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    remove player

    Hello there, I think there should be a console command "removeplayer" opposing the addplayer command. This would be very handy in situations where you want to change the side completely . For example playing the WWII scenario as Germany first, building a strong Axis - then addplayer Soviet Russia, removeplayer Germany and viola you are now playing as Soviets trying to defeat the beast you have built before. It can make the game more enjoyable in prolonged games.
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    Finally Age of Civilizations II works on the iPhone! 🙂 Work in progress
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    remove player

    Yep that would be great so when my friend lost i could just remove him to have the power to speed up time
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    I just conqured all Provinces

    You can't achieve that in 800 turns without glitches
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    1: Marie Adelaide - Luxembourg (UPD)2: Ahmed Shah Qajar - Persian Empire ( non working currently ) 3: Albert I - Belgium 4: Albert I - Monaco 5: Alexander I - Greece 6: Alexander II - Russian Empire 7: Alexander III - Russian Empire 8: Alfonso 8th - Spain (UPD)Louis Botha - Union of South Africa 9: Venceslau Bras - Brazil 10: Charles I - Austria, Austrian Empire, Austria-Hungary 11: Constantine I - Greece (UPD)Daniel Edward Howard - Liberia 12: Edward 8th - UK 13: Ferdinand I - Romania 14: Ferdinand I - Bulgaria (UPD)Andrew Fisher - Australia 15: Franz I - Liechtenstein 16: Franz Joseph II - Liechtenstein 17: Franz Joseph - Austria-Hungary, Austrian Empire 18: George V - UK 19: George VI - UK (UPD)Habibullah I - Afghanistan 20: Hans-Adam II - Liechtenstein (UPD)21: Lord Hardinge - British RAJ ( Working! ) 22: Hindenburg - Weimar Republic 23: Hussein Bin Ali - Kingdom of Hejaz 24: Johann II - Liechtenstein 25: Alexander Kerensky - Russia ( non working currently ) 26: Vladimir Lenin - Soviet Union 27: Leopold III - Belgium 28: Bernardino Machado - Portugal 29: Mahmud I - Ottoman Empire (UPD)William Massey - New Zealand 30: Mehmed V - Ottoman Empire (UPD)Edward Morris - Newfoundland 31: Oswald Mosley - UK 32: Gabriel Narutowicz - Poland 33: Nicolas I - Kingdom of Montenegro 34: Nickolas II - Russian Empire (UPD)Otto I - Greece 35: Otto Von Habsberg - Austria(2), Austrian Empire 36: Peter I - Serbia 37: Rama VI - Siam 38: Raymond Poincare - France (UPD)39: Robert Borden - Dominion of Canada ( Working! ) 40: Sam Houston - Texas (UPD)Abdulaziz Ibn Saud - Nejd/Saudi Arabia 41: Roman von Ungurn Sternberg - Mongol Empire 42: Taisho - Japan 43: Theodore Roosevelt - USA 44: Leon Trotsky - Soviet Union 45: Victor Emmanuel III - Kingdom of Italy 46: Wilhelm I - Prussia, German Empire 47: Wilhelm II - German Empire 48: Wilhelm II (1940) - German Empire 49: Wilhelm III - German Empire 50: Woodrow Wilson - USA
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    Maybe a bit more historical focus?

    I love playing the WW2 scenario, but it really annoys me when the game goes completely off the rails historically and the British Raj takes over all of Europe. I'm not necessarily saying that there needs to be a script for certain foreign powers, but maybe some more powerful nations should be enticed to stick to the general region that they started in. I understand why the most powerful AI decide to go attack the wealthiest provinces, but it seems like a little too much some times. That's all.
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    My suggestion.

    Please don't update the game. I like it like that. Buggy and without nice features. I like wasting my time on this good game. A total perfect game.
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    Who deserves to win?

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    remove player

    Exactly.... I think it is essential... And this command should be availiable.
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    I can kinda agree in someways if he ends updating the game it means i bought an unfinished game and I can't get that money back also it would be real douche move to build up this big fan base and then just give up on them
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    More building ideas

    So here are my ideas Let us build borders like: Level 1: Iron Fence Level 2: Guarded fence Level 3: A Wall (would be great at east germany and Mexico) Military base: if a nation attacks a province with a military base soldiers by themselves would spawn there Level 1: Military Camp Level 2: Military Camp Level 3: Militarized Zone Weaponized Towers: if a nation attacks it would shoot at them Level 1: Shoot 1 quarter of them Level 2: Shoot half of them Level 3 shoot 3 quarter of them Also ability to build cities in a province Level 1: Village Level 2: City Level 3: Metropolis Level 4: Energy City (Available from 2050) And you could name these cities and only 3 cities max /province. Also cities would make income and population growth bigger and we should be able to build workshop on cities not on provinces
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    Future mapper

    More building ideas

    citys need to be hard to build like if you build a village it will need like 50 k gold and finished in 30-40 turns city will be harder...
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    I just conqured all Provinces

    I demanded their vassalization with like 200000 Soldiers then annexed them barely fought wars except Eastern Europe
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    I drew the background map with reference to the original game map, so of course you can.
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    Well, it means he is an asshole. In another way, I can not call him. And how is he going to leave interest in the game? Almost 2 months there is no update at least new scenarios. What is this about? Unfortunately, I can not get money back for this garbage.
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    Muy buena idea lo de Gibraltar y Andorra,y sobre lo de las Islas Canarias, bueno...recordemos a Ceuta y Melilla jeje. ¡Un saludo!
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    TWILIGHT ZONE Twilight is a shite series of books and movies that everyone hates
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    Age of Elder Scrolls

    Age of Elder Scrolls ver.0.3B has released! You can find the link in these - https://m.vk.com/wall-174673906_363
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    is this tool stil alive? any updates?
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    Will Lukasz ever update the game?

    It's always good to have hopes man. Some have quit the forum and modding, and perhaps uninstalled the game due to lack of updates on both platforms. Perhaps he's working on the iOS version, but we'll see about it.
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    what? you need to put them in music file and you didnt have any "music" file?
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    you would be 5000 if you had friends
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    if you have 428 provs its needs to be 0-427 on config 428
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    how to add music

    http://www.ageofcivilizationsgame.com/topic/478-how-to-add-new-music/?tab=comments#comment-2508 read this : )
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    looks nice! but theres not medina it needs to be fatimid i think
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    is it finished?
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    Looks great!
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    jar dosyasi

    türkçe forumuna yaz orda yardım edebilirim bide üye ol istersen
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    i fixed the error i found 5 empty provinces which generator error i think also thank you for trying to help me! : )
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    %99.99 or %100 no
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    700 AD [Work in progress]

    Nice! just europe for now?
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    hmm okay

    hmm okay
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    just find C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Age of Civilizations II\map\Earth\scenarios location with file explorer
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    tried to reinstall?
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    yea we need that like i want to increase populations a million etc
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    Seneryo Nasil Indiririz

    seneryo kısmından bak işte baya şey var indirmek için adamların verdiği linkten falan indir rar/zipse çıkart aoc2 nin dosya konumundan map/earth/scenarios a gir oraya at sonrada age_of_civilizations adlı bi dosya var onu notepad++ ile falan aç sonra attığın dosyalarını adını oy sonuna ; ekle
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    Liechtenstein PROVINCE!

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    Łukasz Jakowski

    Liechtenstein PROVINCE!

    Now looks like AoC3 😛
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    ez-managing your empire tools?
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    Ottoman OP plz nerf

    oohh DAMMIT if this countinue you going to pass me in 1-2 days or TODAY
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    Own scenarios run slowly

    it didnt happended to me
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    Vassal ideology change

    yes impossible
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    300TH POST!

    300TH POST!
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    Hello Game creator,mods etc. I write this from my phone,There needs to be in the Appstore,playstore etc a mod app and a few updates for the game, Mostly for map creation and etc Also would be great to add more about naval and air for 1800 and up or find an better time also add religions,cults,and other facts that can boost your game expirience,and create plagues from your nation and many many factors or make it an seperate game then...Thank you for reading but the most important make an app for mods,Most importantly so its easier for phone users to dive into the game
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    Nationalities in users?

    I'm ON
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    Nazi Germany Reskin

    the center circle was the flag of the Nazi party, the off-center circle was the official German flag
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