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    After the assasination of Franz Ferdinand a risk of war beetwen Serbia and Austria was very high. The German ruler Kaiser Wilhelm knowed the risk of war with Russia and maybe even France so in the final he stopped A-H from attacking Serbia, no one would know that this thing would change Europe so much. After death of Francis Joseph I the Charles I was in charge of the empire now. After many riots in the empire he was forced to break the constitution and had to limit the autonomy of Hungary and less in rest of the empire. The uprising in the empire ended in 2 years old war where Hungary, Bohemia and Galicia gained indenpendece, Hungary gived up on Slovakia , Croatia and Bosnia because of the risk of Romanian invasion so they becamed indenpented too. Lets see what new future wil bring to us This scenario is What if WW1 never happened so: -Galicia-Lodomeria and Croatia are cooperating with austria -Bosnia,Serbia and Montenegro created the alliance -Czech and slovaks created an alliance -Colonies are the same as in 1914 (Egipt is puppet state) -Canada, Australia and other dominions have less will for autonomy because of the bloody war never happened so they more depented on UK -China is the same as in 1926 -Totalitarian regimes in Russia, Germany and Italy vever established -Russia will face economic crisis because of loans from UK and France -Portugal colonies was partitioned by Belgium,UK,Germany and France by treaty from 1913 -Japan Panasiatism is on rise Features: -Leaders -Events -New content -New flags and civilizations Update 1: -Turkey and Northern Arabia now have more territory -New Germany -Portugal colonies was partitioned Thanks for reading 🙂 (Sorry for my English)
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    I was played with ottomans in Victorian age there is no netural or no another country just me ...
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    I am come back ! (Who cares ? )
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    Tiny World War 2

    kek mobile peasants
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    War of The Worlds (Scenario)

    Hello everyone! This is the War of the Worlds mod for Age of Civilizations 2! Lore: In 1900, the Martians started the invasion of Earth, lauching the Tripods inside of capsules to our planet, first landing in the United Kingdom, after the first days of the invasion, more capsules started to land on Planet Earth, humanity, under attack by an galatic enemy, form a defense block to defend Mother Earth from the Martians, it's a war against another planet, fighiting giant vaporizing Tripods with Bolt Action Rifles and Artilleries, no tanks or airplanes, will humanity survive and defeat the enemy or will the aliens conquer and enslave the human race? Only you will decide the future of Humanity The mod contains -A world faction -Custom Nation (Martian Federation) with custom flag Download link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=13Bq1RLWP0zYNZowzp1xejAPsnANpPKWV How to download? Just move the folders to their respectives names If there are existing files just ignore them or overwrite them. In case of glitches or problem just warn me and i'll fix them right away
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    Battle of Stalingrad Scenario (23/09/1942) In this scenario i added alliances like Allies, Axis and the Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere, but it doesn't have events. Features in this update: -Added army for Germany, Soviet Union, UK, US, Japan, France, Italy, China, Australia, Canada and Communist China -Fixed borders in Alfghanistan -Fixed borders in Caucasus -Added Reichskommissariats -Fixed borders and added nations in Asia -Fixed borders with Hungary -Fixed English territory in Tórshavn -Changed Axis name to Tripartite Pact I accept all suggestions for Events or corrections in the provinces Battle of Stalingrad [1942].rar <-- Here is a .rar of the scenario Battle of Stalingrad [1942].zip <-- And this is a .zip version Both files are the same scenario, there are no changes each to other Pics of the scenario: Asia: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Europe: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Oceania: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Africa: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Alliances: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Army examples: Case Blue: Raids to France and prepairing for D-Day: Operation Torch: } Japanese-Chinese Front: I accept all suggestions or corrections for the province
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    I created a scenario where natives have european tech and the old world has native american tech, this scenario doesn`t include events http://www.mediafire.com/folder/2ubfdn738c2s6/1550005313093hqvnpojz
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    1147 ( Europa )

    Hey, I added a new historical scenario. This is year 1147 in Europe. The main events concentrate about historical events like start of II crusade against Zengids, invitation of Almoravids in the Spain, Partitions in the various countries. Scenario is placed highly in Europe and the Middle East. Possible events ( soon ) : -> Rise of Ayyubids for Egypt, -> Battle of Hattin 1187 ( Jerusalem ) -> Third crusade for HRE Pope France and England, -> Polabian Crusade 1147 for Saxony and Polish Duchies, -> all things about III crusade, and Livonian, and Baltic Crusades. 1147.rar
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    Hi i am Nizar Producciones , this is my kaiserreich , in this scenario germany won WW1 , italy remained as central power , Persia helped central powers against russia and gained some land, also germany creates the Central European Union with all its allies in WW1 , their new vassals and new formed countries , USA fought against germany but in the end didnt lose much power , the russian empire was replaced by a new russian republic that is receiving support by the central powers in its war against soviet rebels , germany is at war against soviets , China is at civil war against Tibet and Mongolia and the tensions between China and the Japaneese Empire are not helping very much , USA have very good relations with china and hates japan , but germany have very good relations with japan , china and japan hate each other , Brasil and Argentina have tensions between them , bulgaria gained a lot of land and formed the Third Bulgarian Empire , the four principal countries of the central powers gained colonial territories also ottoman gained a bit of balkan land from greece ; UK , the most of the rest of the defeated countries and some new anti german allies are very angry and they see the new german dominance as a danger for the world so they decided to create the Anti German Coalition , after this , tensions start rising up between CEU and the Anti German Coalition Will peace last forever? Central European Union : Germany , Austria-Hungary , Italy , Ottoman Empire ,Third Bulgarian Empire , Netherlands , Belgium , Albania , Serbia , Crimea , Sweden , Poland , Finland , Letonia , Lower stonia , Upper stonia , Ukraine , Georgia , Armenia , Azerbaiyan , Belarus , Ireland , Shammar and Nechd Anti German Coalition : Britain , France , Portugal , Norway , Canada , Australia , United States of America , British Raj , French Guayana , New Zealand , Brazil , Greece , Denmark and Chile Neutral Countries worthy of mention : Spain (friend of Germany but is not in CEU) , switzerland (always neutral xd) , andorra ( it had to be mentioned , also neutral) , romania (it was too scared of CEU and Third Bulgarian Empire in the balkans so finally remained neutral not as greece that he is too angry with ottoman and CEU to stay neutral) 1545086103102nistehrh.rar NEW UPDATE ¡ (1.01) : - Colonies as vassals -Added a few events civilizations.rar 1545086103102nistehrh (2).rar Desktop.rar
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    Hidden AoC Civilization?!

    Hey. Today, when I'm creating new scenario, I discovered something intresting. In province Chernihiv we can add Duchy of Chernihiv and also... Age of Civilizations!!! It isn't a joke, just try it!
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    How to create own buildings?

    Is there a way to add your own custom buildings to the game, and how?
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    Basilio Paleologo

    AOC: New World

    Add Country Byzantine Empire Empire of Trebizond Kingdom of Jerusalem Cappadocia East Turkestan Tibet Manchu Empire of Korea Lenguage Korean, English, Spanish google download
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    Feudalism etc etc

    I'd like to see games where players start as a small local family, by conquest & diplomacy they could raise their family to Counts, Dukes, Kings, Emperor etc etc.... I'd like to see events where families / counties / duchies / kingdoms merge, split etc I'd like to see the creation of both real life kingdoms AND 'potential Kingdoms', all having the potential for HRE type elections etc etc... Where civil wars occur, rebellions too, where leaders can die heirless and b*stard (inferior relatives) bloodlines can inherit the throne.... Where vassalisation is important and NOT something to be sneered at Where schisms can occur In fact, I'd like this to become a modern version of 'Empires of the Middle Ages' board game (by SSI?).... The game does NOT need more troop types, after all it's 'Grand Strategy' where numbers matter, not quality.... THIS GAME IS SO CLOSE TO ACHIEVING ALL OF THIS! Thanks Lukasz for your hard work
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    If world war one never happened I am really sure Turkey will be in more good position
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    you can building icons but no you cant add with manual ways
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    Stumbled upon one problem. I decided to remove all formed civilizations from the original game and add mine. Everything was fine, I added molded civilizations, but I needed to restart the game. I closed the game and started to start it, but the game crashes by 99% and does not want to run, what should I do?
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    Seems quite cool, looking forward to future updates
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    Add Airplanes

    i think we dont see any differences with current army movements...it still could considered as land,sea,and air attack...i prefer adding long range attack like missile or nuke
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    Empires in game

    Is Holy Roman Empire
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    turkmenia,uzbekistan,tajikistan,armenia borders are wrong
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    Year 889 scenario

    it's good the xD map I'm testing right now just improve it and it will be a super map
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    A map Includes events! This map goes through the history of the Korean Peninsula using events Features Play as Korea and keep it around as long as possible and keep out Ming! Reunify Korea as either of the two Prevent the soviets from forming North Korea or prevent USA from forming the south Fight the Korean War! Includes many events that will require you to decide Map will be as historically accurate as possible
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    Future mapper

    Antartica (522 Provinces)

    Antartica IS BEST !
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    Future mapper

    The World

    what ?
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    Future mapper


    ehh wtf ?
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    About android mods

    Just share the files, most android players on the forum know how to edit the a p k files
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    Your leader kimmy the fat

    Giant France

    4TH FRENCH REPUBLIC ============================== Takes up almost all of france almost all of germany almost all of denmark some of norway most of ireland almost all of spain (iberian vassals) some of italy all of greece (Greek vassal) african colony american colony all of england BIG PLANS ============================== Final british conquests conquest of italy african colony expansion operation greenland polish union irish conquest make a massive german vassal VASSALS ============================== south greece north italy kingdom of the spanish franks captured leon islands of west italy
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    Rather than having a mumbo jumbo of ideologies, I came up with a simpler solution. (its just my opinion but I think the other solutions are a little complex) Democratic Republic Democratic Monarchy(Constitutional monarchy) Military Dictatorship Theocracy Oligarchy(Autocracy) National Socialist National Socialist Dictatorship Socialist (left) Socialist Dictatorship Communist (far left) Communist Dictatorship Anarchy(not the no step on snek one but the asian one) Neutral Republic Neutral Monarchy
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    Windows XP Mapping

    Kaiserreich 2015

    It is pretty good not to lie ALL HAIL THE KAISERREICH
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    Death of a Nation

    Nah, the custom civ will have names like 1544988456qsdingv if there are no files
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    Feudalism etc etc

    Also the Papacy should have powers / benefits similar to the HRE and players should be encouraged to make their bloodline extend to controlling the Holy See!
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    Ah Ok me asuste xD, Gracias por la respuesta Sanate, Saludos !
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    Hidden AoC Civilization?!

    I found Papers, Please too. Nice job Lukasz.
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    1147 ( Europa )

    Sorry for the phone photo
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    6 February 1836. Ferdinand II of the Two Sicilies is suddenly found dead on his bed. His possible heir, little Francis was born only 18 days ago. Chaos quickly got the Two Sicilies. Suddenly, a noble man who doesn't come from a royal family appeared: Francesco di Vincento. He reigned himself as the new king of the Two Sicilies. Nobody said nothing because people knew that their country won't get strengthened if they don't have a ruler. So they accepted Francesco as their new ruler. Francis the Second was the new ruler of the Two Sicilies. The European states didn't like this news however he got congratulatory letters from the Eastern states and Mexico. This is my new series guys, I hope you like it.
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    Forgotten ai aggressiveness in random games or ai agressiveness to random 😄 ?
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    anarcho liberalism cant be a goverment type
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    Future mapper

    New year!

    no it is 2018 2
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    Future mapper

    Small Earth Project

    dont look at hre dont look at hre What ever it is good :d
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    no leader we need anarchy !
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    great! is there events?
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    Hidden AoC Civilization?!

    There are many hidden civs. I once saw "Papers, please" in the list.
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    AOC1 The Man in High Castle MOD

    oh, it's my mod
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