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    Greater Europe map

    [Moved to here] Welcome to the Greater Europe Map project. My long term goal is to have a Europe with a ton of provinces, because why have America, Africa and Asia, when you can have a hell of a lot of provinces in Europe? The map while having a ton of provinces will still be only Europe to help people with horrible computers. I feel you dudes. Current Version: 0.19 Screenshots are updated every 10 versions Regions Finished: Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland, Northern France, Denmark, Czech Republic, Austria, Prussia, Western Poland, Central Poland, Eastern Poland, Southern France, Northern Italy Regions currently being made:, Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary, Slovakia ONCE I FINISH THE REGIONS ABOVE I WILL PUT ALL OF THE PROVINCES INTO THE MAP EDITOR AND WILL CREATE A PLAYABLE MAP FOR ALL OF THE PROVINCES UP UNTIL THAT POINT! An example of my work:
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    That Mods / Scenarios should be archived if their author does not respond to members questions within say a 14 day period. Why? Because the scenarios area is a mess, it's rammed full of incomplete scenarios or perhaps worse, scenarios that the author has abandoned without giving any notice.... Perhaps split the forum into: Scenarios - Released / Completed. Scenarios - Work in Progress Scenarios - Abandoned Can I have a 'Hell Yeah' please?
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    Age of Civilizations 2 | Addon+

    AoC 2 | Addon+ - is an addon to the original version of our favorite game. Unlike other mods, this is not a separate scenario, etc., but a whole collection, including many upgrades of the game. Addon features: - Newly formed nations; - New scenarios; - New ideologies; - New map (meaning background, and some new provinces for Kepler-22b); - New music; - New sounds; That's all for now, but in the future the list will grow. The fashion development team consists of 9 people, and 10 beta-testers who are actively involved in the work. Addon will be released on 22th January, but for now we are working. Our Twitter https://twitter.com/addon_aoc Our Group in VKontakte https://vk.com/addon_plus Our Email addon.aoc2@gmail.com Download: Google disc (PC) - https://drive.google.com/open?id=1fGNfCVMSr7eh6U1P438m-mDqsLODvdkk
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    I made a Some ancient Korean new flags. What do you think? Buyeo Dumakru Dongye Okjeo Gojoseon Jin (Korea) Gaya Some ancient Korean new flags.zip
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    are you turkish

    are you turkish
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    Secret Project Revealed

    Can you guess what this is from? Almost done. Working on leaders now. 😛
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    еще нет. Карта все еще в разработке 🙂 (sorry if my translation is incorrect)
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    Here lies the World in the 2019-2300 see Europe fall in the near feature has things go down horribly Here's What's changing Total Campaigns; 35+ FULL VERSION Coming to Android Coming to PC Release for PC in: (March 15 2019) Release for Android in:(March 23 2019) DEMOS Release PC demo (February 15 2019) Release Android Demo(Feb 16 2019) all people who help will get credited INFO What New things Will be added on this map: (later on) City's Wonders Animated clouds Music Map UI Information any stuff you want in this mod please contact me through email aunitydev@gmail.com or fixes contact me __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ PC Demo features Some countries to start A couple UI changes Download links Setup file: V0.1 https://www.mediafire.com/file/3tem35wsoc1ji0v/World_2300_demo.exe/file (PUT IN SEPARATE LOCATION) Zip: V0.1 https://www.mediafire.com/file/d847mi0iu2a1uu4/World_2300_demo.zip/file (PUT IN SEPARATE LOCATION) __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Android Demo features THIS DOSE NOT INSTALL SEPARATELY uninstall the old --- the download the mod and play it! IF IT GETS STUCK ON 49% JUST CLOSE AND REOPEN link: V.0.1 https://www.mediafire.com/file/mdqf8438fbza4p0/aoc2.---/file Broken Fixed link: https://www.mediafire.com/download/y6malg2j1dhbvpm Come join the off topic club:
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    1900 Scenario

    Here's My 1900 Scenario (Borders in Asia may not be true)Also ignore the fact that Germany turns to Weimar Republic on the 2nd turn.There are 2 alliances:Balkan Against Ottomans and Triple Alliance 1900.zip
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    Have you ever found the wrong leader shows up for the wrong scenario? The current mechanic the game uses is that is chooses the leader born closest to the date of the scenario. However, I suggest introducing Reign Dates - start and end dates for a leader's reign. Say, for example, you had Wilhelm II of Germany as a leader. Wilhelm was born in 1856, but you had a scenario set in 1880. In real history, Wilhelm didn't come to power until 1888. However, in this scenario, Wilhelm would be the leader of Germany due to his birthdate. However, if you set the begin of his reign to 1888, then he wouldn't come to power until 1888, just like real life. Say you also wanted to add the end of his reign to be 1918 - come 1918, his reign would end. With the reign system, the problem of having the wrong leader for the wrong scenario would end. You could add ever US president, and because of the Reign system, they would each be able to take power in order. Tired of having Abraham Lincoln in charge of the US in 1836? The Reign system can end that! Now, what if you don't enter a start date or end date? The game could simply resort to its original design, that being the system of choosing a leader based on their birth date. I, personally, think this is a good idea, and I hope Lukasz sees it and considers it.
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    From the Ashes

    With the loss of western Europe and most of America' allies to the reds the United States and Britain stood alone on the forefront against communism. But that was in the past. In the modern world the United States could not overcome the might of the Soviet Union, capitalism has lost in the face of communism. What was the United States a land of prosperity and opportunity became multiple poverty stricken nations. West Berlin was given to the Soviets in a treaty in result of the blockade The Western allies were not able to protect South Korea during the Korean war The Cuban missile crisis gave the Soviets an edge against the Americans Work in Progress Map: Done Army: Done Tech levels: Done Events: Unfinished Diplomacy: Unfinished Lore: Unfinished Version 1.1 Added: More events and diplomacy and added in in North Dakota Version 1.2 Added: A lot more events and changes to diplomacy and changes to the flags. American Union State and Peoples Republic of America can now reform America in their own way, Changes to the flags, Capitulation events for the PRA, ASU and ASS. And much more but to small to talk about. Post any suggestions you have for this. download link:1549074399005xnigmlvd.zip Civilizations folder:Civs.zip Recommended to play at 100% Speed and 50% AI aggressiveness also the final unification events don't fire till 2013
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    Helden der Welt Civilizations: 334 BC Kemonomimis Imperium In Helden der Welt, the Neko-Led Empire is what took the place of Persia. It is a large empire that was defeated by Alexander the Great in the Neko-Human Wars. The Kalingmire A group of spider people that dominated Arabia. They lost to Alexander and escaped underground. Their empire was then later wiped out by a disease. Danakus Small plant people. Despite their MASSIVE POPULATION and amount of land covered at the time, they were extremely weak and considered a minor species. Valsia A small kingdom of Lion People. One of the minor species. Dolido A band of wolf people. One of the minor species. Lingshao Dragon-like people who supringly took up a more Eastern Style of culture. One of the minor species. Modern Era Neko Homefront A group of Nekos wanting to take back their home in Tehran. They normally use violent means and are considered terrorists by most. Despite this, the US and other Powers still support them. Neko Central Asia Lead by Terine and Like Lytoshia. It was a state under the Soviet Union. After it fell, it remained Communist. In 1993, it went to war against Kazahkstan over border disputes, in which The USA, France, and the UK responded by declaring on the Neko country. It became a repeat of the US in Vietnam as the Allies got their butts ripped off and handed back to them. This incident shocked the world. Tocolida A Neko Nation that declared independence along with Tanzania. Two wars broke with Tanzania, both of which they won. Novallia A Neko Puppet State of China. They are treated very well by China and is very respectful of China. When in danger, both countries will support each other.
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    Every AoC 2 game ever

    same applies to Ukraine and Poland
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    Warcraft (Author: eNeXPi)

    Guys I'm very busy IRL, it will take more time for me to finish the scenario and release the map...
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    Why did you downvote my post? I wasn't even defending him
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    Greater Europe map

    Look forward to!
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    What does Development do, exactly?

    Do you mean Administration ?
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    eğer türkçeden ingilizceye falan geçmişsseniz hariada büyük İ falan olmadığını oyüzden önrek olarak ming ing M NG olduğunu görürsünüz çözümü burda! Bundle.zip Kurulum: 1-Zipi indirin ve çıkartın 2-İçindeki Bundle.Properties i C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Age of Civilizations II\game\languages e atın 3-Oyunu açın ve ingilizce diline geçin ve bitti! NOT:Normal dosyanın yedeğini almayı unutmayın Sonuç:
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    Rising Sun

    memososisi check out my other mod "From the Ashes" it is way better than this one.
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    How to Upload Maps for AoC 2 Android

    why music
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    Footage of 17 units stationed in a base after being recruited (2018 colorised)
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    Steam workshop???

    First of a 50 mods for what? And second of all this is AoC2 and with dumb friends like mine it would be easier for them to get mods from the steam workshop(when multiplayer comes out) I bought this game 1 week after it launched, but i want multiplayer because it just gets boring after a while, like we aren't in the 00's anymore, multiplayer is what a game should have if it wants longevity
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    Lucas L


    Ahhh,es que vi que algunos eran "colaboradores",otros "emperadores","duques","condes" y pues ya ahí simplemente me hice un lío XD
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    Oh,subes de rango cuando llegas a un numero determinado de posts
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    2 words. Online Multiplayer.

    Wait a minute..... Sonicsweden1 has 26 posts. 6-2=4 He has 1 reputation. Add this to the ecuation and we have : 6-2=4-1=3 Half life 3 confirmed