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    Feudalism etc etc

    I'd like to see games where players start as a small local family, by conquest & diplomacy they could raise their family to Counts, Dukes, Kings, Emperor etc etc.... I'd like to see events where families / counties / duchies / kingdoms merge, split etc I'd like to see the creation of both real life kingdoms AND 'potential Kingdoms', all having the potential for HRE type elections etc etc... Where civil wars occur, rebellions too, where leaders can die heirless and b*stard (inferior relatives) bloodlines can inherit the throne.... Where vassalisation is important and NOT something to be sneered at Where schisms can occur In fact, I'd like this to become a modern version of 'Empires of the Middle Ages' board game (by SSI?).... The game does NOT need more troop types, after all it's 'Grand Strategy' where numbers matter, not quality.... THIS GAME IS SO CLOSE TO ACHIEVING ALL OF THIS! Thanks Lukasz for your hard work
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    Make Legendary AI Harder

    Hello everyone. When i first played AoC2, i played it on "normal" difficulty. I heard stories of the Legendary AI being impossible to beat. A while after i had played enough games to increase the AI level to Legendary. What i experienced disappointed me. The AI had no absolute idea of what strategy is. It didn't use diplomacy well. It didn't build alliances. It didn't spy me with towers. It never throwed me an ultimatum. It didn't managed its units well. It couldn't even keep its own country in peace but instead it fought wars that were impossible for it to beat and died in seconds! The AI isn't strategic in the minimal. When i play in legendary, i can invade anyone i want without fearing of another guy doing a surprise war on me, because the AI always accepts my pacts. If a bigger country is threatening me, i just form an alliance or sign a defensive pact, and problem solved. At wars, the AI keeps sending its units to death (and the infamous < 20 unit spam raid), and never predict an attack. The AI should be able to do a variety of strategies. Imagine an AI that makes you think twice on invading him by signing defensive pacts and forming alliances. An AI that manages its army so that he predicts your attacks (this is an strat that consists on sending units to an undefended provinces that the AI is likely to attack at the end of the turn, to avoid a breach in your front and a micro army spam), and knows if you will attack by spying with towers and increasing relations up to 45. An AI that releases vassals and demand vassalization instead of creating a silly frontier. An AI that fortifies its fronts and makes his country impenetrable. An AI that changes its goverment depending on being a warmonger or building economy. And many things that would make the game very challenging! To be honest, i end winning every game in legendary i play. No, i'm not bragging, because that is an easy feat. If you use diplomacy well, you can avoid being invaded by anyone. The AI is easily tricked with diplomacy, and if you predict movements you can avoid the spam raid also. Give it a try, and check how easily the AI can be managed. Please, make the AI harder! :p
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    From the Ashes

    With the loss of western Europe and most of America' allies to the reds the United States and Britain stood alone on the forefront against communism. But that was in the past. In the modern world the United States could not overcome the might of the Soviet Union, capitalism has lost in the face of communism. What was the United States a land of prosperity and opportunity became multiple poverty stricken nations. West Berlin was given to the Soviets in a treaty in result of the blockade The Western allies were not able to protect South Korea during the Korean war The Cuban missile crisis gave the Soviets an edge against the Americans Work in Progress Map: Done Army: Done Tech levels: Done Events: Unfinished Diplomacy: Unfinished Lore: Unfinished Version 1.1 Added: More events and diplomacy and added in in North Dakota Version 1.2 Added: A lot more events and changes to diplomacy and changes to the flags. American Union State and Peoples Republic of America can now reform America in their own way, Changes to the flags, Capitulation events for the PRA, ASU and ASS. And much more but to small to talk about. Post any suggestions you have for this. you need the civ folder and the download link for it to work Civilizations folder:Civs.zip Recommended to play at 100% Speed and 50% AI aggressiveness also the final unification events don't fire till 2013 download link: 1549074399005xnigmlvd.zip
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    This is my first scenario that I do, it's simple, but I hope later I can improve it with events. Map on which the scenario is based: https://portalacademico.cch.unam.mx/alumno/historiademexico1/unidad5/contextomundial/intervencionfrancesa Screen Shots: N Preview: Download: Mexico 1865.zip
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    Windows XP Mapping

    2016 Election War

    This is the 2016 election but it's a war, last post for the day
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    1946 Scenario

    So yea!Here's my new scenario!1946 scenario!Civil wars in Afghanistan and China,BeNeLux alliance and USSR holds vassals(puppets)of al the eastern European countries.If you want to review this,feel free,just credit my channel-https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFvOvAAYQjdlY6mbUohLCxg?view_as=subscriber and this scenario!NOTE:I couldn't do the flat border in Korea so it is set to be modern.In the middle of making it: 1946.zip
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    you can always go to those videos like "history of italy every year" or "history of the world every year", however those dont provide as much information when i comes to tribal areas or places where there are no real civilization, so you probably want to look at more in depth maps in wikipedia
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    Medieval age Scenarios (683~1429)

    Thanks, I will try to add event next 2~ 3 months
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    Death of a Nation

    Nah, the custom civ will have names like 1544988456qsdingv if there are no files
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    Lets face it, some scenarios are a joke..... can we have separate areas please so they can be categorised accordingly? I mean really... A scenario / mod about an anime character? a GTA map? a war between games or consoles & even a made up story about 'this Italian Guy' (no offence)? WTF? Give us History, Westeros, Middle Earth for sure..... Vikings (great), The Classical world for sure..... Ive not seen any sign of Assyria or Babylon yet either.... OR Give us scenarios that work and that you KNOW you intend to finish, no offence guys but really 90% of the scenarios are dross. COME ON PEOPLE Guys this is a great system but can we please exercise some restraint?
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    That Mods / Scenarios should be archived if their author does not respond to members questions within say a 14 day period. Why? Because the scenarios area is a mess, it's rammed full of incomplete scenarios or perhaps worse, scenarios that the author has abandoned without giving any notice.... Perhaps split the forum into: Scenarios - Released / Completed. Scenarios - Work in Progress Scenarios - Abandoned Can I have a 'Hell Yeah' please?
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    Death of a Nation

    well guess its time to destroy the libtards
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    The borders aren't correct in some places
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    A form of capitulation

    I don't think it should immediately result in the annexation of the country. I think you should just get the ability to make the peace treaty in any way you want and they shouldn't be able to say "No." to you.
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    Antartica (522 Provinces)

    Really great map! PS:Am i the only one who wants one map of the entire world with antartica included?
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    [Tool] Image to Province Converter

    EDIT: SOLVED. MAKE SURE YOUR IMAGE IS IN 32 BIT, OTHERWISE IT WON'T WORK. (generating takes a few minutes, depending on number of provinces, mine took about three) Gives me this error with the following image:
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    Where are u? Last time online - January 31? Are you developing something important about the game or whatever? If you are so, you could at least login and tell us
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    Really cool! I love your scenarios, they are so realistic, hope that you will add events(but even without them the scenarios are already good enough!)
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    2 words. Online Multiplayer.

    Would be fun to have online multiplayer. Many people already really want it, and would up the replayability of the game.
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    Append a country

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    Append a country

    I would like an option in which you send a country if you want it to be annexed to you, an example can be in the Victorian era in which Texas is a USA. It will be like forming a union, but instead of being United States-Texas (with a united flag), just say the United States.
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    Hello Dcethe! your scenario looks really good I personally think that it doesnt matter if a scenario is not very accurate,what it really matters is the fun that you get from creating it/playing it
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    How to Add Economy into AOCII

    How I Found This Feature I was making a mod where there was real world alliances. While doing this I realized that NATO was way too OP! I decided to go on a journey to find how to make countries like, Russia and China stronger. I figured out some things without help but was never able to share this in which a update deleted my mod. A few weeks later I come to this cite to share my wonderful information to the hungry and desiring community that likes timelaspes! Tutorial 1. Go to "Events" on the main editor page. 2. Add a new event and do whatever recipient you want. 3. change to starting date to whatever date you want (if you want it to start instantly in-game. 4. Go to "Triggers" and click on "If Civilization Exist's" then click on any civilization that is currently in the scenario. 5. Go to "Outcome" and scroll down to economy. Do any country you want and scroll the economy anything you want it to be. 6. Add the provinces you want the economy to be in. 7. Go back and press "Save Event". Copying the Tutorial Dont copy the tutorial please! Im talking to you Raider Knight!☹️
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    Location of the game scenarios

    yes like a game workshop where we can upload/download scenarios, leaders, maps, flags and much more. this would be awesome
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