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    2 words. Online Multiplayer.

    I think it should be like Civ where every human player can take their turn at the same time and you use RNG to determine who's orders get carried out first when the next turn button is hit by all players.
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    super germany

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    AoC II | Województwa

    Wpadłem na pewnien Pomysł a mianowicie na zrobienie województw w AoC2 może również z powiatami (ale raczej nie)
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    Suggestions to consider

    Age of Civilization 2 is a great strategy game and with that there can be improvements to enhance the playing experience. War Gameplay, Let's start with the War aspect of the game. This is basically a Numbers game when it comes to war, the bigger your army the more likely you would take over the smaller armies. Now I feel there should be some changes to make War more realistic. 1. Mobilising the army, A tool in which you can select certain provinces to build up a army. Say, if you selected 5 provinces with about 30000 population and you need a army of 15000. The tool would evenly or proportionately take units out of these provinces and you would also select where you want them to meet at. The tool should also say how long it would take it to mobilizes the army. 2. War Tactics In war, just because you have a bigger army does not mean you have guaranteed victory. A.Territories should make a bigger differences in the outcome of battles. Armies attacking Enemy armies in mountains or on hill's should suffer higher casualties. This would make provinces with mountains hard to take and if a castle built would be a challenge as well. B. Entrapment The moment a army is surround by all side should be debuffed or have a penality when in battle. This is needed when war is wage is a much larger scale. Armies that are entrapped are penalize and will suffer if they don't break out. Armies that are surrounding a entrapped army will gain a bonus in offensive attacks. For example, you surrounded a army of 3500 with a army of 3000 but spread out. Your 3000 army would have the offensive bonus which would make your 3000 units turn into 4000 units. The army of 3500 would be weakened to 3300 when trying to break out or 2900 if attacked by all sides. This would allow a smaller armies to create higher casualties to invading armies. Depending how big the army is will determine how long they can go with being entrapped. Say a 5000 army is entrapped in a 20000 population province they will run out of supplies in 2 turns. Any bigger army will only have 1 turn. C. Flanking Bonus to offensive army attack from 2 sides or more. D. Quick retreat Allows your army to retreat from the front lines to a selected provinces this will cost less movement points but you will suffer penalties until your army finally retreated to the location you want them to be. 3. Army types, This is something that would add a nice touch to the gameplay. These army types can just be color oriented to make things simple. A.Having Calvary units/ tanks (depending on the timeline) The limit should be base off of new Buildings Such as Stables, and Factories. They would take longer to mobilize but they do more damage base on the territories. Plains would give it a 50% bonus. These armies would need time to build, the Stable building will provide horses over time and using that with population cost, so every Calvary unit it would cost 3 population and 1 horse. Tanks would need a Factory which will build the tank and using 5 population for every 1 tank. If combined with standard army it gives the army a bonus. B. Navy units. Warship/Battleships: They are restrict to the sea and cost money to upkeep it. Would only be built with port in province (battleships would need factories also) Cost about 10- 25 population. This would be great to allow Some naval battles in certain wars or allow nations to really defend their coasts. They would be in low quantity but they can devastate a army trying to invade. C. Air force Would need a Factory and a Runway. Basically a port but in land. They would only support armies in battles. Would need more time to build but gives a great bonus to armies in defense and offense. For example, your army of 1500 invades a province of 2500 but with 500 airplanes will cost your army as 3000. If you are defending a province these units will give your defending army a bonus to to cause more casualties. They would be mainly for supporting of armies not replacing it. 4. Infrastructure Roads/ railroads. These would be a great addition to the gameplay. These would improve developing and the economy of the provinces. Army movement would be cost less. This would make the player choose where the roads will go and such allowing for better strategic location in defense. Having all your railroad and roads lead to your capital may be your strength and your biggest weakness because it would mean the invading army only needs to take your capital to ensure victory. 5. Use army for assimilating After a war there should be a tool to use your army to cover the newly conquered lands to control it and keep the peace. My guess in cost would be movement points and money. So far this is what I can think of, thank you for your time
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    Autosave Bug

    There is a pretty bad bug regarding autosaves. Every so often, after an autosave is complete, the game will continuously do autosaves after every single turn. The game doesn't actually save though, and even if you manually save, the game will lose data up until the previous save, before the autosave glitch occurs. Example: Autosave complete (turn 100), Autosave complete (turn 200), Autosave bug occurs (turn 201). The game will only have the game saved at turn 100, not 200, losing an incredible amount of time if you happen to change your autosave intervals to be higher.
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    Just cut the middleman and add a button that assimilates all provinces and builds all buildings in all provinces. Perfect solution.
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    In the workshop, there will be more scenarios because the number of people playing here is more than
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    There needs to be an update where you can import Scenarios from the internet to android
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    Only problem is the IOS side of things, Apple doesn't like it's users tempering with game files.
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    This will be very cool. Lukash makes a good game. 👍
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    Is it Age Of Conquest 4? It has to come to next update
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    Łukasz Jakowski

    Map Editor - Keys

    I will check it
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    Basilio Paleologo


    Korea Made by me Gyeonggi Chungcheong Jeonra Gyeongsang Jeju Gangwon Hamgyeong Pyeongan Hwanghae korea.zip
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    native tribes
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    Remove Cancer Disease

    Uhh, actually, cancer can spread through the internet. Recently there's an "innocent" game called fortnite that is supposed to be for kids, but then people find out that if you play a round of that game and if one of the players in that round have cancer, the everyone in that round of game will get cancer.
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    New command (deleteplayer)

    Game now has a command addplayer, i would suggest command deleteplayer too. Just like addplayer choose province and do command. I do not know if it is even possible to deleteplayers that have losed (0 provinces left). I've taken 118 players to game now. It is so much that i must use automatic clicker to pass all turns 😄.
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    Any hobbies ?

    Trully amazing what you do. I wanted to learn some coding back in 2015-2016, but saw that coding wasn't for me. So i decided drawing lol. Some pictures:
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    Religion and how it should work.

    We all know there is a religion folder already but there are no religion in game. Before Lukasz add religion, we should suggest him how religion should work and improve religion ( if he currently making ). Mechanism - Religion map mode. - Religion statistics. - Religion work almost the same as population. - It has percentage in province and diplomacy menu. - Province have low stability if your religion is minority or have many other religion. - Convert province work just like assimilation. - Defender of faith. ( only work before 1900 ) Have a window just like HRE - Defender of faith on top and a list of nation with same religion (each religion has it's own). Have statistics - a list of religion and the country that have the title on the right side. Nation with high population and economy can claim the tile. If a nation defeat in a war against other nations with different religion, the tile gone. Title can be taken from others if the other nation is stronger. Nation that have the title will get +20 relations to other nations with same religion and +1 diplomatic point every turn. Can call for crusade/jihad - war on other religion that have -50 relation, can call other nations with same religion into war. Christian nation need pope permission ( if papal state exist ) to call crusade. Pope can call for crusade with nation that have -50 relations even without the title. Defender of faith change name to caliph only to muslim religion. - Relations Nation that have different religion than you will have -10 relations. Same religion will have +10 relations. When you conquer to much nation with same religion, other nations that have same religion will get -50 relation and defender of faith can call for jihad/crusade. - Vassals You can force vassals to convert but you will get -30 relations from your vassals. Vassals gain 50% liberty desire. Other nations that have same religion as vassal is more likely to support their independence. - Tolerance -10 to +10 Higher tolerance means higher stability if a province is have more than one religion. Tolerance can be increased in technology - unlock at 1800. Higher tolerance increase relations from other nation, negative tolerance decrease relations. Different government type have different tolerance. - Atheist -5 tolerance from all religion. Few population change to atheism in 2000 ( mostly Christian)
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    It's more about moderators on forum that will be moving posts/topics to certain point, and delete(hide) if needed. It's more about working on forum than modding the game.
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    2 words. Online Multiplayer.

    Just copy Civ online lmao
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    Easter Eggs Thread

    If you go into scenario editor, then to manage civilizations, if you click on the province "Chernihiv", you can select a nation called "Age of Civilizations".
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    Yup. So not impossible but may be tricky since Lukasz doing the work by himself
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    2 words. Online Multiplayer.

    Wait a minute..... Sonicsweden1 has 26 posts. 6-2=4 He has 1 reputation. Add this to the ecuation and we have : 6-2=4-1=3 Half life 3 confirmed
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    Any questions about editors?

    What is love?
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    Actually its not impossible to do something in that vein. A different strategy game I've played had ability for user created scenarios to be downloaded for Android users. Though it would probably require Lukasz to create a server to store the scenarios