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    Tired of playing the vanilla WW2 scenario which has no events or proper balancing? Well, thankfully you've got... WW2-Enriched is a mod focused on the Second World War time period. It's currently very early in development, so expect bugs or missing events. Currently the mod includes: A brand new color pallete New civs (colony vassals, reskinned Germany and Francoist Spain) More flags divisions Leaders for reskinned countries "Second World War" scenario Currently the scenario includes: Spanish Civil War Aftermath of the Second Italo-Ethiopian War Remilitarization of the Rhineland (incomplete) Fixed borders More relations Colony vassals to improve balancing Indian princely states Fixed colonies NEW UPDATE 2019/01/05! Added lots of events to make the game somewhat historically accurate until 1939 Modified Allies Fixed bugs Fixed flags for colony vassals Added more colony vassals NEW (minor) UPDATE 2019/01/07! Balanced some european colonies through events Balanced countries development Removed princely states NEW UPDATE 2019/02/17! Removed puppet SSRS Added more events Imported features from Present Day, such as the UI. Added a soundtrack (Credits to SABATON!) Feedback would be appreciated. DISCLAIMER: I do not own any copyrighted content by Paradox Interactive or Sabaton in this mod. You may copy this mod without the need of my authorization. Mod development has stopped for now, and I don't know when I will resume it. Google Drive Download Link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1rmKhcV-JV5Wc0IB-BYKJIIcc90RGin0K ModDB Link: https://www.moddb.com/mods/ww2-enriched How to install: README.txt! Some photos from the scenario (may be outdated): Events: Preview:
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    Ideologies+ or Governaments+ is a mod that adds new ideologies to the game and adds new flags to all the nations Ideologies Socialism Constitual-Monarchy Dictactorship Nationalist Islamist Federation Christian democracy Theocracy Anarchism Social Democracy Liberalism Conservatism (keep in mid that this is pre-alpha more will be added soon) Flags Aachen Questions and Answers Q:Does this mod copy another idelogies mod? A:No Q:Where can i download it? A:Currently is in Closed Pre-Alpha but in future might be a download Q:Does Coping comments get reported/deleted? A:I will do becuse i dint copy any another mod News: 3/11/2019 - Added Anarchism, Social Democracy, Liberalism and Conservatism 3/2/2019 - Added Chirstian democracy and Theocracy 3/2/2019 - Added Constitual Monarchy, Dictatorship and Nationalist 2/7/2019 - Removed Empire and Kingdom Ideology 2/4/2019 - Added Empire and Kingdom Ideology 2/4/2019 - Released Ideologies+ to the public
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    Flag Competition

    Now it is time for a Flag competition, just for fun! Post you flags down here, and let's who got the best one! I'll start
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    Medieval age Scenarios (962~1402)

    962 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1018 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1054 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1081 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1143 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1180 _____________________________________________________ 1206 _____________________________________________________ 1261 _____________________________________________________ 1299 _____________________________________________________ 1337 _____________________________________________________ 1368 _____________________________________________________ 1402 _____________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Something changed. Welcome feedback 02/11 Update 1180year 02/12 Fix bug,Update 1081 02/13 Fix events bug,Next scenario 1429 or 1143 02/17 Update 1143, Mongol Conquest Eurasia in 1206 scenario 02/21 Update 1054. 02/22 add Event in 1054. 02/26 add 1018 scenario,formable_civs, add more formable civs 02/28 fix events bug in 1206 03/10 burgundians -> county of burgundy, add 962 Scenario, add more civilization in Tibet, remove Kingdom of Italy in HRE Installation (Scenario) C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Age of Civilizations II\map\Earth\scenarios (Civilizations_editor) C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Age of Civilizations II\game\civilizations_editor (formable_civs)(please back up your formable_civs before installing foramable_civs, Not essential) C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Age of Civilizations II\map\Earth\formable_civs scenarios.zip formable_civs.zip civilizations_editor.zip
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    P.S: I re-created the theme due to problems with editing the post War. War never changes. The Romans waged war to gain slaves and wealth. The Spanish created an Empire, wanting to get gold and land. Hitler turned poor Germany into an economic superpower. But war never changes. And in the 21st century, the war was still waged to get resources that could be used. Oil and uranium. To capture these resources, China invaded Alaska, the United States annexed Canada, and the European community broke up into ever-biting nation-States fighting for control of the remaining resources on Earth. In 2077, war broke out again. In just two hours, most of the planet was reduced to ash. And from the ashes of a nuclear explosion, a new civilization was reborn. In the yard in 2275, it has been almost 200 years since the beginning of the great war. The world was wiped out. and to replace the pre-war world came a new age - the age of new civilizations. You will be boss of the ruthless raiders of the Mojave, or adept of a Christian sect? Well, the choice is yours... The basis of this mod was taken Old World Blues. We plan to move the province and a map of the original mod of the country, and maybe adapt the national focuses as events. Mod will be translated intro English. We hope for your support!
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    the lonely pianist

    All Governors of Brazil

    Hey guys this is my first mod, have all 26 governors of Brazil! To install you have to drop "leaders" and "leadersIMG" inside the files of the game: Age of Civilizations II\game\leaders Age of Civilizations II\game\leadersIMG ´Please give me a feedback. Ps: sorry for bad english governors_brazil.zip ______________________________________________________________________________________ Eai galera esse é o meu primeiro mod tem todos os governadores do Brasil Para instalar você tem que colocar "leaders" e "leadersIMG dentro dos arquivos do jogo: Age of Civilizations II\game\leaders Age of Civilizations II\game\leadersIMG Se der alguma problema me avisem
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    AoC II Commands: Console Info: Commands can only be 650 characters long. Any extra arguments are not factored in when the command is processed. Command List and Syntax: addciv - Adds a civilization into the game, with its' capital being the selected province. Will return an error if the civilization already exists. addplayer - Adds player of a selected province's owner. Doesn't work in spectator mode. army - Adds an army of 300 underneath the selected province's owner. armyset [number] - Adds an army underneath the selected province's owner. buildfort - Builds a fort in the selected province. buildport - Builds a port in the selected province. buildtower - Builds a tower in the selected province. bye - Closes the console. center - Zooms out and centers the map. centerciv [TAG] - Centers map view to civilization. civ - Gives you civ ID and tag as well as localization name of the civilization of the selected province. civs - Displays all Civ ID's and tag's, as well as localization name. clear - Clears the console. close - Closes the console. console - Launches the console. Naughty music starts playing. commands - Returns some commands. Also displays the config version. debug - Launches debug mode. Hover over a province to see various debug information about it. diplomacy - Gives you 0.6 more diplomatic points. drew - Advises you to go straight to spectator mode. Drew Durnil - Advises you to go straight to spectator mode. drew durnil - Advises you to go straight to spectator mode. drewdurnil - Advises you to go straight to spectator mode. economy - Gives the selected province 600 more economy. flags - Displays a ton of flags. Flags disappear after 15 seconds. fuck - Displays a ton of flags. Flags disappear after 15 seconds. fuk - Displays a ton of flags. Flags disappear after 15 seconds. fps - Displays frames per second in top left corner of your game client. Type fps again to toggle it. hello - "Hello!" help - Returns some commands. Also displays the config version. hi - "Hello!" id - Gives you the id of the selected province's controller civilization. info - Gives you the scale of your interface, density, various display variables, resolution, and frames per second. iss - Makes the map go crazy. money - Gives you 450 more money. movement - Gives you 0.4 more movement points. neutral - Either supposed to turn a province controller to neutral, or turns a wasteland province to neutral. noliberity - The typo is supposed to be there. Disables province liberation (or returning to rightful owner). Can be toggled. party - Displays a ton of flags. Flags disappear after 15 seconds. peace [TAG] [TAG] - Country A makes peace with Country B. Same as white peace event command. population - Gives the selected province 750 more population. province - Gives you the population, economy, id, and civilization tag of the province. reloadprovince [id] - Reloads the province ID in the game client. scale [number] - Zooms the map in or out. Number can go all the way to java limit. Anything beneath 0 is redundant, and will stay as 0. setarmy [number] - Adds an army underneath the selected province's owner. showarmy - Shows armies (toggles showids) showids - Shows all province ID's. spin - Makes the map go crazy. tags - Displays all Civ ID's and tag's, as well as localization name. technology [number] - Gives you or the controller of the province more technology points. Negative numbers also work. (Not Reliable) war [TAG] [TAG] - Country A declares war on Country B. whee - Makes the map go crazy. wheee - Makes the map go crazy.
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    👑 A Song of Ice and Fire / Game of Thrones Mod👑 Finally, after many hours of edition, I'm glad to present you the ASOIAF / GoT mod for Age of Civilizations II! This mod comes with a map with civilizations based on A Song of Ice and Fire book series by George R. R. Martin, which have been adapted in the critically acclaimed Game of Thrones TV series. Its main features are: A full map of the canon known world, including Westeros and Essos, and bits of Sothoryos and Ulthos. Contains 509 land provinces (604 including the ocean ones). More than 50 playable civilizations. Play as one of the Great Houses, command a Dothraki khalasar or rule one of the mysterious nations in the far east. Some of the main characters of the series appear as leaders of their respective civilizations. Terrains and population of the provinces have been defined as realistically as possible. For the moment, only one scenario has been created for the ASOIAF map. It corresponds to the beginning of both books and TV series, so you don't have to worry about spoilers. However, more scenarios are planned for the future. You can also create new scenarios with civilizations and leaders that come with the mod but are not still playable in the only scenario. Pictures A quasi-full map of the mod's map. Will Lord Tywin conquer Westeros? Terrains follow the canon map's geography. Some of the playable civilizations. The flags try to follow the canon lore, although they are prone to the ingame's editor limitations. Download link http://www.mediafire.com/file/7ax4z437qrqf2ax/AoC-ASOIAF-Mod.rar/file Installation instructions: Copy "game" and "map" folders into your game directory. In your game directory, go into "map" folder and open "Age of Civilizations.json". Add an extra folder and call it "ASOIAF". You can see how to edit it in step 11 of this thread: Hope you enjoy it! Comments and new scenarios are welcome!
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    900 AD Scenario

    This is my first scenario and probably isn't completley correct so apologies for any mistakes. Download Link Leave some criticism so I can possibly improve. Have fun! Pictures:
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    brazilians want MITO in the game
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    1 province tribes

    Everyone have their style of gameplay, i think it's okay 😛
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    New City icons

    This UI mod will replace all the dots whit more representetive icons: Present Cities Download:icons.zip Future Cities Download:icons_future.zip
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    I decided to create a second scenario after playing the Acient Greece scenario since I got a hold on the idea of small warring states competing for dominance and I am aware that the idea isn’t a new concept since I had seen a mod on EU 4 called by the same name that foucouses on the HRE but instead of foucousing on the HRE I branded into France, a bit of North Africa, a small chunk of the Dalmatian Coast and Eastren Iberia in total there are 109 different Civilizations that you can play as not all them are one province minors some may be pretty big while some are small and the scenario starts in the year 1400 in February since the map looked like to me it had a late feudalism feel.
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    First World War Sc. 1.0

    There are like 300 ww1 scenerios man... which one should I use??
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    sorry if it's insulting but please make some scenario that isn't merging lots of countries together.
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    brush mode to buildings

    put brush mode for buildings,would make it much easier :)
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    Ezekiel 38 Bible war.

    well... at least in the game i think israel will not win
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    Modern world but dumber

    You should've also made a Greater Chile Empire
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    Flag Competition

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    Flag Competition

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    Turkish War of Independence V 1.0

    What the suck is up with these sucking Turks on this forum. I'd expect at least 20 more Polish people than Turks but surprisingly the Turks breeded 50 million Age of Civilizations 2 Nerds.
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    Balkan Wars scenarios 1. First Balkan War v.1.0 Link - firstbalkanwar.rar 2. Second Balkan War v.1.0 Link - secondbalkanwar.rar
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    I will halt all poll activity until I'm finished with the future scenarios Anyways, here's South America: La Plata isn't wasteland its just the colors look similar The South American Future.zip
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    Regional Conflicts

    Names are not in English 1/10
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    Flag Competition

    give up i win