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    Auto-management for larges empires

    Brush tool for recruiting and building investing stuff would be more cool
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    Your Last Screenshot

    its not ww2 but whatever
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    ' New Map mod! (in development)
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    [Tool] Image to Province Converter

    I've made a tool, which converts a .png into a bunch of provinces, allowing someone to create a custom map more easily. Link to download : https://github.com/Timm638/aoc2_converter/raw/master/AoC2_Conv_0.1.jar Link to short guide: https://github.com/Timm638/aoc2_converter If you need help ask here or come over to the discord.
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    How to add your own music

    Are you tired of listening the same Kevin Macleod music over and over again? Well, I can help you if you follow all the steps carefully. You need: Your music, (preferably in mp3 format) Notepad++ You can download it here https://notepad-plus-plus.org/download/v7.6.2.html Im going to use my song called "example" 1.Go to this webpage https://audio.online-convert.com/convert-to-ogg Its a ogg converter. Then drag your mp3 files in the green box. When you finish, then click in "start conversion". In my case, it shows in spanish (because im spanish) The converter transform your mp3 files into ogg files. When it finish download it all. 2.When you have your new files, the drag all the songs into this location C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Age of Civilizations II\music. After that, click in Age_of_Civilizations file with the right button and click in "Edit with Notepad++" In the editor you have to write the song's names with this formula NAMEOFTHESONG.ogg; Example: Then click in Save (blue icon in the up left) or Ctrl+S And there you go! Now your songs can be played by the game I hope I helped you! By the way, here is the AoC music file if somebody made a mistake when he was writing in it and the music doesnt play Age_of_Civilizations
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    Windows XP Mapping

    Can someone make 1648

    I notice there aren't 1648 scenarios up so can someone make one?
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    Interwar Period Scenario

    Hello everybody! This is my 1920 scenario, in the Interwar Period, It includes dynamic events for the rise of fascism and WW2, sit back and enjoy the roaring 20s! This scenario is currently on version 1.3! It includes: About 30 events New ideologies 1920 Scenario Ideology specific flags for some countries THE GREAT EMU WAR OF 1932 The Russian Civil War PICTURES (AS OF VERSION 1.3) ) DOWNLOAD: Dropbox download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/akq0qvcqbv4ckzs/1920_1.3.zip?dl=0 Mediafire download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/m3yg0mxhicop4s1/1920_1.3.zip/file Please report all flaws and bugs in the comments!
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    Dear, Łukasz Jakowski Me and many content creators lack the ability to change leaders using events. Please add this feature. This will greatly expand the possibilities of your game.
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    https://mega.nz/#!TGoUUKxR!wqZFB90bwUZhxC59OQJqE4gOod0pxJzYfvIzOqcbW6Q My very first Scenario I'm uploading here. It's the AOC2 Modern World scenario but with the 1440 Europe. I didn't change any borders of Russia so the countries bordering Russia are a tad bit smaller than the 1440 scenario. Nor did i do any changes to the Middle East/African area so the Ottoman Empire is smaller as well. There are no puppets/vassals in this scenario. So you can play as Masovia or Holstein and not be ruled by Denmark or Poland. I haven't mess with the Leaders so all of the leaders in Europe will be the default leaders from 1440/Modern World Since this is basically Modern World scenario with 1440 bits there aren't any events. Please let me know if I messed up any borders somewhere. I had to remake the entire Modern World scenario and 1440 Europe. If there is a quicker way to put in countries with its borders let me know. Screenshots:
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    GTA 3 liberty city map

    Install: put all the files in Age Of Civilizations 2/map/ directory enjoy lcs.zip
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    A Casus Belli System

    Let's face it, the diplomacy in the game is broken. Nations all around you break into all out pointless war, forcing me to play the game at AI aggressive 50% so Ming doesn't conquer all of India before 1550. It doesn't necessarily even need to be complex. A simple timer between wars you can declare is good enough. Say, you cannot declare another war for the next 50 turns with ANYONE, not just your original opponent.
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    MOAR provinces mod

    Brittany 31 provinces
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    Name glitch

    there's an easier way to fix this, just hit esc, settings province settings then ajust font size by one, no need to restart
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    Hatikvah (2018 Israel Story)

    Y E S (now we take over the entire nile)
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    Ivan Odwaga

    Your Last Screenshot

    Sorry. I just don't speak English. 😞
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    예전에 지도 맵모드 만들다가 반쪽만 만든겁니다
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    Interwar Period Scenario

    Glad to see you didnt quit! please add more things! i will gladly play it!
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    Then I think there was a stats button at top in Economy menu, that would show it if it's there.
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    Age of Elder Scrolls | FROZEN

    1760 provinces, and I need to do only a naval provinces to complete this map
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    Vive la France! (Victorian Age)

    10/10 would surrender again
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    It's cool but Australia looks weird. Keep going!
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    I made a list of music that I am going to add in this mod. I deleted all songs that overlapped the original AOC soundtrack. Here is the current version of the soundtrack. (the last three songs are under review) For the Suggestions, make sure you go to this link below to add. Confirmed soundtracks will appear at the first page while you add songs at the bottom(second) page. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1HXeyzT-LhzinvrUNVrrR92J5ZXibzA5bkR_sGYKzY8g/edit?usp=sharing Thank you.
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    Please be more open lukasz!

    Like this :V?
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    (Firstly sorry for my English)If you was watch aoc2 alpha video you can see trade zones which can be edit in map editor This was in alpha but deleted for some reason you can see in 3:34. Why this great idea removed ? I think it is removed because bugs atleast we didnt know about no bonus or something
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    At first - this is not an ad in any way. So this post was created as a small ease of access know-how that i use to automate region saving excluding Alt-tabbing all the way, by automating i mean: Automate "PROV" file renaming and moving to your provinces folder To start you need install File Juggler https://www.filejuggler.com/download/filejuggler.exe After the installation Run File Juggler and open "Rules" tab, find and click "Add" button there In the newly created tab in "Monitor" choose your AOC_map_editor In "If" find and click "Add condition" (+) button, set everything to "File name"-"Contains"-"Text" and in the blank field type "PROV" In "Then" do the same "Add condition" (+) button twice In the first "Then" field choose "Move file to" and in blank choose your "AOC_map_editor\editor_data\provinces" folder As a second rule choose "Rename file" and click "Variables", in the new window open "Custom date and time" - "Created" and click "Insert". In the window pick the date and time format you want, my proposition is using Month-Day-Hour\24-Minute-Second variable, it is caused by the amount of time you might spend creating your masterpiece (Not talking month, but you never know) I hope that it will make your life as a creator a little bit easier.
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    Your Last Screenshot

    Dont mean to flex but...
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    Your Last Screenshot

    Current game with Germany.
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    Your Last Screenshot

    Did this with Florence lol
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    Great! the other one? that one have no glows
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    Remove Cancer Disease

    Uhh, actually, cancer can spread through the internet. Recently there's an "innocent" game called fortnite that is supposed to be for kids, but then people find out that if you play a round of that game and if one of the players in that round have cancer, the everyone in that round of game will get cancer.
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    Kamepin UA

    Flag Competition

    my friend idea for an alliance flag in some rp but he made a version by hand i made a better one in paint.net
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    Flag Competition

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    Flag Competition

    Alternate Flag of Germany
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    Flag Competition

    This is the flag of my fictional country.
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    Flag Competition

    So I have maded this flag for custom formable civilization.
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    Flag Competition

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    476 AD - Fall of Rome

    add this to the game.

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