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    Pangea (Provinces 1595)

    Download 1 : https://mega.nz/#!w191AaxT!Rypijd3SGZiEstmjW_FwtVkO4KTJ0K7G1J7arkR912g Download 2 : Pangea.7z But don't have scenario WW1, WW2, 1444... etc you can give me thanks ❤️
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    Lukasz, I'm sorry, but I think you are making a mistake by not updating AoCII further. There's no workshop, there's no iOS, the game is buggy, some people can't even launch the game, it could use more scenarios, etc. Wouldn't it be better to wait on starting on a new project for just a little bit longer?
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    I really hate writing mean messages to people, but honestly, with no offense, this just has to be said. Abandoning AoC2 for you is a really, really big mistake. You develop a game, publish it and abandon it after a short while, saying you've "worked on it for long enough". Do you know what this tells relays to your customers? That you don't care about them. That you care about quantity over quality. You promise features but don't keep to your promises, not even fixing bugs. This just simply tells your customers what to expect of your next project - a half-broken game with bugs that aren't going to be fixed by the developer. If you want to start a new project, first you need to gather interest for it from the last project. Completely abandoning your last project half-finished is not at all a good way of doing so. I'm sorry that I just went all-out, but it was something that just had to be said. I loved the idea of AoC2, I saw great potential. All you needed was to fix bugs, improve the editor and add some demanded features. Your player base would then understand that you care for them, you listen to them, meaning they'd be interested in your next project all the more. Believe it or not, continuing support for AoC2 will do more for your new project than actually working on it right now. Either way, I still wish you luck and good fortune.
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    Lukash, make a brush! [please]

    Make it possible to use the brush to create buildings, call the army, assimilate, invest in several regions! It is difficult, playing for the USSR to invest in the economy and create workshops throughout the country, a lot of provinces and no brush! PLEASE
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    Medieval age Scenarios (962~1402)

    962 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1018 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1054 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1081 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1143 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1180 _____________________________________________________ 1206 _____________________________________________________ 1261 _____________________________________________________ 1299 _____________________________________________________ 1337 _____________________________________________________ 1368 _____________________________________________________ 1402 _____________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Something changed. Welcome feedback 02/11 Update 1180year 02/12 Fix bug,Update 1081 02/13 Fix events bug,Next scenario 1429 or 1143 02/17 Update 1143, Mongol Conquest Eurasia in 1206 scenario 02/21 Update 1054. 02/22 add Event in 1054. 02/26 add 1018 scenario,formable_civs, add more formable civs 02/28 fix events bug in 1206 03/10 burgundians -> county of burgundy, add 962 Scenario, add more civilization in Tibet, remove Kingdom of Italy in HRE Installation (Scenario) C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Age of Civilizations II\map\Earth\scenarios (Civilizations_editor) C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Age of Civilizations II\game\civilizations_editor (formable_civs)(please back up your formable_civs before installing foramable_civs, Not essential) C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Age of Civilizations II\map\Earth\formable_civs scenarios.zip formable_civs.zip civilizations_editor.zip
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    Greater Europe map

    [Moved to here] Welcome to the Greater Europe Map project. My long term goal is to have a Europe with a ton of provinces, because why have America, Africa and Asia, when you can have a hell of a lot of provinces in Europe? The map while having a ton of provinces will still be only Europe to help people with horrible computers. I feel you dudes. Current Version: 0.19 Screenshots are updated every 10 versions Regions Finished: Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland, Northern France, Denmark, Czech Republic, Austria, Prussia, Western Poland, Central Poland, Eastern Poland, Southern France, Northern Italy Regions currently being made:, Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary, Slovakia ONCE I FINISH THE REGIONS ABOVE I WILL PUT ALL OF THE PROVINCES INTO THE MAP EDITOR AND WILL CREATE A PLAYABLE MAP FOR ALL OF THE PROVINCES UP UNTIL THAT POINT! An example of my work:
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    Age of Civilizations 2 | Addon+

    AoC 2 | Addon+ - is an addon to the original version of our favorite game. Unlike other mods, this is not a separate scenario, etc., but a whole collection, including many upgrades of the game. Addon features: - Newly formed nations; - New scenarios; - New ideologies; - New map (meaning background, and some new provinces for Kepler-22b); - New music; - New sounds; That's all for now, but in the future the list will grow. The fashion development team consists of 9 people, and 10 beta-testers who are actively involved in the work. Addon will be released on 22th January, but for now we are working. Our Twitter https://twitter.com/addon_aoc Our Group in VKontakte https://vk.com/addon_plus Our Email addon.aoc2@gmail.com Download: Google disc (PC) - https://drive.google.com/open?id=1fGNfCVMSr7eh6U1P438m-mDqsLODvdkk
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    Better AI

    Look, I get it, Lukasz is only one guy working on such a massive project, and, I mean, that's cool, he's already achieved a lot, he made an amazing game, full of scenarios and possibilities, wanna play as fascist Turkey in the modern world? Go for it! Maybe communist France during WW2, and ally to the Soviet Union? Heck yeah! Sure, there are a few bugs here and there, but the game is still pretty solid, I only have one problem with it.... The A.I., when you're playing a strategy game, the AI needs to be good (unless it's a multiplayer strategy game, but AOC II is singleplayer), otherwise you won't be challenged, it can be either a smart A.I., that you will need to think hard about what their decisions will be, and try to outsmart them, or an unfair AI, that is given advantages that the player doesn't have, the AoC II A.I. isn't unfair, but it isn't smart either, they will declare wars like a bunch of mad men, won't start alliances and their different ideologies actually don't change much, oh, and don''t get me started on their wars, they either spam all of their men or just don't move whatsoever, even when they have an advantage over their enemies. My suggestion isn't too complicated, it's just to make it so that the A.I. will follow a certain "pattern", depending on their ideology and power (as in population, industry, and money.), give each country a goal, and countries with similar goals will have a high change of forming an alliance, for example, a fascist country that is relatively strong, such as Germany in the WW2 start date, and able to succeed in wars agaisnt smaller nations would have a conquering goal, they would want to get more land, while big democratic/communist countries would rather get puppets, it can either be automatic goals, randomly generated for certain countries, depending on their power and ideology, or be goals made for certain countries in certain start dates, I've already noticed that very small and weak countries are generally the only ones to start alliance, I've seen Luxembourg and Isle of Men creating alliances in most of my Modern World games, so it would follow a similar pattern to that.
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    Age of Civilizations 3

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    India joins Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, Butao Myanmar and saw India Sultanate that quickly make alliance with Brazil and China and forming the BIC. Servia invades Kosovo. North Korea declares war on the BIC and the United States, but the BIC does not care. Meanwhile the Monarchy is restored in Brazil with the return of the Monarchy, the Acre (a Brazilian state) declares independence by turning the pre-historic Empire. Empire of Brazil declares war on Portugual. The United States forces Brazil to declare war on North Korea, China does not like what Brazil did then become ally of North Korea, So Brazil leaves the BIC. North Korea Invades South Korea. In South America, countries such as Guyana, Suriname and French Guiana unite and form the Republic of the Guyana triplice. Bolivia attempts to invade the Pre-Historic Empire. Switzerland becomes a Superpower. Brazil attached to cisplatin (Uruguay). Lula (Former President of Brazil) leaves Prisao and manages to implement communism in the Empire of Brazil and Brazil changes sides becoming an ally of North Korea. Pre-historic empire is allied to North Korea. Brazil invades the countries of Africa. Brazil has become a super economic and military power. Switzerland annexes some territories of Austria and declares war on it. With that, France and Italy declare war on Switzerland because Austria did not want to be annexed. Lula (president of Brazil) is taken out of power and Brazil is once again a republic and shifts from side to side declaring war on northern korea. Empire Pre Historico invades Bolivia and Peru by appending them. The RICS without Brazil declare war on European Union. II Russia-India Sultanate-China-South Suda. Cuba invades all the parents of central america, becoming the communist republic of Central America. Empire Pre Historico invades Brazil. Germany helps Switzerland in the war. Brazil surrenders and is annexed by the pre-historic empire, but on the same day the pre-historic empire takes a coup d'état that is diminished by Brazil that has turned the sacred Brazilian empire (Bolivia and Peru become indenpendent). Italy and France join and help Austria but Italy becomes a traitor and attacks France. The United Kingdom joins the French side. Brazil and Argentina make a union. The United States declares war on the Communist Republic of Central America. China goes to war with Japan and South Korea ... (VERSÃO BRASIL) II A Índia se une a Bangladesh, Paquistão, Nepal, Butao Myanmar e viu o Sultanato da Índia que rapidamente faz aliança com o Brasil e a China e forma o BIC. Servia invade o Kosovo. A Coréia do Norte declara guerra ao BIC e aos Estados Unidos, mas o BIC não se importa. Enquanto isso, a Monarquia é restaurada no Brasil com o retorno da Monarquia, o Acre (um estado brasileiro) declara independência, transformando o Império pré-histórico. Império do Brasil declara guerra contra Portugal. Os Estados Unidos obrigam o Brasil a declarar guerra à Coréia do Norte, a China não gosta do que o Brasil fez então se tornar aliado da Coréia do Norte, então o Brasil deixa o BIC. Coreia do Norte invade a Coreia do Sul. Na América do Sul, países como Guiana, Suriname e Guiana Francesa se unem e formam a República da Guiana. A Bolívia tenta invadir o Império Pré-Histórico. A Suíça se torna uma superpotência. Brasil ligado à cisplatina (Uruguai). Lula (ex-presidente do Brasil) deixa Prisao e consegue implementar o comunismo no Império do Brasil e o Brasil muda de lado tornando-se um aliado da Coréia do Norte. O império pré-histórico é aliado à Coréia do Norte. O Brasil invade os países da África. O Brasil se tornou uma potência super econômica e militar. A Suíça anexa alguns territórios da Áustria e declara guerra a ela. Com isso, a França e a Itália declaram guerra à Suíça porque a Áustria não queria ser anexada. Lula (presidente do Brasil) é retirado do poder e o Brasil é mais uma vez uma república e muda de lado a lado declarando guerra à Coréia do Norte. O Império Pré-Histórico invade a Bolívia e o Peru, anexando-os. As RICS sem o Brasil declaram guerra à União Européia. II Rússia-Índia Sultanato-China-Sul Suda. Cuba invade todos os pais da América Central, tornando-se a república comunista da América Central. O Império Pré Histórico invade o Brasil. A Alemanha ajuda a Suíça na guerra. O Brasil se rende e é anexado pelo império pré-histórico, mas no mesmo dia o império pré-histórico toma um golpe de Estado que é diminuído pelo Brasil que transformou o sagrado império brasileiro (Bolívia e Peru se tornam indenpendentes). Itália e França se unem e ajudam a Áustria, mas a Itália se torna traidora e ataca a França. O Reino Unido junta-se ao lado francês. Brasil e Argentina fazem uma união. Os Estados Unidos declaram guerra à República Comunista da América Central. China entra em guerra com o Japão e a Coreia do Sul ... credits: Dgp Mundo credits: Dgp Mundo WorldWarIII (alternative).rar
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    Hi, How are you? I'm going to teach you how to create a flag for your created nation (REQUIREMENTS) Any Photoshop Version, I recommend CS6 or later versions, First of all we create our nation in The game editor. In Editor - Create A Civilization - Create New Civilization OK, Now We Create Our Civilization The main thing is the name In Where It Says NAME We Write The Name Of Our Nation In My Case Potato With Cheese The Next Is The Color We Precised The Button That Tells Civilization Color, We Select The Main Color Of The Nation In My Case I Will Select The Orange Because My Nation Is A Potato xD Now we select the service list option, the list of service are as achievements by conquered provinces, we have a few models, we select the model, and we choose the color, in my case orange and white Ok The Flag No Ay That to Edit it Equals the Color that Has, And we keep the Nation Now we can close the game, Generally, the folder is on this route C:\Program Files (x86)\ Steam\steamapps\common\ Age Of Civillizations 2 At least Asi I enter the game folder, At least that's how I enter the game folder. Ok Inside the folder called Age Of Civilizations 2, we enter the folder GAME Once inside we look for the folder called civilizations_editor and enter it A Data, Our newest Civilization Created Always Will be the last folder We enter the folder and look for the last folder We enter the last Folder and you will find 2 PNG Photos, To verify that our nation is created Let's double click on one of the 2 photos The flag must be the same as the default If It Is The Same Flag We Select THE 2 PHOTOS AND We Send It To The Desk Now Open Photoshop If they are good in Fotoshop they are edited alone, but as I am Manco Download a picture of a potato in Google for My Potato-Nation The Measures Must Be IN PIXELS IS IMPORTANT There are 2 Flags For That There Are Two Measures The Big One, 68 Wide, And 44 High, IN PIXELS Then In Photoshop We Give It In, File - New, The Background Content Has To Be White, And We Added The Pixels, 68 Wide And 44 High, Here The Sample Now We Select, File - Place And We Search The Photo Or Edit Above The White, When we place the image, we have to adjust it well Once Placed We Precede The Enter Key, It Will Be Blurred But In The Game It Will Be In 4K I Will Promise You 😉 Now Open the Option, File - Save, VERY IMPORTANT SAVE AS A PNG PHOTO IF NOT, WILL NOT DETECT THE PHOTO We already have the first flag, if you put a photo, it is the same procedure to edit the small flag, (RECOGNIZE THAT YOU HAVE DIFFERENT PIXELS) If you edited the big flag well, When we created the workspace for the small flag we will place the big flag Measurements of the Small Flag, 27 Wide, 18 High, IN PIXELS And place the photo, or if the great flag is edited, we place the big flag. In my case I will reposition the photo of the potato to have more quality The small flag is more pixelated than the big one And we keep the flag as a type of PNG photo I finish the difficult part It should be like that We Copy The Name of the Original File Now If we want Eliminate the Ancient Flag Beware The Name Of The Big Original Banner It has to be stuck on the big flag created by us And we paste in our new flag We do the same procedure with the small flag. Now we move our new flags to the folder that we opened before And we replaced We Close Everything, And Enter Age Of Civilizations And now we can add our new nation to our scenario or to some scenario of the game CONGRATULATIONS YOU CREATED YOUR FLAH
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    AOC2 iron theme mod (motif in hoi4)

    loading bar, some UI, End of map. : motif in HOI4
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    900 AD Scenario

    This is my first scenario and probably isn't completley correct so apologies for any mistakes. Download Link Leave some criticism so I can possibly improve. Have fun! Pictures:
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    Flag Competition

    give up i win
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    Ideologies+ or Governaments+ is a mod that adds new ideologies to the game and adds new flags to all the nations Ideologies Socialism Constitual-Monarchy Dictactorship Nationalist Islamist Federation Christian democracy Theocracy Anarchism Social Democracy Liberalism Conservatism (keep in mid that this is pre-alpha more will be added soon) Flags Aachen Questions and Answers Q:Does this mod copy another idelogies mod? A:No Q:Where can i download it? A:Currently is in Closed Pre-Alpha but in future might be a download Q:Does Coping comments get reported/deleted? A:I will do becuse i dint copy any another mod News: 3/11/2019 - Added Anarchism, Social Democracy, Liberalism and Conservatism 3/2/2019 - Added Chirstian democracy and Theocracy 3/2/2019 - Added Constitual Monarchy, Dictatorship and Nationalist 2/7/2019 - Removed Empire and Kingdom Ideology 2/4/2019 - Added Empire and Kingdom Ideology 2/4/2019 - Released Ideologies+ to the public
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    P.S: I re-created the theme due to problems with editing the post War. War never changes. The Romans waged war to gain slaves and wealth. The Spanish created an Empire, wanting to get gold and land. Hitler turned poor Germany into an economic superpower. But war never changes. And in the 21st century, the war was still waged to get resources that could be used. Oil and uranium. To capture these resources, China invaded Alaska, the United States annexed Canada, and the European community broke up into ever-biting nation-States fighting for control of the remaining resources on Earth. In 2077, war broke out again. In just two hours, most of the planet was reduced to ash. And from the ashes of a nuclear explosion, a new civilization was reborn. In the yard in 2275, it has been almost 200 years since the beginning of the great war. The world was wiped out. and to replace the pre-war world came a new age - the age of new civilizations. You will be boss of the ruthless raiders of the Mojave, or adept of a Christian sect? Well, the choice is yours... The basis of this mod was taken Old World Blues. We plan to move the province and a map of the original mod of the country, and maybe adapt the national focuses as events. Mod will be translated intro English. We hope for your support!
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    Dear, Łukasz Jakowski Me and many content creators lack the ability to change leaders using events. Please add this feature. This will greatly expand the possibilities of your game.
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    Add Airplanes

    add nuclear bomb to 5 BC scenario
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    Will Lukasz ever update the game?

    It's always good to have hopes man. Some have quit the forum and modding, and perhaps uninstalled the game due to lack of updates on both platforms. Perhaps he's working on the iOS version, but we'll see about it.
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    Now looks like AoC3 😛
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    Liechtenstein PROVINCE!

    Liechtenstein might have one province here, but it will have 2 provinces in the Greater Europe Map Project.
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    We all know there is a religion folder already but there are no religion in game. Before Lukasz add religion, we should suggest him how religion should work and improve religion ( if he currently making ). Mechanism - Religion map mode. - Religion statistics. - Religion work almost the same as population. - It has percentage in province and diplomacy menu. - Province have low stability if your religion is minority or have many other religion. - Convert province work just like assimilation. - Defender of faith. ( only work before 1900 ) Have a window just like HRE - Defender of faith on top and a list of nation with same religion (each religion has it's own). Have statistics - a list of religion and the country that have the title on the right side. Nation with high population and economy can claim the tile. If a nation defeat in a war against other nations with different religion, the tile gone. Title can be taken from others if the other nation is stronger. Nation that have the title will get +20 relations to other nations with same religion and +1 diplomatic point every turn. Can call for crusade/jihad - war on other religion that have -50 relation, can call other nations with same religion into war. Christian nation need pope permission ( if papal state exist ) to call crusade. Pope can call for crusade with nation that have -50 relations even without the title. Defender of faith change name to caliph only to muslim religion. - Relations Nation that have different religion than you will have -10 relations. Same religion will have +10 relations. When you conquer to much nation with same religion, other nations that have same religion will get -50 relation and defender of faith can call for jihad/crusade. - Vassals You can force vassals to convert but you will get -30 relations from your vassals. Vassals gain 50% liberty desire. Other nations that have same religion as vassal is more likely to support their independence. - Tolerance -10 to +10 Higher tolerance means higher stability if a province is have more than one religion. Tolerance can be increased in technology - unlock at 1800. Higher tolerance increase relations from other nation, negative tolerance decrease relations. Different government type have different tolerance. - Atheist -5 tolerance from all religion. Few population change to atheism in 2000 ( mostly Christian)