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  2. That would be very good, after all, besides me, there are several Brazilians or even Portuguese (since both speak the same language) wanting to play this mod, but they don't understand English
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  4. Great job, i love background , its like real life.
  5. Scenarios for new Europe map (4434 provs): -Modern World -1444 (I don't have all Europe screenshot)* -1936 (Spain fixed) -1939 -Cold War -1914 -Religion Wars -Ethnic Wars -1204 -1356 -Fall of Serbian Empire -Fryske Frijheid At some screenshot you can see a new background Growth temps Terrain types
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  7. yes it is 31 march time for my favourite aoc2 mod to get a new update *unexpecting* oh no it got delayed to 9 9 9 9 99999999 A.D oh god omg nooooooooooooooo
  8. Reich you said it gonna be on March today is end of the march. What about that? HMMMMMM?
  9. redfire


    u mnie falklandy mają 744 ekonomii na starcie
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  11. For thoose who do not know, apparently the original idea of thi disease is @Souliousery
  12. @Vexodym @Hetman2311
  13. I firstly wanted to give a try to your mod because I give an opportunity to everything people make so the community keeps alive but since you are stupid and think animals needs humans to survive i asked for your ""addin"" in a discord server and you know what's it? You just made a copy of your game with all the scenarios and maps you had from the comunity and released it as yours. You are the only hated user of the entire forum.
  14. Nice, that way I can do a realistic growth rate. Is there any nomenclator or census or similar you can give me? I don't know any swiss language. A link to the website to download it is enough
  15. I can translate into Brazilian Portuguese
  16. we all know who would be in a list of top 10 worst users on the AoC2 Forums
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