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  2. Never finished the mod 0/10 

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  4. 2020-09-29 07-52-42.mkvSo Basically, I Installed the game on steam, But when i press PLAY, It run, But it goes back to the play button again, The game didnt start or anything, Im genuinely confused
  5. Holy crap, thank you. That website is gonna help me make many scenarios, thank you, really, I'm so happy.
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  8. Can you guys pls make online multiplayer mod too? that would be epic
  9. I need help. How to change font in game?
  10. Cayo

    Custom map crashes

    Check the "config" file inside your map folder and see if it has the correct number of provinces. Remembering that you must add a province more than what your map really has. In other words, if your map has 70 provinces, add 71. If you don't, it won't work.
  11. czy można przesłać poradnik w obrazkach bo nie rozumiem
  12. Vestfold is a chiefdom in southern Norway. Approximate years of existence: 650 - 872. It became famous as a state that united Norway during a series of campaigns of conquest led by Harald the Fair-haired. Later it was preserved as a territorial unit of Norway. In Norrvägen Vestfold will be the most interesting country in the scenario with events, the beginning of which dates back to the second half of the 9th century. Map shows the Westfold border in 850.
  13. pls help me sürekli.7z
  14. Work on events in progress. There will be interesting here...
  15. Por si a alguien le interesa, le agregue tasas de crecimiento y muchas ciudades al mapa, se los dejo. Descarga Saludos.
  16. I liked this a lot, thanks a lot for sharing this with us
  17. I changed the original 1440 map scenario and I think I lost the original 1440 map, could someone upload it here so I can download it again? Thank you!
  18. I am nearly done with Poland, and afterwards, complete Germany -Added more provinces to Warmia-Masuria region (East Prussia) -Added the Oder River provinces 4441 provinces total!
  19. I will announce when am I going to continue with working But now I gotta focus on school and trainings, that's very important for me.
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