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    Europe AoC1 | Now on Android

    AoC Europe now in AoC2! Eng: 1) This map have 7 scenarios: 1. Modern World 2. Cold War 3. Doomsday 1945 4.1941 5.1939 6.1936 7.1914 2) Some scenarios have events 3) Map have 2 translation in events: English and Russian 4) 387 provinces 5) Formable civilizations All instruction of installation located in archive Download for PC version: https://mega.nz/#!CnhUBC6J!kTJrU2jf6NK_D5t2GQ-PAiT_b3sWj1h6z7ktAIyx5b8 Download for Android version: https://mega.nz/#!LnQHjQID!MkqsEY4DN5A1DTsXoPU-AvxJ98JYql5deYVNNLcQKVM Rus: 1) Эта карта имеет 7 сценариев: 1. Modern World 2. Cold War 3. Doomsday 1945 4.1941 5.1939 6.1936 7.1914 2) Некоторые сценарии имеют ивенты 3) Карта имеет 2 перевода для ивентов: Англиский и Русский 4) 387 провинцей 5) Формирующие цивилизации Все инструкции по установке находятся в архиве Скачать для ПК версии: https://mega.nz/#!CnhUBC6J!kTJrU2jf6NK_D5t2GQ-PAiT_b3sWj1h6z7ktAIyx5b8 Скачать для Андроид версии: https://mega.nz/#!LnQHjQID!MkqsEY4DN5A1DTsXoPU-AvxJ98JYql5deYVNNLcQKVM
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    I like this
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    Greater Europe Map v0.40

    Welcome to the Greater Europe Map project. My long term goal is to have a Europe with a ton of provinces, because why have America, Africa and Asia, when you can have a hell of a lot of provinces in Europe? The map while having a ton of provinces will still be only Europe to help people with horrible computers. I feel you dudes. Current Version: 0.40 Screenshots are updated every 10 versions Current amount of provinces - ~2083, around 65%+ Regions Finished: Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland, Northern France, Denmark, Czech Republic, Austria, Prussia, Western Poland, Central Poland, Eastern Poland, Southern France, Northern Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary, Slovakia, Montenegro, Southern Italy, Bosnia, Kosovo, Serbia, Albania, Macedonia, Catalonia, Spain, Portugal, England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Northern Ireland. Iceland, Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Romania, Moldova, Ukraine, Crimea, West Belarus, East Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia Regions currently being made: Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Iran
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    That Mods / Scenarios should be archived if their author does not respond to members questions within say a 14 day period. Why? Because the scenarios area is a mess, it's rammed full of incomplete scenarios or perhaps worse, scenarios that the author has abandoned without giving any notice.... Perhaps split the forum into: Scenarios - Released / Completed. Scenarios - Work in Progress Scenarios - Abandoned Can I have a 'Hell Yeah' please?
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    Age of Civilizations 2 | Addon+

    Addon+ is a global modification that adds interest to the game process. Innovations 1.2 - Final: The new update was perhaps the most ambitious and long-awaited among all the others. The mod was introduced: - New earth map with realistic texture and with a huge number of scenarios. - New maps made from scratch: Iberian Peninsula, British Isles, Ukraine. - New great scenarios with events: WWII - Extended, American war of independence, 1985, 1988; - Completely redesigned interface; - A set of mini-scenarios: the Holy Roman Empire, the Regions of Austria-Hungary, Italy 1829, Regions of China, Regions of the Commonwealth; - Made flags for countries with different ideologies; - Added new leaders and replaced portraits of some old ones; - Made new "Wonders of the world"; - Almost completely redesigned sounds in the game; - Added 11 new tracks; - Remade the palette of civilizations; - Fixed bugs such as incorrect month order and incorrect month names; - Reworked the texture of the Earth map AoC 1; - Added several Formed Nations; Download Installation: place all files from the Age of Civilizations II folder from the archive to the folder where the original game is installed and confirm the replacement. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1LXXxZ3yXhqIwOwBwgPMlsvA9gvDEIeRc https://drive.google.com/open?id=1LXXxZ3yXhqIwOwBwgPMlsvA9gvDEIeRc https://drive.google.com/open?id=1LXXxZ3yXhqIwOwBwgPMlsvA9gvDEIeRc Soon I will release Addon+ 1.4 (25th of August) Don't forget to check out my new project with a map of 5,000 provinces:
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    are you turkish

    are you turkish
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    I'm working on it but there is one problem with the build
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    Secret Project Revealed

    Can you guess what this is from? Almost done. Working on leaders now. 😛
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    еще нет. Карта все еще в разработке 🙂 (sorry if my translation is incorrect)
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    How to create map (Step by step)

    Steps: 1. Download Map editor. 2. Clear all data. 3. Copy/Create bg.png (background for your map) 4. Create province. 5. Copy first province into new folder (Province is called PROV, and move it into folder that will be containing all provinces) 6. Rename your first province to 0 (second to 1 etcetera) 7. In game map folder (steamapps\common\Age of Civilizations II\map) copy template (and rename it), and clear "cities" folder. 8. Copy your provinces into update, \data\provinces (I'm not sure if you need to copy it into provinces folder, but It works too :P) 9. Edit config.json(in copied template folder) and change values: { Map: [ { MapName: "%Mapname%", Author: "%Yournickname%", BackgroundName: "%bgname%", ContinentsPackage: "Earth6" RegionsPackage: "Earth_AoC2", NumberOfProvinces: %numberofprovinces%, MapScale: 3, WorldMap: true, Scenario: "testScenario", Wiki: "Wikipedia:Unusual_articles" }, ], Age_of_Civilizations: Map } 10. Rembmer to create background files with name %bgname%_L and %bgname%_R 11. go back to map folders and add line to make game read that map: { Map: [ { Folder: "Earth" }, { Folder: "Ashan" }, { Folder: "Earth_AoC1" }, { Folder: "Kepler" }, { Folder: "template" }, { Folder: "%mapname%" }, ], Age_of_Civilizations: Maps } 12. Run game and go to Editor>MapEditor>EditConnections and Provinces>Update every province you added. (EXAMPLE) 13. Congratulation you have created your first map 😛 Short video, if you still need help. (OS is in polish, rest is in english 😛 ) If you add new province check continent of this province in map editor, if it is "Ocean" the map will load lower scale of the province background Extra: CREATING PROV FILES:
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    The SPQR series

    Do you look at the weird scenarios and regular history for AoC2? Do you look at all the brain dead mobile peasants with disgust? Do you want an Alternate history scenario that's real, that's actually good and detailed? Well this is for YOU! SPQR2 features an event tree for Turkey, events relating to cuban dictator fulgencio batista, and the abandonment of Japan, moon nazis, a nuke system new governments, diseases and MUCH more! Planned features: -nuke events going all the way to 2019 -reskin the HRE into the Blackshirt league -flavor for most countries SPQR2 Alpha 0.03 Beta 1 Recommended nations: Turkey- the only nation with an event tree, and the most fleshed out nation at this point (some suggestions for Turkey. BUILD A PORT ON TURN ONE. Do NOT occupy any soviet land, send your armies south or disband them) Italy- They're the main characters in the book, so it's appropriate Murica'- They have nukes. Nuff' said UNRECOMMMENDED NATIONS Luxembourg- If you want the ULTIMATE AoC2 challenge, play them........ SPQR2_Alpha_0.03B1.zip Music: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1zVaFOld6JHlWKCJUjXzH3Ixgf5WWcVfb (music is too big to be attached to main mod, if your pc doesn't have enough space for it, you do not have to download it, but it is HIGHLY recommended) Discord https://discord.gg/WsB6p6g
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    I made a Some ancient Korean new flags. What do you think? Buyeo Dumakru Dongye Okjeo Gojoseon Jin (Korea) Gaya Some ancient Korean new flags.zip
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    Please be more open lukasz!

    Lukasz please be more open about the game and the developments of it! We want to know about what's the future of the Game, i don't care if the updates are tiny or not very important. But i feel so disconnected with this game and i may gamethrow because the actual content is not enough What happens with the Steam Workshop? Will be released this year? Are religions going to be added? I hope you read this 🙂 Atte: !Hiking
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    Here lies the World in the 2019-2300 see Europe fall in the near feature has things go down horribly Here's What's changing Total Campaigns; 35+ FULL VERSION Coming to Android Coming to PC Release for PC in: (March 15 2019) Release for Android in:(March 23 2019) DEMOS Release PC demo (February 15 2019) Release Android Demo(Feb 16 2019) all people who help will get credited INFO What New things Will be added on this map: (later on) City's Wonders Animated clouds Music Map UI Information any stuff you want in this mod please contact me through email aunitydev@gmail.com or fixes contact me __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ PC Demo features Some countries to start A couple UI changes Download links Setup file: V0.1 https://www.mediafire.com/file/3tem35wsoc1ji0v/World_2300_demo.exe/file (PUT IN SEPARATE LOCATION) Zip: V0.1 https://www.mediafire.com/file/d847mi0iu2a1uu4/World_2300_demo.zip/file (PUT IN SEPARATE LOCATION) __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Android Demo features THIS DOSE NOT INSTALL SEPARATELY uninstall the old --- the download the mod and play it! IF IT GETS STUCK ON 49% JUST CLOSE AND REOPEN link: V.0.1 https://www.mediafire.com/file/mdqf8438fbza4p0/aoc2.---/file Broken Fixed link: https://www.mediafire.com/download/y6malg2j1dhbvpm Come join the off topic club: a Americas
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    Hatikvah (2018 Israel Story)

    After Goktunyahu elected, Jews had their Greater Israel dream again. Israel was going to rule promised lands! Difficulity: Legendary AI Agression: 125% Jehovah, protect Jerusalem and blessed people of Israel! Episode 1: Birth of A New Empire Episode 2: Invasion of Africa and Lebanon Episode 3: Operation Nile Episode 4: Fighting Against Imperialism Episode 5: Shining Star of David in Africa Episode 6: End of Syria and Iraq
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    Logos Que el user @SUDAMXX me diga que logos necesita para su nuevo mod. (consta que sean existentes, es un dolor de huevos hacer esto ndeahhhh).
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    q les parece mi mapa¿

    Hice un mapa de México (no completo), pero quiere q me digan si me esté quedando bien. Mapita.zip Haré una lista de escenarios que tengo pensado hacer para el mapa: - Independencia de Baja California y Sonora (FilIBUSTEROS) - Revulicón Mexicana - Guerra Cristera - Estados de México - Independencia del Río Grande - Guerra contra el narco - Y no tengo p*ta idea
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    P E R F E C T
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    Games War

    thank you very much or بسیار متشکرم
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    Because Im batman
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    When I try to progress onto the next turn, the game just randomly exits. Is there a way around this?
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    AOC1 Map. WW1,WW2,Cold War Scenarios

    Ive got a bunch of maps WW1-1912 WW2-1936 Cold War-1950 1549007413175zwlbzbjt 1549007413175zwlbzbjt_A 1549007413175zwlbzbjt_C 1549007413175zwlbzbjt_D 1549007413175zwlbzbjt_HRE 1549007413175zwlbzbjt_INFO.json 1549007413175zwlbzbjt_PD 1549007413175zwlbzbjt_W 1549007413175zwlbzbjt_E 1549282336218qipeojtk 1549282336218qipeojtk_A 1549282336218qipeojtk_C 1549282336218qipeojtk_D 1549282336218qipeojtk_HRE 1549282336218qipeojtk_INFO.json 1549282336218qipeojtk_PD 1549282336218qipeojtk_W 1549282336218qipeojtk_E 1549614329022rdynogwp 1549614329022rdynogwp_A 1549614329022rdynogwp_C 1549614329022rdynogwp_D 1549614329022rdynogwp_HRE 1549614329022rdynogwp_INFO.json 1549614329022rdynogwp_PD 1549614329022rdynogwp_W 1549614329022rdynogwp_E
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    q les parece mi mapa¿

    jajajajajajajajajaja tranquilo suele pasar.
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    q les parece mi mapa¿

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    Eso quise decir,ultimamente no estoy pensando lo que escribo xD Sip también lo he leido y si,es completamente necesario tincho!
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    Yo he creado líderes para el escenario, como prueba hice a Alsogaray para presi en argentina en mi mod, adim para brasil, etc... Pero no se pone estos líderes en mi mod, si no que se sobrepone el presidente por defecto (macri en arg, abdo en paraguay, etc...) aiudaaa
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    From the Ashes

    Good good(I sounded a bit like Palpatine xD) Ohhh a Communist US...that will be interesting to see Oh,this scenario is gonna be incredible then(I was going with the US desunited theme too in my WIP Scenario xD)
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    That is, I propose that the game respect the chronology of the scenarios (real chronology, from the first that is very low to the recent without a deadline). and I also propose a system based on the universes (stories alternate or parallel to ours), where our creations will be. To understand better: - our universe (where will be the default scenarios of the game, that is, created by Luckaz, it will be called "Our Universe", "Universe / land 0" or "story mode". - In contrast, for those who create scenarios will be the system based on universes or parallel lands where they can create if they want their alternate events chronologically, these universes will be called: "universe 1, 2, 3, 4, etc ..." or " land 1, 2, 3, 4, etc ... "(For more freedom of the player, you can change the name of these universes in parallel (from universe 2 to anarchic world, from earth 6 to communist land, from universe 13 to chronology of 1984 by George Orwell, etc ...) Other proposes: - Dates of reign for leaders: it is unfair that you want to create a leader who was born in an era halfway away from the scenario in question, for example, in Argentina Menem (former president) was born in 1930 but governed in the 90s, and if I put that leader, does not leave and also leaves the leader by default (in the case of Argentina, Macri). - Deepening of events: more things for events and please, that the option "civilization exists" is already automatic. - OOne of the most insane: that the map editor is inside the map editor menu in the editor part of the game (above the game editor and below the general ones) - Editor and creator of ideologies. Export and import of flag images for the civilizations editor and also, that the tag can be edited, the civilization in question of ideologies, and that this be saved in a single file format (like civilizations by default) but that the folder: "civilizations_editor" continue to exist. very ambitious I'm hahaha, so that's it, and if Luckaz gets to see this, his head will be blown literally hahaha
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    Help, in leaders!

    I was referring to the eras of the game xD Oh of course(nos pegan si hablamos español en esta parte del foro xD)
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    ¿Alguna guia para jugar con andorra?

    Muchas gracias
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    How recover deleted games?

    I sincerely dont know.I suppose you cant recover the savegames that you deleted
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    Every AoC 2 game ever

    Same with Albania Macedonia And spain italy
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    Con existentes me refiero a que son los que mostré en mi foto 4k
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    Sobre ideologías.

    Entonces lanzo mis otros crowns, pero cambiale el acrónimo de ideología (si tenés de ideología el minarquismo pero el acrónimo es "mq", pero el del crown es "mi", cambiale de crown_mi a crown_mq).
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    Every AoC 2 game ever

    same applies to Ukraine and Poland
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    Warcraft (Author: eNeXPi)

    Guys I'm very busy IRL, it will take more time for me to finish the scenario and release the map...
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    Why did you downvote my post? I wasn't even defending him
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    Greater Europe Map v0.40

    Look forward to!
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    ¡Muchas gracias! Te vi en el post de las ideologías políticas,¡me alegro de que te haya gustado mi post!
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    eğer türkçeden ingilizceye falan geçmişsseniz hariada büyük İ falan olmadığını oyüzden önrek olarak ming ing M NG olduğunu görürsünüz çözümü burda! Bundle.zip Kurulum: 1-Zipi indirin ve çıkartın 2-İçindeki Bundle.Properties i C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Age of Civilizations II\game\languages e atın 3-Oyunu açın ve ingilizce diline geçin ve bitti! NOT:Normal dosyanın yedeğini almayı unutmayın Sonuç:
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    Steam workshop???

    First of a 50 mods for what? And second of all this is AoC2 and with dumb friends like mine it would be easier for them to get mods from the steam workshop(when multiplayer comes out) I bought this game 1 week after it launched, but i want multiplayer because it just gets boring after a while, like we aren't in the 00's anymore, multiplayer is what a game should have if it wants longevity
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    Steam workshop???

    I don't want to go to an external website to get my mods, steam workshop is mich better + he promised it, if we want mods in multiplayer we need steam workshop, he's a smart guy, he should figure it out at last
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    Oh,subes de rango cuando llegas a un numero determinado de posts
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    Flag Competition

    Fast foods UNITE
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    2 words. Online Multiplayer.

    Wait a minute..... Sonicsweden1 has 26 posts. 6-2=4 He has 1 reputation. Add this to the ecuation and we have : 6-2=4-1=3 Half life 3 confirmed
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    Łukasz Jakowski

    World War I Scenario

    Nice :)
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