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  4. Comrade JP

    Map Editor 2.0

    Realy useful, managed to make 11 porvinces in 6 minutes, which is a good time, with the default map editor I took more time, like 3 times more. Also that map from the video is now even more possible to make.
  5. will the scandinavia map be compatible with addon+?
  6. Now link is working...
  7. Cool , will you in this update also fix some bugs and make new civilizations ?
  8. NotSoAmerican

    Map Editor 2.0

    Thank you Reich, very cool!
  9. Very nice. 😆🖒 but in Asia your frontiers are a bit cancerous.
  10. Sorry, i don't speak spaghettio
  11. Athens is very difficult. But Malta and the Knights are very hard too.
  12. the war was 1991-1995 yugo. wasnt at war with slovenia or macedonia, slovenia was at peace in the first few weeks, macedonia left fully peacefully, croatia and bosnia were also fightin eachother, but united against serbia. also yugo. had more provinces from croatia and bosnia, croatia had istra, and some other countries like croatian republic of herzeg-bosnia and rep. serpska were independent or a part of one of the countries.
  13. I mean all types of coronavirus. Not just the Wuhan one. but you could mod the script , so lazy lol
  14. really i don't knowed that casualities was causual casual
  15. Yesterday
  16. Mamulks, lITHUANIA (Sorry for capslock)
  17. Unfortunately my game is bugged so whenever a province is colonized it gradually loses economy until the province reaches 99 economy and can never grow. Essentially colonizing is just throwing money away.
  18. Why does it start in 5000 B.C.? Wouldn't it make more sense to make it start in 2019?
  19. Probably no steam keys. It's not the same version anyway, modded for mobile devices unlike the steam version.
  20. According to my revised version of 1440 the hardest nation to play is Mansi, a Siberian tribe, at 80% difficulty. The easiest nation by the way is Korea at 16% difficulty.
  21. I wish this game had native Linux support. Easier to transition to Linux.
  22. World War Alien World War Alien is a custom scenario created by Souliousery. Lore In 1930, an extraterrestrial force from space invaded Earth. 6 years later, it's at an standstill, I guess. (i dont even care lol make it up) please download this took like 2 hours cause i was bored lol worldwara.zip
  23. Nothing else to say, in beta so might be crazy. Make sure to back it up before modding. Code: { Name: "Coronavirus", BeginningYear: -5000, EndYear: 5000, DURATION_TURNS_MIN: 20, DURATION_TURNS_EXTRA: 20, OUTBREAK_CHANCE: 0.10, OUTBREAK_PROVINCES: 10, OUTBREAK_PROVINCES_EXTRA: 5, EXPANSION_MODIFIER: 1, EXPANSION_MODIFIER_EXTRA: 8, OUTBREAK_SCORE_POPULATION: 0.5, OUTBREAK_SCORE_ECONOMY: 0.2, OUTBREAK_SCORE_DEVELOPMENT_LOW: 0.1, OUTBREAK_SCORE_DEVELOPMENT: 0, OUTBREAK_SCORE_HAPPINESS_LOW: 0.05, OUTBREAK_SCORE_HAPPINESS: 0.1, DEATH_RATE_MIN: 0.05, DEATH_RATE_EXTRA: 0.001425, R: 120, G: 45, B: 45, }, Diseases.json
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