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    Lukasz, I'm sorry, but I think you are making a mistake by not updating AoCII further. There's no workshop, there's no iOS, the game is buggy, some people can't even launch the game, it could use more scenarios, etc. Wouldn't it be better to wait on starting on a new project for just a little bit longer?
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    Yugoslavia - 1964

    Screenshots: Download: 1549355549657mrjtiezh.zip
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    Porteguese USA

    I think I just made a large Porteguese community in USA too large
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    Sevilla Mapping

    Thirty Years' War Beta

    I like it
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    ENG - Added all cities of western Ukraine to the map UA - Додані всі міста західної України на карту RU - Добавлены все города западной Украины на карту Download https://googl.plus/4MT1 (Ukrmap (Ukrainian map) version beta 0.5.4)
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    I think that in this mod russia will fall in economic crisis so maybe
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    Feudalism etc etc

    I'd like to see games where players start as a small local family, by conquest & diplomacy they could raise their family to Counts, Dukes, Kings, Emperor etc etc.... I'd like to see events where families / counties / duchies / kingdoms merge, split etc I'd like to see the creation of both real life kingdoms AND 'potential Kingdoms', all having the potential for HRE type elections etc etc... Where civil wars occur, rebellions too, where leaders can die heirless and b*stard (inferior relatives) bloodlines can inherit the throne.... Where vassalisation is important and NOT something to be sneered at Where schisms can occur In fact, I'd like this to become a modern version of 'Empires of the Middle Ages' board game (by SSI?).... The game does NOT need more troop types, after all it's 'Grand Strategy' where numbers matter, not quality.... THIS GAME IS SO CLOSE TO ACHIEVING ALL OF THIS! Thanks Lukasz for your hard work
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    Thirty Years' War Beta

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    Thirty Years' War Beta

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    Your best Empire (Screenshot)

    Sghembo water black is a bug xD
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    Your best Empire (Screenshot)

    Basically you're inviting countries to the dark side so they join you btw too dark 11/10
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    thanks for that like on my previous videos Łukasz Jakowski it really support me thanks!!
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    thats how napoleon works
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    That 10% of the power of shaggy be with you
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    Right-Wing MOD/SCENARIO

    The problem of leaders: It happens that when placing them in their respective countries, they end up being replaced by the leaders by default. Example: (instead of Reagan, it is Trump who replaces him) Solution? Maybe an update that includes the respective reign dates of each leader. Another may be to split the information era into 2 (which I find hard to do without open source)
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    puede que no te lo habra mandado. mañana te lo mando porque hora no pude pasartelo
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    2 words. Online Multiplayer.

    Would be fun to have online multiplayer. Many people already really want it, and would up the replayability of the game.
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    Looks great! ❤️
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    Rate AoC2 from 1 to 10

    8/10 cause i expected more out of ww2 scenario :/ The fact germans getting beaten and the fact that british raj kills italy and the USA is ridiculous also i tought it had premade events but no :( also germany never attacks poland only France also Italians are just useless like irl so thats a plus... Also on Android i can't see the formable civilizations in the editor
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    Future mapper

    Rate AoC2 from 1 to 10

    bugs and bugs and more bugs
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    AOC: New World

    lol AoC1.5
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    Location of the game scenarios

    Instruction unclear. Takeover Russia.

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