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  2. When I Try Loading A Map I Made Ingame It Crashes
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  4. Yes, this is administrative regions. And yes, you can help me with this.
  5. @Ànex i Rux You could join the discord server and ask Dave there if its possible that you can be a translator
  6. Look I honestly advise not to push him and let him go at his own pace
  7. It is very infectious, i got it in a game and this is the result. It infected almost all of asia and eastern europe.
  8. @Hetman2311 Please make islands in Ionian and Aegean sea separate !!
  9. @Hetman2311 Please add islands in Indian Ocean and Antarctic Ocean !!!
  10. @Hetman2311 Please add every island in the Pacific ocean !!!
  11. Yesterday
  12. @Suzema that's a great idea though. By the way, you can make it yourself, there are some posts about how to do it in this forum 😉
  13. No limit. But the background of the editor must be the same size the background you put in the game
  14. what is the size limit of the bg png photo?
  15. Can you remove some civilizations that dont have any reason to be in game , not America but states like Iowa, Washington, many tribes and some smaller countries that are outside of Bloody europe map, it would make game less lagy.
  16. Can I translate the mod to a language not inclouded to the game? I don't know if it is possible, I guess yes but i'll have to translate the entire game, right?
  17. Nothing shoul be in the center and in the bottom should be "A post made by a Turk nationalist in turkish thinking everyone will understand" then BINGO!
  18. Here I am with my personal acount, in fact if i say the thruth, when I first saw this post I also thought it was fake but then I logged on to the acount with the username and password that Dave gave me and I saw that it was a true post Proof:
  19. @Suzema, @Reich You might not think this but this is the acount that @Dave ☢ made for the developers of the mod, right now its 'Comrade JP' writing this.
  20. It Might Be Possible To Change Via The Game Files
  21. Musocen

    Irodus Fanmade

    Mine Too They Crash When I Open Them Ingame
  22. this is a good idea but you must know how many provinces there will be to name them all correctly and use the same background. You can try but most people can't run custom maps for some reason...
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