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  2. Age of Civilizations 2 — a great game that has a huge potential and a motley, large community. How many people have become her loyal fans, who are still waiting for updates on the game, which was released on November 22, 2018 quite raw and with a lot of bugs. Major updates or even simple bugfixes we have not seen, and the developer continues to ignore the messages of players and does not plan to develop his masterpiece.Łukasz, why did you start making a new game without finishing the old one? You have not yet completed your first, grandiose and large-scale project, updates for which are waiting for all the fans, but at the same time already strive to make a new game? Don't you realize that this very new project will be perceived by the audience with negative for the simple reason that you corny did not finish AOC 2?What do we players need? We want to see at least one update that will fix bugs, and in the best case-will introduce global innovations in the game, with new chips and mechanics.Łukasz, we, your loyal fans, will remember you as a wonderful developer, and the Creator of a large, and most importantly – a successful project, if you still do what we ask. Believe me, not every one of us wants to see a new project, while the existing one does not meet expectations and prospects. This can always be done later, you have a lot of time for new projects. First you need to bring to the ideal existing. After all, he really deserves it, and it will be better for everyone. Lukas, save AoC II.We will be especially happy and grateful if you respond to our spam-action, which we had to arrange to get your attention and response.Sincerely, dedicated players of your promising project.
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  4. AoC2ModdingTR - Volunteer Donations Guys, we opened our donation site from Bynogame. Bynogame is really a secure site that millions of people use. Usually in Game exchange (item, skin, etc.)) is used, but there is also such a feature of the site. First of all, I'll tell you what we're gonna do with the money. Our primary goal is to open a site on behalf of our Aoc2moddingtr group by taking a domain name. The site will be open to everyone and everyone mod, scenario etc. will be able to share his work. The site will also have the modes we plan, scenarios available for Early Access, every video will be posted to the site. Our second goal is to present the original game to the mod makers in our AoC2ModdingTR Group, and our third goal is to do the original game sweepstakes on our Discord server. So the money you give will never be spent on the use of one person. I would appreciate it if those who are going to donate would donate on purpose. Donations range from a minimum of £ 3 to £ 100. We expect your donations, whether small or large. Thank you all in advance. Donation site: Donation Link Thank you for your support. AoC2ModdingTR
  5. Надеюсь это поможет
  6. In an hour I will send you photos of the new provinces of Crimea and Moldova
  7. tww

    "Offer Vassalization"

    lol...that feature was broken since beginning and dont ever ask about update bcoz the game is abandoned if you want more vassals then use "send ultimatum"
  8. Thanks. I will add regions 😊
  9. Turkestan is amazing , Great job bro
  10. I have a problem When i load the map, the game crash
  11. Moldova , Caucasus , Baltic States too ,pls
  12. Add more provinces in Crimea , Belarus and Ukraine
  13. Yesterday
  14. I was also wondering if you could make it an A.P.K file because I cannot install .rar files on my device?
  15. Update 0.1.1 beta В данном обновлении добавлен новый сценарий - Восточный Фронт (1942), а также получили своё название некоторые города на карте (Москва, Ленинград, Сталинград, Киев, Севастополь, Минск, Одесса). В дальнейших обновлениях список городов будет пополняться, а пока они имеют лишь кодовое название. Download: https://googl.plus/5RkD Download 2: https://yadi.sk/d/b0UArVa5Q4PHXg
  16. Да, это как раз и я сама считаю большим минусом. Связано это было в первую очередь с тем, что я изначально, создавая западные провинции, не разделяла их на более мелкие регионы, из-за чего и получилось на востоке огромное количество территорий, а в западных республиках и на Кавказе в стандартных пропорциях. Возможно я когда-нибудь этим да займусь, но пока не планирую этого делать. В любом случае - спасибо за отзыв. Ждите обновлений 🙂
  17. Провинций конечно маловато(особенно на Украине заметно), но все равно збс.
  18. OK thanks you!
  19. Could you maybe add a zip file?
  20. Hey, not that bad, I guess I could try it out. Nice work m8! I am working on a LARGE project on the day before Operation Barbarossa (Worldwide, the day is June 21.)
  21. Scenario is ready. Wait for the update 🙂
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