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  3. Emery Thrash

    Don't understand Map Editor

    I already looked at all the tutorials and all the topics Lukas made to help with explaining the Map Editor, and watched all the videos I could find, but nothing works. What I want is someone to make a video or doc file explaining in full and as much detail as possible to how the Map Editor works, and how to edit the exiting vanilla map, as well as to how to create, from scratch, an entirely new map. A tutorial that will leave the least amount of questions as possible. I already have the Map Editor. Where do I go from here?
  4. you know that's just for like a week and not all time right? 

  5. Shiite


    Lukasz abandoned it. if not dead it is dying quickly
  6. Emery Thrash


    If Lukas doesn't Fix and improve the events creator, then it is.
  7. Dulmassia

    A bit different earth map

    Yes, but I think I will do it as collab because I have too many job


    No ;-;

    Nesesitamos SUB FOROS EN ESPAÑOL

    Como que “rey vasallo” entonses mejor dame una ciudad estado 😜
  10. setapdede

    English-Scotish Union

    I said isn't the flag mines And i found it on an website about flags
  11. Xenon85

    New Diplomacy Points

    Hi everyone. I loved the first part of the game. Now I have my problem with the second one. 1. How to get new diplomacy points? 2. Why does the relationship with states I am not in contact with deteriorate? For example, I play England, the contact with Iraq worsens. Many thanks for your help.
  12. You can take a look at top1apk. This site offers Android devices various games and apps for free. But, it's the final option.
  13. Basileia Ton Rhomaion


    Central Africa is just a waste nothing much goes on there. Here are some clear plain screens in possible Areas of concern that you stated in your first sentence.
  14. Shiite


  15. krauser3ful


    About the Holy Empire, forgive me, I was thinking about the map of 1570, my mistake. I know the natives of South America, so there is no problem with that. And about Spain, thank you, that data did not know. Okay, if you say it, I'll leave it like that.
  16. Basileia Ton Rhomaion


    Central Africa is just a waste nothing much goes on there.
  17. Mathww


    so only way i notice is you have to press continue game instead of load game. It's suck that not a feature to save between player instead of turns
  18. Basileia Ton Rhomaion


    The Holy Roman Empire does not exist in 1815 it was dissolved in 1806 by Napoleon in its place is the German confederation but still leave the small German States and there is no feature in the game that has German confederation. For Spain I put regular Spain just to mirror the flag changes in History the spanish X flag or the Burgundian flag stopped being used in 1785 so Leave Spain. Include Native tribes in the mid West United States as well as Northren New Spain and Canada also the Cherooke in North and South Carolina. Native tribes include Sioux, Navajo, Pueblo, Pawnee, Inuit, Blackfoot, Sailish and Much More though I only included one's that exist in the game and in the the scenario just keep clicking the provinces in the mid West US to eventually put Natives just try each modern Is state to find each native tribe. For South America Patagonia and the Amazon are wastelands also in Southern Chile put the Mapuche. For Polynesia all I got is Kingdom of Hawaii, Rapa Nui, and Spanish Claims just a bit West of the Philippines. I will provide screenshots of the missing places you mentioned. To mention this is a rather long paragraph I typed.
  19. krauser3ful


    Ready, I finished all that appear in the images with the exception of the islands. To finish the complete map, I would miss Asia, Middle East, South Africa and Central Africa, South India and South Russia. Also at the moment I have three doubts, the first is, who are the princes of the Holy German Roman Empire, and what is their emperor. the other is, the Spanish empire lasted until 1898 and we are in 1815, leave Spain or put the Spanish empire? And the last question is, do you know that Indian Americans were in North America this year? or do you know someone who could know or I have to research myself to be able to put more Indian Americans?
  20. Jay Marc barreras


  21. Windows XP Mapping

    1920, 1950 and Doomsday 1945

    I translated what you said I dont know what Endsieg Moss is
  22. krauser3ful

    Nesesitamos SUB FOROS EN ESPAÑOL

    Pero descuida, cuando sea rey (si es que @Ramiro007 no me lo impide, te nombrare duque y quizas, en un futuro como un rey vasallo)

    Nuestro King Hispano.

  24. Yesterday
  25. Jagd_JaegerDE

    TNO: Last Days of Europe AOC2 (IN DEVELOPMENT)

    Till a alpha released?About 60%. Still need to work on Asia, Russian warlord states. However ideologies are done, and leaders are going to be in the full release instead of alpha.
  26. Viscoshito2

    Como Descargo un mapa ?

    Hola buen@s dias, tardes o noches Mi pregunta es como descargar un mapa , ya vi el tutorial del foro pero no funciono, cuando descargo el mapa me dice error en el juego ayuda 😞
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