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    Lukash, make a brush! [please]

    Make it possible to use the brush to create buildings, call the army, assimilate, invest in several regions! It is difficult, playing for the USSR to invest in the economy and create workshops throughout the country, a lot of provinces and no brush! PLEASE
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    Pangea (Provinces 1595)

    Download 1 : https://mega.nz/#!w191AaxT!Rypijd3SGZiEstmjW_FwtVkO4KTJ0K7G1J7arkR912g Download 2 : Pangea.7z But don't have scenario WW1, WW2, 1444... etc you can give me thanks ❤️
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    Lukasz, I'm sorry, but I think you are making a mistake by not updating AoCII further. There's no workshop, there's no iOS, the game is buggy, some people can't even launch the game, it could use more scenarios, etc. Wouldn't it be better to wait on starting on a new project for just a little bit longer?
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    It's always good to have hopes man. Some have quit the forum and modding, and perhaps uninstalled the game due to lack of updates on both platforms. Perhaps he's working on the iOS version, but we'll see about it.
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    Addon 2.0 Addon 2.0 is our new global modification, designed to revise the idea of the original, and significantly expand its potential, due to the excellent implementation.In modification you will find:• A huge number of new provinces on the original map.◦ Over 50 global scenarios for each period of human statehood• New formable civilizations.◦ New made background, in the style of a satellite map.• Gameplay edits designed to increase the tension of the game.◦ Changed game interface.• 7 new types of governments◦ Excellent atmospheric soundtrack• New world wonders The release is scheduled for 2020 The our group Addon+ 1.4 Addon+ is a global modification that adds interest to the game process (last version 1.4 - Final). Download (Windows): [ Google ; Yandex ; Mail ] Installation: Download the clean version of AoC II. Run the downloaded mod file, select the" Destination folder " location where the game is installed and click extract. If you have a licensed version of the game on steam, you do not need to change anything. This video shows the process of installing the mod on PC. Main innovations of update 1.4 Final ‣ Fixed bugs of previous update. Incorrect boundaries, poor elaboration, etc. were almost completely eliminated. ‣ For one reason or another, some scenarios are cut, the rest are replaced with higher-quality analogues. ‣ New and replaced scenarios: 1910, 1914, 1918, 1930, 1933, 1936, 1939, 1941, 1943, 1944, Late 1944, 1945, 1949, 1961, 1988, 1991, Red World, Another World, Kaiserreich (original), Modern World (Modern world without diplomacy and precise geopolitical situation), regions of Europe, Regions of North America, Regions of Central Asia. * New, atmospheric soundtrack, consisting of 78 songs. * The reference menu has been edited. * Completely redesigned from scratch formed States. * Replaced some of the sounds. * 10 new provinces on the map "Earth+". * Changed some color palettes, these include Modern World, Modern Day, The New Order, Kaiserreich. * Translation has undergone significant changes, now it is more simple and generalized. * Cut and rebalanced some ideologies. * For further development and optimization removed all leaders. * Small changes in UI. * Map texture fixed in some places. * New font. * AI in some scenarios, it can often change the ideology. Our group in VK Screenshots: You can find Android version in our group in VK Also check my new project:
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    1900 Scenario

    Here's My 1900 Scenario (Borders in Asia may not be true)Also ignore the fact that Germany turns to Weimar Republic on the 2nd turn.There are 2 alliances:Balkan Against Ottomans and Triple Alliance 1900.zip
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    Ideologies+/Governaments+ (Alpha)

    WARNING: The mod is dead. I might release the latest version i have in my Google Drive however this mod is discontinued. Ideologies+ or Governaments+ is a mod that adds new ideologies to the game and adds new flags to all the nations Ideologies Socialism Constitual-Monarchy Dictactorship Nationalist Islamist Federation Christian democracy Theocracy Anarchism Social Democracy Liberalism Conservatism Duchy Grand Duchy Principality Grand Principality Tsardom Flags Transylvania Questions and Answers Q:Does this mod copy another idelogies mod? A:No Q:Where can i download it? A:Currently is in Closed Alpha but in future might be a download Q:Does Coping comments get reported/deleted? A:I will do becuse i dint copy any another mod News: 4/23/2019 - Added Grand Duchy, Grand Principality and Tsardom 3/28/2019 - Added Duchy and Principality 3/11/2019 - Added Anarchism, Social Democracy, Liberalism and Conservatism 3/2/2019 - Added Chirstian democracy and Theocracy 3/2/2019 - Added Constitual Monarchy, Dictatorship and Nationalist 2/7/2019 - Removed Empire and Kingdom Ideology 2/4/2019 - Added Empire and Kingdom Ideology 2/4/2019 - Released Ideologies+ to the public
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    1700 Scenario v2

    1700 Here is my scenario of 1700, it may be that it is not so correct on the subject of borders On the tribal countries, if they are not well placed, they are put to fill so that it is not only colonizable land. UPDATE: I finally updated this scenario, someone called krauser3ful that is a great man, helped me completing the territory in the Americas at making Civs for the Thirteen Colonies, French Colonies, Spanish Viceroyalties in America and other things that i don't remember. But his help was damn big, thanks for the supPort m8. Files: .rar file ---> 1700 v2.rar .zip file ---> 1700 v2.zip Pics of the Scenario: -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------
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    1: Marie Adelaide - Luxembourg (UPD)2: Ahmed Shah Qajar - Persian Empire ( non working currently ) 3: Albert I - Belgium 4: Albert I - Monaco 5: Alexander I - Greece 6: Alexander II - Russian Empire 7: Alexander III - Russian Empire 8: Alfonso 8th - Spain (UPD)Louis Botha - Union of South Africa 9: Venceslau Bras - Brazil 10: Charles I - Austria, Austrian Empire, Austria-Hungary 11: Constantine I - Greece (UPD)Daniel Edward Howard - Liberia 12: Edward 8th - UK 13: Ferdinand I - Romania 14: Ferdinand I - Bulgaria (UPD)Andrew Fisher - Australia 15: Franz I - Liechtenstein 16: Franz Joseph II - Liechtenstein 17: Franz Joseph - Austria-Hungary, Austrian Empire 18: George V - UK 19: George VI - UK (UPD)Habibullah I - Afghanistan 20: Hans-Adam II - Liechtenstein (UPD)21: Lord Hardinge - British RAJ ( Working! ) 22: Hindenburg - Weimar Republic 23: Hussein Bin Ali - Kingdom of Hejaz 24: Johann II - Liechtenstein 25: Alexander Kerensky - Russia ( non working currently ) 26: Vladimir Lenin - Soviet Union 27: Leopold III - Belgium 28: Bernardino Machado - Portugal 29: Mahmud I - Ottoman Empire (UPD)William Massey - New Zealand 30: Mehmed V - Ottoman Empire (UPD)Edward Morris - Newfoundland 31: Oswald Mosley - UK 32: Gabriel Narutowicz - Poland 33: Nicolas I - Kingdom of Montenegro 34: Nickolas II - Russian Empire (UPD)Otto I - Greece 35: Otto Von Habsberg - Austria(2), Austrian Empire 36: Peter I - Serbia 37: Rama VI - Siam 38: Raymond Poincare - France (UPD)39: Robert Borden - Dominion of Canada ( Working! ) 40: Sam Houston - Texas (UPD)Abdulaziz Ibn Saud - Nejd/Saudi Arabia 41: Roman von Ungurn Sternberg - Mongol Empire 42: Taisho - Japan 43: Theodore Roosevelt - USA 44: Leon Trotsky - Soviet Union 45: Victor Emmanuel III - Kingdom of Italy 46: Wilhelm I - Prussia, German Empire 47: Wilhelm II - German Empire 48: Wilhelm II (1940) - German Empire 49: Wilhelm III - German Empire 50: Woodrow Wilson - USA
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    Right-Wing MOD/SCENARIO

    Hi guys, it's me back, I bring you a new scenario in its version 1.0. (Ironic text) Are you tired of left-handers (Marxists and fascists) being everywhere? I propose you this great mod! A mod that leaves the leftist paraplegic! Content 1.0: - there are only 3 ideologies: Libertarism/liberalism (in Latin-America), Conervativism and Nationalism (original, no fascist). - Technologics levels +65 - New flags in some countries. - Three world powers: USA (Libertarism), UK (Conservativism) and China (Nationalism). - 100% Republics and Democracy, no monarchy. Historical Context: In the Second World War, the USSR and allies along with the axis powers formed an alliance between national socialists and international socialists, after that, many countries in Latin America and the Middle East joined with the allies to defeat the collectivism that emanated from the collectivist alliance of the Soviet axis. The fascists and Marxists were defeated by the overwhelming superiority of the allies. DOWNLOAD!!!
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    [W.I.P] Union Government Mod

    I am working on a mod that adds Union at "change Government"
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    Fix trading

    Hey Lukasz, can you please fix trading? For example, I could just give any civilization 100 gold to declare war on any other civ. They will always do it 100% without fail. Also when I try to trade for provinces they never accept. I once tried to trade 20 million gold for a siberian province and it was refused. No matter my offer it is always denied.
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    What makes the "Union" government type special?
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    Lukash, make a brush! [please]

    He's not silent, 5 days ago he said that 3 years of work on AOC2 is enough
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    Add Airplanes

    add nuclear bomb to 5 BC scenario
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    They accuse me of spam ;c

    ur not spam
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    Traduccion de pantallas de Carga

    yorch nesesito a PEPPA
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    Empires in game

    I've noticed that some European countries in 1440 have type of goverment "Prince" or "Voter". Also the empire map mode says that they are part of an empire. What is this?
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    Empires in game

    And what can somebody do as Emperor?
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    Governments flags

    Ive tried to add different flaggs for the different goverment types for an civilization that ive created(like you told us in the post), but the only flag that is loaded, for every goverment type is the default democratic flag
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    Add Airplanes

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    Empires in game

    And how dos it affect the gameplay?
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    Then where is the rebbels one?
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    [W.I.P] Union Government Mod

    I really see it a little bit unnecessary BUT if you form a union A AND IF YOU CAN USE IT for realistic arsenal
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    Future mapper

    Add Airplanes

    yeah I am really want see airplanes in 1440
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    oyun içinden değiştiriyorsan olmaz dosyalardan değiştiricen
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    its dosent replace rebbles, it use rebbles icon. i am working on new icon
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    For the Austrian Empire!

    EPISODE 1: Uniting the Sphere of Influence Austria was ready. They had prepared a large amount of forces, all trained well and prepared to go to war to unite Austria under one banner. The true dream, though, was to unite the HRE, under the Austrian banner, to make the Austrians the true ruler of Germany. They decided to begin their quest by annexing their small neighbor Salzburg. They didn't have much of anything to prepare themselves for this war. The Austrians declared war on October 23rd, 1441. From both sides, the people of Salzburg were getting seiged by the great forces of Austria. To Austrian surprise, the people of Salzburg, alongside a few hundred troops, "migrated" farther into Austria, where the Duke had forgot to put many troops. He didn't want to let most of Austria fall to one small nation, so he attacked. The Austrians had been victorious in wiping out the army of Salzburg. An Austrian victory. Finally, their sphere of influence had been completely annexed. The Austrians were proud of their new leader and his great skills! Relations with Venice continued to deteriorate, and a war with them seemed likely. Will the Austrians collapse to a Venetian force, or will the Austrians gain a stronghold in Italy? The Archduchy is here.
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    [W.I.P] Union Government Mod

    Why it dose replace rebbels?
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    Add Airplanes

    i think we dont see any differences with current army movements...it still could considered as land,sea,and air attack...i prefer adding long range attack like missile or nuke
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    What does it do?
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    Your leader kimmy the fat

    Add Airplanes

    It would also be nice to have them be able to move 2 tiles as well
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    My best empire so far
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    im BACK

    im BACK
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    Empire will be aded. I allredy had that idea but i dint wanted to add it right now
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    Is any option to add government except monarchism, communism, socialism etc.? I mean Empire with absolutism or Kingdom with Monachy.
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    If you send me that map I'll try to make it in AoC 2
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    UMM Download

    500th post!
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    UMM Download

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    The HARDEST nation to play in 1440?

    Rapa Nui, completely isolated tribe with low tech level
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    Remove Cancer Disease

    Uhh, actually, cancer can spread through the internet. Recently there's an "innocent" game called fortnite that is supposed to be for kids, but then people find out that if you play a round of that game and if one of the players in that round have cancer, the everyone in that round of game will get cancer.
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    Its not improved! Wheres vatican? San marino? LIECHTENSTIEN?
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    Łukasz thanks so f*#$%&@ much i was looking for it for ages (XD)
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