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    Thank you Thanks! It had to be done
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    Addon 2.0 Addon 2.0 is our new global modification, designed to revise the idea of the original, and significantly expand its potential, due to the excellent implementation.In modification you will find:• A huge number of new provinces on the original map.◦ Over 50 global scenarios for each period of human statehood• New formable civilizations.◦ New made background, in the style of a satellite map.• Gameplay edits designed to increase the tension of the game.◦ Changed game interface.• 7 new types of governments◦ Excellent atmospheric soundtrack• New world wonders The release is scheduled for 2020 The our group Addon+ 1.4 Addon+ is a global modification that adds interest to the game process (last version 1.4 - Final). Download (Windows): [ Google ; Yandex ; Mail ] Installation: Download the clean version of AoC II. Run the downloaded mod file, select the" Destination folder " location where the game is installed and click extract. If you have a licensed version of the game on steam, you do not need to change anything. This video shows the process of installing the mod on PC. Main innovations of update 1.4 Final ‣ Fixed bugs of previous update. Incorrect boundaries, poor elaboration, etc. were almost completely eliminated. ‣ For one reason or another, some scenarios are cut, the rest are replaced with higher-quality analogues. ‣ New and replaced scenarios: 1910, 1914, 1918, 1930, 1933, 1936, 1939, 1941, 1943, 1944, Late 1944, 1945, 1949, 1961, 1988, 1991, Red World, Another World, Kaiserreich (original), Modern World (Modern world without diplomacy and precise geopolitical situation), regions of Europe, Regions of North America, Regions of Central Asia. * New, atmospheric soundtrack, consisting of 78 songs. * The reference menu has been edited. * Completely redesigned from scratch formed States. * Replaced some of the sounds. * 10 new provinces on the map "Earth+". * Changed some color palettes, these include Modern World, Modern Day, The New Order, Kaiserreich. * Translation has undergone significant changes, now it is more simple and generalized. * Cut and rebalanced some ideologies. * For further development and optimization removed all leaders. * Small changes in UI. * Map texture fixed in some places. * New font. * AI in some scenarios, it can often change the ideology. Our group in VK Screenshots: You can find Android version in our group in VK Also check my new project:
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    Welcome to the Greater Europe Map project. My long term goal is to have a Europe with a ton of provinces, because why have America, Africa and Asia, when you can have a hell of a lot of provinces in Europe? My main focus in this mod is to add a lot of provinces while still keeping country borders and local borders at least kind of accurate. For example, Ireland has it's 32 counties. Right now the mod is in it's in-game stage, where I'm adding all of the provinces into the game. All of the resources added in this mod were created by me! The province map and the background map were both made by me. Here is the download link to the files needed: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/15c5S6X6ohjgY4Bclc_PyF1FuytF-xGjW?usp=sharing You need to put these folders and file in: C://Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/Age of Civilizations II/map (or wherever your aoc II folder is downloaded, you just drop them all in /map) It is still very buggy since I am doing the mod all by myself. If you know how you can fix a bug or have any tips, make sure to tell me! Current Version: 0.75
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    Warcraft (Author: eNeXPi)

    Current Status: Not working on it (alpha version link below) Warcraft Author: eNeXPi Link: DOWNLOAD LINK Patch 1.1 FEATURES a) Every Civilizion have a lot more Formable Civilizations options, some civs have option to pick their light path or shadow path... Check Dark Iron Clan on the picture below Some civs don't have option, they have one path I use their affiliation stats in the whole warcraft history Dark Iron Clan is just big example how they switch in history between Ragnaros (Fire Lord) after that they joined Twilight's Hammer and right now they are part of the Alliance Notes: I will try to work on events aswell but first I want to finish the two Scenarios I want. probably that will be for patch 1.1 finish 2 scenarios and uploading the mod/scenario.
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    Age of Civilizations 3

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    Games War

    Games in game hehe. Which games will win? Civs.rar 1548529659954tdozfldl.rar
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    Украинская Карта

    Присутствует три сценария: 1. Политический Кризис (2014) 2. Война Регионов (2013) 3. Чернобыльская Катастрофа (1986) 4. Предвоенное Время (1938) 5. Идеологическая Война Все сценарии в дальнейшем ещё будут обновляться! 492 территорий и 27 государств Новая идеология - Европеизм Флаги: 26 - демократических 25 - коммунистических 14 - республиканских 26 - фашистских 25 - европеистских На трёх языках: 1. Английский 2. Русский 3. Украинский Download https://googl.plus/4MT1 (Ukrmap (Ukrainian map) version beta 0.5.6)
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    Fortnite Map (Provinces 281)

    Download 1 : https://mega.nz/#!10dgiIQI!4x55knQrO3uegNixZ-Wpyk_P-NqAVHgM1g-w7hDkWmA Download 2 : Fortnite Map.7z Enjoy Have fun Fortnite Map.7z
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    I made a Some ancient Korean new flags. What do you think? Buyeo Dumakru Dongye Okjeo Gojoseon Jin (Korea) Gaya Some ancient Korean new flags.zip
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    NEW UPDATE!! MY OWN SCENARIO ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Modern day scenario with independent movements made reality - 253 countries - 58 New countries such as Quebec, Catalonia, Dontsek, Tibet or Kurdistan - Bug-evasion starting economy and a little growth penality - 0 in all diplomatic relations HOW TO INSTALL ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1-. Click here [IndependentSecesionistMovement1.2.zip] to download the scenario files. 2-. Extract files. 3. Move them to the scenarios folder of the earth map. 4-. Open the game 🙂 WHAT'S NEW? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New country: Vermont. Cuba and Bahamas are now filled. Turkmen, uzbek, kyrgiz and afghan boarders are fixed. Galápagos, Hong Kong, Macau and Merbau provinces are assigned to their respective country. Little start on Cores. will be improved on future updates to get more countries and more realistic rebelions. MAP PREVIEW ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Images from: ILovethisgame2 It includes only important movements. Cascadia boarders are not accurate because the canadian provinces are not well done. If you have any image for this post, please, send it. Today updated! -Aleix Zaporta (Ànex i Rux) 27 de gener de 2019, 03:24, Sant Vicenç dels Horts (BCN) Actualitzat el 28 de gener de 2019, 18:54, Ibídem. (1 dia, 15 hores i 52 minuts després de la primera versió)
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    A communist world

    Difficulty: Normal And no Sandbox also i started from ww2 scenario never changed ideology so a true Communist Union
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    Improoved Ukraine

    In this Mod I will create Ukraine provinces(Districts) mod will be include improoved map of Ukraine and different scenarios mod now is just half-ended map in photoshop Mod Development is stopped because the same mod was created early(now i help a little to creator of this mod)
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    Varieties of combat units (+Poll)

    Добавить классы боевых единиц Таких как: кавалерия, копейщики, мечники, пехота и т. Д. Например, копейщики имеют небольшое преимущество перед кавалерией Мы будем думать о том, что делать и в каких количествах. Как мы обычно видим. In the photo an example of how it will look when a collision of combat units But it should not look like CK1(Strongly similar)
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    Idea taken from Göktuğ's Brandenburg.
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    Games War

    Am the custom civs?
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    how to install. To install it, you just have to rename the folder "music" to any name and then paste the folder of the .Rar in the directory of your game. And to enjoy!! It's very easy, just rename the original "music" folder of the game and then paste the new music folder of the rar in the directory of your game and go. This way you will not replace the original music and you can use it again whenever you want.
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    Warcraft (Author: eNeXPi)

    5000 provinces hype and I'm Finishing Jade Forest now probably today i will finish all provinces and tomorrow i will work ingame on the map :) possible Release February 1st
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    Immigrations To The US

    UPDATE: Adding this in version 1.3
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    nice try, FAKE

    nice try, FAKE
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    Uniting the Indian Empire (finished)

    EPISODE 6 - BAHMANI, KHANDESH AND BASTAR Hammit decided to continue the plans of his father and began recruiting thousands of troops at the border of Bahmani. Vianagar declared war on them on the 1st of February in 1473. The war was easy and short. Bahmani surrendered on the 4th of July in 1474 and got fully annaxed by Vianagar. Hammit gathered his troops around Khandesh. On the 13th of April in 1476, the troops were ready and launched an attack on the order of Hammit. They were successful, so Hammit decided to gather the remaining troops around Bastar. - - - - - - - - Meanwhile in a parallel universe. - - - - - - - - Over 9000 troops crossed the border of Bastar on the 3rd of March in 1477. This war was also very easy and short and the conquered land got annexed, after Bastar surrendered just a few months later. Morning, 12th of September in 1477: Hammit was thinking about his expansion plans, while he was eating breakfast. Suddenly an officer came in the room. "मेरे राजा, मालवा और उनके सहयोगियों ने हम पर युद्ध की घोषणा की है!" said the officer. "Prepare the army immediately and recruit more troops!" answered Hammit. Hammit also called Orissa to help, to get some support in this great war.
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    Btw You should add east turkestan(in china) Kurdistan is not that big(but its in Iraq too) You should add south azerbaijan too You should add Turkic autonomous countries(all in Russia) such as Dagestan, Bashkortostan Autonomous Republic, Autonomous Republic of Cuvashia, Hakasya Autonomous Republic, Yakutia, Balkar Autonomous Republic, Altay Autonomous Republic, Republic of Tuva.
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    Hatikvah (2018 Israel Story)

    I like how your name changes by the country XD
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    *sigh*... Alright... Here we go again... You cannot change anything except the leaders for a timeperiod. You cannot add about half of these things since they mostly only apply to the Moddern era. What if these things could appear during acient egypt? Wouldn't that be kind of... Weird?
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    Remove Cancer Disease

    Well in that case sorry.
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    Age of Elder Scrolls | FROZEN

    I was worried about your project demo version I played and I did not like the game background, it cuts my eyes
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    Украинская Карта

    Сделайте эту карту умоляю
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    10/10 would worship cows again 🙂
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    Warcraft (Author: eNeXPi)

    Little Update: 3800 Provinces for now still Northrend not done and Pandaria
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    It's over Turkish

    Literally this argument in a nutshell:
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    Holy crap... Someone is actually doing it. XD
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    Remove Cancer Disease

    Fine disagree all you want that's not my point is you're saying people are dumb for caring about it yet you call it dumb anyways? I know you just ment to just to disagree but you worded it like a hostile attack
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    Interwar Period Scenario

    Okay. If you want or/and need some help, i can search for some interesting historical occurences of some nations. Any nation or area would be okay for me. I will have a lot of freetime during these days.
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    Hi Łukasz, I had an idea, you see when I was playing your game, I don't like how union flags are drawn automatically, i had an idea that a player could design a unions flag. I know it's just an estetic but I would really like to see it in game. I hope you read this :D.
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    Ask me then. : P
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    Hidden AoC Civilization?!

    I found British Ikea
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    Please turkey period of principalities Scenario for Turkish followers
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    400% agressive or eternal war?
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    just wait for the greater europe map to come out lol, thats gonna be interesting
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    Kamepin UA

    Hidden AoC Civilization?!

    theres kekistan with pepe as leader
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    Map Editor - AoC2

    thnx lukasz! I did every tutorial on here and was finally able to create a province! 1. Go to map editor and click on any province map you want to. 2. stare at the thing for a long time 3. rage quit
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    Łukasz Jakowski

    Map Editor - AoC2

    Ask for it on https://vk.com/ageofcivilizationsgroup
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    World War III Scenario

    Soon I'm gonna create a new map, I will not reveal the year by now
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