefully seeing japan own manchuria, time to play 😊
  8. 1- There will be no european microstates. I know this because i asked a while ago. 2-Maybe the creator will do the remaining stuff (except microstates) in a next update.
  9. I mod still alive?
  10. Also began working on more accurate flags for countries, this will be added in version 1
  11. Begining work on event images, this will be included in version 1.
  12. Download link - The Dust Settles Mod
  13. In the game base changer manager, how do I make it so that event pictures arent 279 in size but way bigger
  14. things you should add: antarctica san marino vatican city liechtenstein seperate guernsey and jersey seperate islands of greece civil wars events in 2021 (thing that takes the longest and you can do slowly if you want to) make sure that every country's states are accurate to real life borders
  15. New Ideologies: Parlamental Republic Consitituional Monarchy Mixed Republic Oligarchy Direct Democracy IDK the others I WILL TRANSLATE TO EVERY LANGUAGES
  16. XD http://www.ageofcivilizationsgame.com/topic/184329-%E2%9C%A0-%F0%9D%95%B1%F0%9D%96%94%F0%9D%96%97%F0%9D%96%9A%F0%9D%96%92-%F0%9D%95%BA%F0%9D%96%8B%F0%9D%96%8B%F0%9D%96%8E%F0%9D%96%88%F0%9D%96%8E%F0%9D%96%86%F0%9D%96%91-%E2%9C%A0-gathering-storm-1936-hoi4-style-mod-download-now-patch-03-for-pc-and-mobile/
  17. There is a way to exit the spectator mode, first thing you load your scenario. Then Exit Menu > Editor > Create Civilization ( Make sure you have already make a civilization) > Click your civilization > Save. After that go to Games and click new game. If you use the method there are several problem : 1. Your army will be set to the amount of starting army in you capital (In the scenario there is a option to choose how many army in your capital) 2. If you save the game it will not overwrite your save but instead it will make another save Im sorry if my english ba
  18. I completely forgot about events. I'll add them when I can
  19. Laropin


    just made a 1940 map, (its my first shared map :D) the entire world! 1638674634438zhnrcbpj.zip
  20. Today is Happy Thailand's national day 5th December Now I'll present Italy vs Yugoslavia 1936 Link here: https://www.mediafire.com/file/whr70qabn4tgasv/Italy+vs+Yugoslavia+1936.rar/file Scenario tag: 1638617680493xwprvwkl
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