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    Chess Map

    Download : https://mega.nz/#!BhE2WKBI!ShNE93JCpVIya2SkN12ROEMbOeKgEItHrC5WD8akifE Enjoy Have fun!
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    @Shiite disliking every post he disagrees with epic
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    How to create map (Step by step)

    Steps: 1. Download Map editor. 2. Clear all data. 3. Copy/Create bg.png (background for your map) 4. Create province. 5. Copy first province into new folder (Province is called PROV, and move it into folder that will be containing all provinces) 6. Rename your first province to 0 (second to 1 etcetera) 7. In game map folder (steamapps\common\Age of Civilizations II\map) copy template (and rename it), and clear "cities" folder. 8. Copy your provinces into update, \data\provinces (I'm not sure if you need to copy it into provinces folder, but It works too :P) 9. Edit config.json(in copied template folder) and change values: { Map: [ { MapName: "%Mapname%", Author: "%Yournickname%", BackgroundName: "%bgname%", ContinentsPackage: "Earth6" RegionsPackage: "Earth_AoC2", NumberOfProvinces: %numberofprovinces%, MapScale: 3, WorldMap: true, Scenario: "testScenario", Wiki: "Wikipedia:Unusual_articles" }, ], Age_of_Civilizations: Map } 10. Rembmer to create background files with name %bgname%_L and %bgname%_R 11. go back to map folders and add line to make game read that map: { Map: [ { Folder: "Earth" }, { Folder: "Ashan" }, { Folder: "Earth_AoC1" }, { Folder: "Kepler" }, { Folder: "template" }, { Folder: "%mapname%" }, ], Age_of_Civilizations: Maps } 12. Run game and go to Editor>MapEditor>EditConnections and Provinces>Update every province you added. (EXAMPLE) 13. Congratulation you have created your first map 😛 Short video, if you still need help. (OS is in polish, rest is in english 😛 ) If you add new province check continent of this province in map editor, if it is "Ocean" the map will load lower scale of the province background Extra: CREATING PROV FILES:
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    I've made a tool, which converts a .png into a bunch of provinces, allowing someone to create a custom map more easily. Link to download : https://github.com/Timm638/aoc2_converter/raw/master/AoC2_Conv_0.1.jar Link to short guide: https://github.com/Timm638/aoc2_converter If you need help ask here or come over to the discord.
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    Have you ever found the wrong leader shows up for the wrong scenario? The current mechanic the game uses is that is chooses the leader born closest to the date of the scenario. However, I suggest introducing Reign Dates - start and end dates for a leader's reign. Say, for example, you had Wilhelm II of Germany as a leader. Wilhelm was born in 1856, but you had a scenario set in 1880. In real history, Wilhelm didn't come to power until 1888. However, in this scenario, Wilhelm would be the leader of Germany due to his birthdate. However, if you set the begin of his reign to 1888, then he wouldn't come to power until 1888, just like real life. Say you also wanted to add the end of his reign to be 1918 - come 1918, his reign would end. With the reign system, the problem of having the wrong leader for the wrong scenario would end. You could add ever US president, and because of the Reign system, they would each be able to take power in order. Tired of having Abraham Lincoln in charge of the US in 1836? The Reign system can end that! Now, what if you don't enter a start date or end date? The game could simply resort to its original design, that being the system of choosing a leader based on their birth date. I, personally, think this is a good idea, and I hope Lukasz sees it and considers it.
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    EPISODE 9: AUSTRO-TUNISIAN WAR After forming of the millitary alliance, Polish became too agressive. Glorious Leader decided to end this millitary alliance because they declared war on Germany. We was just strategic partners with Poland. We always was just strategic partners with Poland, no doubt millitary alliance was a lie that Swiss agents spreaded, as media says. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bigger economies always need bigger markets. Serbian industry was focused on Poland, Spain, Germany and Switzerland. Firstly, we became enemies with Switzerland, they was claiming that Empire Regime and Glorious Leader was suppressing opposition movements and blocking people's rights. But we knew that all opposition movements was traitors and they was trying to shake the Empire Regime. Also, Regime was giving us good foods and flats with nice clothes. What was they expecting? Regime was giving everything they can need. After West Europe became the hellhole of the world, Poland intervened and Serbian economy started to fall. An unstable market is always a bad sign. Great Leader wanted to expand his economy to Africa and Asia. No doubt, these places was more stable than Europe. Our monarchist friends, Poland and Spain was a good friend to Serbia. But those two was hating eachother and fighting for dominion in Germany and France. We needed a port to expand Africa. Glorious Leader, Goktuci was looking into map of Africa. He found a good place to start our bussiness in Africa, it was Tunisia. They were weak but those lands definitely was going to be extremely well places in rule of Empire Regime. They was facing revolts and protests, but Regime had a lot of good agents and police forces to stop them. We requested them to be an autonomous part of Empire, but they declined. Goktuci decided to save Tunisia from anarchy. Who needs protests by the way? Just request these from goverment, if they can give they would give. Army of Empire was ready to land on Carthage. According to education books, Tunisia was a fake name that Muslims suited to Carthage. Tunisia wasn't ready for this. But Muslim lobbies was everywhere. Those were immigrated to Europe to escape from old wars in Middle East and never returned to their lands. They were provoking some countries to join the war. We conquered them quickly. Tunisia was a province of Empire now. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Roko was sleeping in his room. His wife told him to wake up. He looked at the clock, it was 7 AM and he was late this day. He prepared quickly to go early to his job, he kissed his wife and got on the road. His family moved Hungary 15 years ago. Goverment sent them to there to recover there, like another hundreds of Croat families. Then, he was people running in opposite side. They were yelling: - They are dropping big bombs! Run and save your lifes! He was shocked. Who was bombing them? Did Swiss came to slaughter them? He ran to city centre to learn what's going. People with Serb flags was shouting with hate against Austria. He understood that Austria was bombing them. Then, they saw a giant gray object. Within seconds, the centre was painted in blood. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Austria was one of countries that had a serious Muslim population. They had lobbies there, and after occupation of Tunisia, they provoked Austrian Goverment to attack Serbia while Serbia was busy with Tunisia. We wasn't prepared for this, but Regime managed it so well. It was their second attack to us. Goktuci was giving everyone a second chance, but they used their chance twice already. We annexed there. God, give strength to Serbia!
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    Shiite is on his alts, disliking every negative comment posted about him again...
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    Warcraft (Author: eNeXPi)

    Current Status: Not working on it (alpha version link below) Warcraft Author: eNeXPi Link: DOWNLOAD LINK Patch 1.1 FEATURES a) Every Civilizion have a lot more Formable Civilizations options, some civs have option to pick their light path or shadow path... Check Dark Iron Clan on the picture below Some civs don't have option, they have one path I use their affiliation stats in the whole warcraft history Dark Iron Clan is just big example how they switch in history between Ragnaros (Fire Lord) after that they joined Twilight's Hammer and right now they are part of the Alliance Notes: I will try to work on events aswell but first I want to finish the two Scenarios I want. probably that will be for patch 1.1 finish 2 scenarios and uploading the mod/scenario.
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    Łukasz Jakowski

    Map Editor - AoC2

    Map Editor for Age of Civilizations II Download: http://ageofcivilizationsgame.com/DL/AoC2_MapEditor.zip
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    Actual version of Age of Elder Scrolls - 1.2 Age of Elder Scrolls - is a mod that takes you to the universe of Elder Scrolls, to the planet Nirn. In these mod is: -Map of the Nirn (2311 prov., 1259 towns) (cuted from mod since 1.2 version); -Elaborated map of the Tamriel (1797 prov., 57 scenarios, 131 form.civs); -Map of the Shivering Isles (171 prov., 8 scenarios, 4 form.civs); -Map of the Vvardenfell (612 prov., 7 scenarios, 8 form.civs); -Simplified map of the Tamriel (612 prov., 9 scenarios, 87 form.civs); -Music from the TES games (61 tracks + plugin with more music); -New sounds; -New font; -New icons; -New interface; -915 new civilizations; -Some new ideologies; -Remaded "Ages" Mod is available for PC and Androids DOWNLOAD LINKS: PC: Yandex.disk Mail.ru Google Drive PC-plugins: Yandex.disk Mail.ru Google Drive ANDROID: Yandex.disk Mail.ru Google Drive My other mods: Bloody Europe II Age of Pirates II
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    Kerbals at War project: a fantasy planet mod from a space flying simulator game Kerbal Space Program. I am planning to make over 500 provinces, maybe more than 1000. I'm still unfriendly with the Editor, so the province making could take long. The mod will include 3 scenarios: - "Fall of Kerbin" Youtube series - "Kollaborative Warfare" Youtube series - Kerbals At War scenario Development progress: Current process: drawing provinces... (300/1000) [=== ] 24% (this is a progress bar) Update list - Update №1 pre-alpha 0.1.16 (19 Jan 2019) First release! added 170 provinces of South Antenia, and 5 civs from Kerbals At War scenario Download: Kerbals At War mod (pre-alpha 0.1.16).rar VKontakte group: https://vk.com/aoc2ksp P. S. If someone finds a better map of Kerbin (the one without clouds), please send it to me.
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    Futura Mod - A Futuristic Mod

    ~ A mod that aims to bring the future into Age of Civilizations II ! About: Futura is a total conversion mod that aims to bring the future into Age of Civilizations II. New scenarios, events, UI, music, and so much more has been added to Age of Civilizations II. Let the future be in your hands with this mod. Remember, this mod is realistic, and all features are based on today. However, this is based purely on political standpoints (obviously climate change and other drastic effects could or would have happened). Also, these scenarios might change based on current political standpoints. These scenarios are also based on the idea of no more global conflict in the future (which is the realistic option, but things can dramatically change). Keep in mind the supported scenarios are 2050, 2100, 2200, Machine War, and Machine War Aftermath. Any other scenarios might make the game crash or cause unexpected behavior. Download: It is important to backup your current Age of Civilizations II folder as this mod will change many files. AoC2 - Futura Mod - v0.2 Mod DB Page Features: • 2050, 2100, 2200, Machine War, and Machine War Aftermath scenarios • United Nations • Completely new futuristic looking UI • New countries • Current and future canals (Panama, Suez, Kiel, Thia, and Mexico) • New music (all music by Kevin MacLeod) • New governments • New diseases • New ages Planned Features • New events and formable countries • Decision system • AI and nuclear warfare • More scenarios Images: 2050 Scenario: 2100 Scenario: 2200 Scenario: Machine War Scenario: Machine War Aftermath Scenario:
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    San andreas: battleground gang 18+

    Карта игры GTA San Andreas. У нас будет множество сценариев о бандитских войнах
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    I wanted to add 900AD to the game before released but it wasn't and still is not finished Scanerio download in the topic 900.zip
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    more cheats

    population[province id] 0-9999999 population[nation id] 0-9999999 gold 0-9999999 diplomacy points 0-9999999 mov points 0-9999999 assimilate all provinces national happiness 0-100 army[province id] 0-99999 (no meintanance) sry 4 england build level 1 farm in every provence owned: farm1 all etc
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    Slavic Comrade

    Age of Red Star

    Hello, Maybe you are remember my scenario Red Star. I decided to make a mod. Mod have - 2 scenarios - Red Dawn and Cold War. Few leaders New civilizations New music pack - USSR, Russian, DDR, North Korean music and Czechoslovakian music. New logo, background. New UI graphic. What comes next ? It will be few updates includes new music, new leaders, new scenarios, UI etc. Easy download - files includes --- and all files from official vanilla game, only scenarios are replaced, You can play the official Vanilla game from steam and Red Star mod at the same time. official video download
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    Small Earth Project

    I decided to start creating large Earth Scenarios on the small earth. Using the 1440 map as a guide, I made a small version of the 1440 map. I plan to recreate small versions of every FULL WORLD start dates. Maps that don’t have the full world is a lost cause. They would be way too small. Sadly, this is android, and if Lukasz doesn’t give an ability to release scenarios from android, then there will be no way for me to release it. Results from test: Also, I fixed Native American placements, it just isn’t shown in these pictures.
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    What to do when having difficulties in AoC2
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    It was 10 January 2018. Great leader of Serbia, Mr. Goktuic was checking his country. It had a bad economy and it was very undevoloped. But he still had a hope for Serbia.. Hardness: Legendary AI Agression: 125% Episode 1: Uniting Rightfully Serbian Lands Episode 2: Devolopment, Diplomacy and Stuff Episode 3: Bosnian War Episode 4: Romanian Alliance Episode 5: Partition of Italy Episode 6: Liberating Romania and Greece Episode 7: Last Days of Seperated Yugoslavia Episode 7.5: Conquest of Bulgaria Episode 8: Pointless War and Regime Change Episode 9: Austro-Tunisian War Episode 10: Crusaders of New Era Final If you click those links, the episode you want to read will be at a little bit down because of images. New story: New story! --> cant remove it, dont know why 😕
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    These damned Emus

    https://gyazo.com/3533e4c509e159e3ae645ef230145091 yeah
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    So I just have to let thousands of my people die without any way of stopping it?
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    Future mapper


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    Warcraft (Author: eNeXPi)

    New Updates 1. New Overlays for Flags 2. New Regions in Eastern Kingdoms 3. Ocean Provinces are done
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    Chess Map

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    900 AD Scenario

    26 Civs right now, and these are all not edited they come with the game.
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    900 AD Scenario

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    Small Earth Project

    Really what are try to saying bro?
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    Warcraft (Author: eNeXPi)

    3 out of 7 Continents done 1000 provinces on them
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    Warcraft (Author: eNeXPi)

    I'm going to do pre-World of Warcraft Scenario after the events in Warcraft 3 this current one is pre Warcraft 1 but people can do scenarios themself I'm giving them the map :)
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    petty good soo far nice story
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    I've got this, you were missing regions file in data folder, copy it from template. //it took me a while to find it out 😛
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    I'll check if provinces are okay in map editor.
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    Teşekkür ederim! yazıları beyaz yapmak için Ayarlardan eyalet ayarlarına gir ordan bulursun
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    Delete copied provinces from scales.
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    There is one free space in "editor_data\Provinces\mapAoC2_v2.txt" file, delete it.
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    Leaking screenshots of first 100 provinces! Looks like there's going to be A LOT more than 500 provinces...
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    Age of Elder Scrolls | FROZEN

    We add ~250 new civs
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    My suggestion to new update

    My idea for new update is to add diffrent units in the game.For example in World War 2 scenario you could use tanks ,but in 1440 you can't use tanks.I'm not saying there should be a lot but few would change how you play.All of them would give some advantanges and disadvantages.
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    There needs to be an update where you can import Scenarios from the internet to android
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    1000000 CE

    Of course it makes sense. Any scenario with the German Empire makes sense
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    Map Editor - AoC2

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    Can you make an update that lets you import Scenarios from android?

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