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    This is my first scenario that I do, it's simple, but I hope later I can improve it with events. Map on which the scenario is based: https://portalacademico.cch.unam.mx/alumno/historiademexico1/unidad5/contextomundial/intervencionfrancesa Screen Shots: N Preview: Download: Mexico 1865.zip
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    Ages For me the main problem is that ages do not affect on anything but on the numbers. When it's 1936 everyone needs an ally. And when soviets are in the union with Tannu Tuva and Mongolia they will not accept my allies request. Why? Borders, another countries in the union, ideology only -26%. Ideology doesn't do anything! Why democrats don't do a thing! They don't care if half of the universe was conquered by someone. Not their problem lol :DD Why religions don't do a thing in 1440 scenario? A lot of wars happened because of religions. Like russian-polish wars. The game just doesn't need a world war 2 scenario if AI is for 1440 scenario! Also why can't I fully annex a country in 1936? That's weird. Event editor Fix event editor please! There's a bunch of bugs! Also, developer should add events that appears not only for one country but for more of them. Or at least do copy/paste thing, please! Have a nice day and have a nice game!
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    Will Lukasz ever update the game?

    It's always good to have hopes man. Some have quit the forum and modding, and perhaps uninstalled the game due to lack of updates on both platforms. Perhaps he's working on the iOS version, but we'll see about it.
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    Events for buildings

    It would be nice to see events to add buildings or level up buildings, I see that you can detect buildings in a state but there's nothing that we can use in the events to add buildings to a state.
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    Your best Empire (Screenshot)

    This topic is here for people who want to post their empire pictures here It can be a Luxemburg Empire or Andorre Empire
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    I made a Some ancient Korean new flags. What do you think? Buyeo Dumakru Dongye Okjeo Gojoseon Jin (Korea) Gaya Some ancient Korean new flags.zip
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    I'm Globglogabgalab

    I'm Globglogabgalab
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    A Terrifying Alliance

    This is currently a game I am playing. I am playing as the Aztecs. Within 20 years, the Aztec Empire had become a monarchy and united most of Mexico. In the late 1400's, they took a small chunk of Asia and defeated a weakening Ming. Now they were exploring Europe. Aztec: Woah... What a place... *Aztec bumps into someone.* Aztec: Oops, sorry... Ottoman Empire: No problem. Been building up. Aztec: Heh. So am I. Ottoman Empire: Anyways, I plan to invade Cyprus. Aztec: Can I join for a piece of the island? I could use a launch off point into Europe. Ottoman Empire: Sure. *The invasion of Cyprus was a huge success and the island was divided into two. Several years later, they allied. The European community was shocked.* England: Calm down guys! Burgundy: HOW CAN WE?! TWO VERY POWERFUL EMPIRES ARE WORKING TOGETHER! Muscovy: Yeah... It is utterly terrifying... Castile: There isn't much we can do... Except hope... *Athens falls about a year later.*
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    City Names - Concept

    So apparently even though if you conquer a province their cities' names dont change so I think we need to fix this problem I have two separate ideas: (I am using Gdansk as an example since its easier. no offense intended) 1: lets say Germany reannexed Gdansk. Then the city name changes to Danzig right after the peace treaty. 2: Germany reannexed Gdansk, but the name changes to Danzig after assimilation. But what if (for example) the US conquers Gdansk? Then the name would still remain as Gdansk since its also the English name for the city. Is this idea good? or is it unnecessary? Leave the ideas/suggestions below.
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    Bueno no se mucho de la historia de mexico pero creo que era vasallo xD
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    A Terrifying Alliance

    Blame Bohemia.
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    Nope, I use my own knowledge of the area and hope I won't offend anyone. I usually start by drawing a country's administrative regions (eg. Polish Województwa, English/Irish Counties, Swiss Cantons, etc.) and then sub-dividing them into smaller provinces. If there were any big border differences I remember the country having, I also add some alternative borders using some smaller provinces (eg. Polish modern day states divided up in such a way you can create 1914 & 1936 Germany)
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    Own Governments flags

    27x18 for small flag (FL) 68x44 for big flag (FLH)
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    I'm Globglogabgalab

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    My suggestions

    1) - I meant capturing empty province. Now the minimum amount of army to take the province wdhout army is 10, i suggested that your army must be over 1% of civilian population of this hostile province. 3) Not movement points, but money 4) Playing as Germany i can invade Poland in 1939 and completly assimilate it till maybe 1941. Is that realistic? And i think more - assimilation should worsen the way all other countries treat you, at least democratic countries. 7) No, never met this in the game. But saw a lot of pockets of armies migrating through entire enemy's mainland. 8.) How did britains captured the entire India, Australia, North America, a lot of very populated nations in the middle east? - answer is a technology level. And proportions were much bigger than just in 10 times.
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    1900 Scenario

    I have an idea to stop germany from going weimar, make a new german country in the editor. If you dont let it form, then it cannot form. You will need to copy the files of new new country though also anti, calm down. If you want to see a bad map go to world conqueror 1945, world conqueror 2, world conqueror 3, and world conqueror 4
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    Europe AoC1 | Now on Android

    I found a mistake for android. There aren't Scenarios' codes (in Age_of_civilizations document). I added Scenarios' codes and it is working now.
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    Tenía la idea de hacer la Segunda Intervención Francesa, pero ví que me ganaste en hacerlo. Ahora haré la Guerra de Los Pasteles. Por cierto, creo que el Segundo Imperio sería Vasallo de Francia.
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    1946 Scenario

    It looks great!
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    1946 Scenario

    Thank u ! It's beautiful...
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    Europe AoC1 | Now on Android

    Memomosi,I know, but this map does not work, while other maps work
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    That Mods / Scenarios should be archived if their author does not respond to members questions within say a 14 day period. Why? Because the scenarios area is a mess, it's rammed full of incomplete scenarios or perhaps worse, scenarios that the author has abandoned without giving any notice.... Perhaps split the forum into: Scenarios - Released / Completed. Scenarios - Work in Progress Scenarios - Abandoned Can I have a 'Hell Yeah' please?
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    q les parece mi mapa¿

    jajajajajajajajajaja tranquilo suele pasar.
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    Steam workshop???

    .... I come from futuuure XD
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    Helping/supporting country in war

    If you mean a "sending troops" mechanism like in HOI4, sadly no. You can only send money to the country, or declare war on the same country, befriends with the country you want to help, then in the negotiation screen maybe give most of the provinces to the country that you want to help.
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    delete scales files for both of them, and check if there are prov files in update
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    I do that and some sea provinces fixes but the Prov 0 and 1 are bugged
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    More Leaders ver 1.0

    Hello Everyone!!!!!!! new version: New Guiney Indonesia East Timor Singapore Australia Chinese Republic(Taipei) Mexico(Changed) Syria Iraq Iceland Saudi Arabia Yemen Oman UAE Qatar Quweit Philippines Israel State of Palestine Iordania Brazil(changed) Bahrain Egypt Libiya Lebanon Tunisia Algeris Belize Gutemala El Salvador Honduras Nicaragua Costa Rica Panama Mauritania Mali Niger Chad Sudan It is last update for a few months (I work on my mod ) And Łukash if you see this can you put my leaders into the game ? Moe Leaders 1.4.rar
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    No updates for almost 2 months...
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    Steam workshop???

    Workshop is coming the 31 of january at 23:59:59 trust me, my name has a color
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