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    11:59 Development Team

    AoC2 Launcher

    Coming 1. May 2019.
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    Lukasz pls make some people moderators. You can't be here all the time, and we need people to keep the spam bots out when you're not here
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    Apple is very strict and it takes time to release it
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    (Note: I know there is no detail, but that's because i don't want to make spoilers, but mostly because i don't have a lot to show you just yet.) Age of Civilizations is a game that focuses on grand strategy, politics and other government driven elements. Łukasz Jakowski however, included something in the game that is rare in other grand strategy games. Customization. Customizing civilizations, leaders, maps, Whole scenarios, events in these scenarios, etc, etc... This, i think is a very good thing. The only bad thing about this, is that the game focuses more on the custom creative aspect than the realistic grand strategy one. This mod is going to be an overhaul for both these things. Unfortunately, a mod with the same goals named Addon+ is being created right now. My mod is still in a Debug alpha phase, and i can't release it in a state like this. This mod will include the following list of things: Scenarios: The Great War (World War I) With historical events, leaders and custom civilizations, starting in 1st of January, 1913. Overhauling the World War II Scenario in the following ways: Adding historical events with descisions avalible. Setting an other start time for the Scenario for better readiness. Giving More corresponding bonuses to leaders given by their personality. Scenario "Die Folge" (The effects) happening right after the first world war, (Yes, believe it or not, lots of stuff happened after the first world war) containing a variety of events. Scenario "A Modern Mona Lisa" Containing the events of mostly Hitler taking control over germany. If you want to play as a country, that is falling apart at the moment, this is for you. A Cold War Scenario is also being made, but i'm not promising anything for this one. Backgrounds: Including a large variety of backgrounds, from a realistic one with every little mountain on earth, to a low resolution one for computers that can't handle the mod that good. Government, ideologies: From the leftist Communism the the Extreme right Fascism there are an estimate of ~15 ideologies being made right now including governments that are only avalible on 1 country in real life, or none anymore such as Patriotism (Hungary) Democratic Republic, Deposit Monarchy, so on and so forth. Planning on creating an election system for democratic countries just like in Hearts of Iron IV. Languages: Yes, every Scenario, Custom Leader, Loading screen and such will be translated into other languages. Leaders: Of course, if we make scenarios, we need to make sure, that we have good leaders for each scenario. From a Revolutionary Gavrillo Princip to Tsar Nicolas the I., there will be as much leaders as possible. Thank you for reading! Current Status: Finished with version on 10th of April 2019 -David
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    Scenario: 1600

    Siemka, przedstawiam wam scenariusz z 1600 roku. Pracowałem nad nim ok.4 miesiące z przerwami,a jak miałem skończyć,to musiałem coś poprawiać.Mam nadzieję, że nie ma żadnych błędów w granicach.Czytałem nawet wikipedie po angielsku hehe ;D.Jeżeli są błędy w granicach państw,walnijcie screenshota i według granic prowincji w grze narysujcie poprawne kontury. Hi, this is scenario from 1600. I worked on it for four months with breaks. I hope you'll like it :) Elo,stworzyłem już update,który dodaje przywódców do scenariusza 😉 link do polskiej wersji scenariusza: http://www.mediafire.com/file/drm4xbrkak4tzab/1600+(polski).zip Dodałem również parę nowych państw,oraz usunąłem niektóre państwa.Również niektóre państwa otrzymały upgrade: Prusowie >>>> Prusy Książęce Kartli-Kakheti>>>>>Kartlia i Kachetia itd. Miłego grania 😄 Hi, I've already created an update to the scenario, which contains small patches within the limits and adds leaders. Enjoy the game 😄 1600 (english).zip
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    Time of Civilizations-Topic ToC is a great scenario that is being developed by JPM. In one single stage will be the whole History of Human Civilization. From the dawn of civilization through empires that rise and fall, to today and the tomorrow. Next Features Many Events, Historical ones, even diferent paths for some special nations. New Civilizations. A new system made by events, where you can change your nation every 100 Years if you want. A new system aganist Overexpansion but without limiting you to play. Progress Working in the Demo, based on Mesopotamia, where you will see Hordes and how Empires are created and fall. This means that we will have new Civilizations inside the Game. MESOPOTAMIA EDITION (Without Events) OUT In this Small Scenario, you can play in 1500BCE in the Middle East. From the Hittites to Egypt. There is a HRE, "Mesopotamia" where you can try to be the Emperor of the Entire Middle East. Also it has some minor Nations which could be very hard to play. But well, you decide with who you are going to play. 😁 ToC-Mesopotamia Edition without Events by JPM.zip
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    A background

    Nice background
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    Rome 304 BC

    This scenario takes place in 304 BC. It is now in a finished phase but ill be adding updates as often as I can. The map goes from the Iberian Peninsula to China. Not all is historically accurate but I tried my best make sure it is. Also some areas like germania is purposely left unoccupied. Also i recommend this scenario is played in 50% speed Download Link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1RxwAdU0FkwLIUs-_Hu9IgJof8ejfedkf?usp=sharing Updates: 4/20:More Civilizations in, Iberian Peninsula, Central Asia, and India. Map has been extended to China. Mauryan Empire has events now. 4/21: North Africa is remade making Carthage Weaker. More Civilizations in West Africa. Mauryan Empire events have been improved. The Qin event has been fixed. To do list(for now): Finish China(70%)-not done with events) Pyrrhic War(100%) Punic Wars(0%)
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    Deleting posts that talks about REAL you? uncool
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    Bueno,esta es la primera edición de la recopilación de mapas y mods de la comunidad hispanohablante,así que empezaré a listarlos en las siguientes líneas.Si tenéis alguna duda,podéis escribirla en los comentarios,y si no sabéis de que trata este post,podéis revisar algunos posts anteriores en la comunidad. Dicho esto,comienzo a numerarlos (Pondré números para mayor comprensión): MAPAS 1.-Mundo moderno Colonia,año 2050. -En estado de creación,no descargable. -Creador:SUDAMXX Enlace al post del escenario:(Haced caso al primer link,el segundo es sólo una versión previa del escenario) 2.-Guerra del Pacífico/Guerra del Salitre,año 1879. -Finalizado,descargable. -Creadores:krauser3ful y EliasC17 -Notas del creador:"Aca tienen uno de los primeros mapas que hice, cuando tenia tiempo para hacerlos... xD" Enlace al post del escenario: 3.-Primera Guerra de Independencia de Escocia,año 1296. -Finalizado,descargable. -Creador:krauser3ful -Notas del creador:"Escenario basado en la primera guerra de la Independencia Escocesa, no tiene eventos, aunque siempre quise que tuviera, pero no soy muy bueno con los eventos xD sigo aprendiendo xD" Enlace al post del escenario: 4.-Conquista de América,año 1519. -Finalizado,descargable. -Creador:krauser3ful. -Notas del creador:"Este mapa es sobre la conquista de america tal como dice su nombre, es un mapa muy entretenido, aunque nunca lo termine xD no tiene eventos pero si alguien quiere mejorarlo tanto con eventos como expandiendo los territorios puede hacerlo y si quiere publicarlo que me de los respectivos creditos claro XD" Enlace al post del escenario: 5.-Guerra hispano-estadounidense,año 1898. -Finalizado,descargable. -Creadores:Lucas L y krauser3ful. Enlace al post del escenario: Y estos son todos los mapas que me han hecho llegar,incluyendo uno mío xD. MODS Ahora que hemos acabado con los mapas,damos comienzo con la sección de mods,en la que por ahora hay dos existentes: 6.-Provincias argentinas 2.0 -Finalizado,descargable. -Creador:Tincho987 -Contenido del mod: -Nuevo mapa (512 provincias) -Tucuman añadido -Se han añadido los siguientes gobernadores:Uñac,Manzur y Arcioni. -2 escenarios:Provincias en 2019 y la Rebelión del Atlas argentino (proposición de Javier Milei) -Departamentos correctos de provincias. -¡Y más! Enlace al post del escenario: 7.-Mod de las dinastías/Dynasties mod -En estado de creación,no descargable (No molestar al creador,es una creación a largo plazo,más información en su post) -Creador:krauser3ful -Contenido del mod (Cito al creador): -Dinastías correspondientes a los años 1200, 1400 y posiblemente de las dinastías de los mapas de PLe2 en sus mapas "Medieval age Scenarios (962~1402)" -Nuevas civilizaciones que representaran a las dinastías, las cuales se podrán crear cumpliendo ciertos requisitos. -Nuevas civilizaciones formables. -Nuevos mapas, de dinastías y de dinastías ficticias. Enlace al post del escenario: Para poneros en contacto con los creadores,tan solo tenéis que buscar sus nombres,que ya están mencionados arriba. Esta es solo la primera edición,por lo que aún queda espacio para muchos más mapas y mods,¡así que compartid vuestros mapas y mods en los comentarios para que se incluyan en este post o en una futura edición! Para que no se sature la comunidad con muchas ediciones,haré lo siguiente:Si me mandan un mapa/mod nuevo editaré este post para que esté en él,y cuando me hayan mandado la misma cantidad de mapas o mods nuevos que los que hay recopilados en esta versión,haré la siguiente (en este caso,tendrían que enviarme 5 mapas o mods nuevos,y así con todas las futuras ediciones) Y eso ha sido todo.¡Espero que os haya gustado!
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    Hello, Lukasz: My main account, Vis Tacitus, has been effectively banned without a stated reason or warning. I can no longer register accounts nor post Forum messages, and all of my forum posts including the main 11:59: A Cold War thread have been purged from the forums involuntarily without prior review. I would like my account's privileges and posts to be reinstated. - Vis, from an auxiliary account.
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    Medieval age Scenarios (926~1429)

    843,888(later) _______________________________________ 926 -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------- 962 -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------- 1018 -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------- 1054 -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------- 1081 -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------- 1143 -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------- 1180 _____________________________________________________ 1206 _____________________________________________________ 1261 _____________________________________________________ 1299 _____________________________________________________ 1337 _____________________________________________________ 1368 _____________________________________________________ 1402 _____________________________________________________ 1429 __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ growth rate(05/01) increase: Syria,Persia,Anatolia,France,China,India,Southern Italy decrease: Balkan, England,Scandinavia __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 03/28 New:1429, Fix development, event bug in 1054,update formable_civs 04/01 Fix some bugs,add 926,and more Installation (scenario) C : \ Program Files (x86) \ Steam \ steamapps \ common \ Age of Civilizations II \ map \ Earth \scenarios (Civilizations_editor) C : \ Program Files (x86) \ Steam \ steamapps \ common \ Age of Civilizations II \ game \ civilizations_editor (formable_civs) (Not Essential.please backup your formable_civs ) C : \ Program Files (x86) \ Steam \ steamapps \ common \ Age of Civilizations II\ map \ Earth \ formable_civs Andriod https://drive.google.com/file/d/1G3yV16NLsSZPnIIAS0e14I8ux8qAEoib/view?usp=drivesdk Civilization_editor https://drive.google.com/open?id=1gIX5QLs5ii1jjtiRuBdyyrmwDP5lsdA3 formable_civs.zip scenarios.zip
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    11:59 Development Team

    11:59: A Cold War Mod

    So What Is 11:59? 11:59 is a total overhaul mod that focuses on historical accuracy as well as gameplay. Basically everything has been changed or altered, save for the core game mechanics or unmoddable pieces of the game. The feature list includes a brand new Decisions mechanic, (this will popup if your country has decisions scripted for it), a DEFCON mechanic (which is still work-in-progress), map changes, such as the 38th parallel in Korea (pictured below), West Berlin; canals, such as the Kiel Canal, the Panama Canal, and the Suez Canal. A brand new interface has been implemented. The soundtrack has been completely redone, and the list of tracks expanded to 52. There are now ~100 events, some of which are events that influence the AI's decisions (these events only popup for the AI, never the player) to ensure that it stays somewhat historical within the supported scenario: The Bear And The Eagle. Even more features such as custom province pictures for certain cities, the United Nations, and states and regions are also mentioned below. Furthermore, the soundtrack has been completely redone, with 53 new songs. The interface has also been completely redone, so has the states (regions in the base game). Nothing has been spared. (Download by viewing our ModDB profile). 11:59 also features a realistic world map: Colourized Event Images: A Completely Redone Interface: Detailed Demographic Maps: Detailed Administrative Divisions, complete with ~120 new provinces, and 1.309 new states: New Terrain Pictures are also planned: More features are evidently planned for the next release, 0.9b: The Sun Finally Set, with new decolonisation mechanics: The Future:
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    Medieval age Scenarios (926~1429)

    Plus Government List Christian: Empire, Kingdom, Duchy, County Islamic : Caliphate, Sultanate,Emirate Japan : shogunate, Daimyo Tibet : monastic Fedual Truks: Ottoman, Turks I will update that after 2 week. If you have ideas please tell me
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    Age of Civilizations 2 | Addon+

    AoC 2 | Addon+ - is an addon to the original version of our favorite game. Unlike other mods, this is not a separate scenario, etc., but a whole collection, including many upgrades of the game. Addon features: - Newly formed nations; - New scenarios; - New ideologies; - New map (meaning background, and some new provinces for Kepler-22b); - New music; - New sounds; That's all for now, but in the future the list will grow. The fashion development team consists of 9 people, and 10 beta-testers who are actively involved in the work. Addon will be released on 22th January, but for now we are working. Our Twitter https://twitter.com/addon_aoc Our Group in VKontakte https://vk.com/addon_plus Our Email addon.aoc2@gmail.com Download: Google disc (PC) - https://drive.google.com/open?id=1fGNfCVMSr7eh6U1P438m-mDqsLODvdkk
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    Press F for my phone

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    I always knew my mother was hiding something xD
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    Pangea (World War 2)

    Download Scenario : https://mega.nz/#!Z0kijYiS!12Bz5rSekbnrkWKKAzGv5sFWodfULIs5NNDVobfnlZI Thanks by : Emery Thrash You need map download this
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    What is going on

    I logged in to this forum and found possibly hundreds of posts, all made by users who joined a couple hours ago, about selling fake documents etc. for getting into countries and fake drivers licenses etc. What is going on, and can this be stopped? I am very concerned and hopefully someone can ban all the users and delete all the posts
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    Victorian Age - 1836

    Imagine, if you will, a time before Lukasz added the Victorian Era scenario to the game. I was an avid fan of the game even in this time, and because I wanted a Victorian Era scenario, I created my own. I dubbed the scenario the Victorian Age, and it was wildly innacurate. However, even so, when the official Victorian Era scenario came out, I was disappointed to find it was rather lackluster. It disappointed me for a number of reasons, so I decided to upgrade my Victorian Age scenario. It's been months in the working, but I feel now that it is ready to be released to the public. ==What does it change?== My Victorian Era scenario adds a wide variety of changes in the map - new states are added to West Africa, India, North America, and some parts of Europe, as you will see by the screenshots provided. Furthermore, it adds a wide variety of historical events that can build a dynamic alternate history. ==Screenshots== A full map of the world: Europe: North America: South America: Northern Africa: Western Africa: Southern Africa: Asia: India: Australasia: ==What problems might I encounter?== Unfortunately, some of the events are rather buggy. They may fire at the wrong time or with the wrong triggers. However, it should not greatly impact the overall playing experience. Also, it does not fix the issue of leaders being present in the wrong time period. Thus, Abraham Lincoln is still president of the U.S. in 1836. ==Download== Before you download, be warned! The "civilizations_editor" and "leaders" folders will contain a white file simply named "Age of Civilizations." REMOVE THIS FILE FROM THE FOLDER BEFORE DOWNLOADING. If you do not, it will replace all the data you have built up through playing the game with all of my data. You have been warned. Download link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=16mXgp5HBIgUbQGA4yAuXt5OrB5QF1r0N I hope you enjoy my custom 1836 Victorian Age scenario.
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    Greater Europe map

    [Moved to here] Welcome to the Greater Europe Map project. My long term goal is to have a Europe with a ton of provinces, because why have America, Africa and Asia, when you can have a hell of a lot of provinces in Europe? The map while having a ton of provinces will still be only Europe to help people with horrible computers. I feel you dudes. Current Version: 0.26 Screenshots are updated every 10 versions Regions Finished: Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland, Northern France, Denmark, Czech Republic, Austria, Prussia, Western Poland, Central Poland, Eastern Poland, Southern France, Northern Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary, Slovakia, Montenegro, Southern Italy, Bosnia, Kosovo, Serbia, Albania, Macedonia, Regions currently being made: Catalonia An example of my work:
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    Big map of Poland [Made in Poland]

    Well... I am working
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    The New Order: Last Days of Europe for Age of Civilizations II (In Development) The Lore The Second World War ended with the complete destruction of the enemies of Hitler's Germany and his fellow Axis nations. The world of 1962 is now a much different one then anyone could have imagined. From the former lands of Russia where petty warlords battle for control of the torched steppes, to the once mighty Reich, where various factions threaten to tear the nation apart into civil war. No matter what happens, the world is in perhaps its most turbulent phase, with the Reich and Japan on the brink of war, and the threat of nuclear destruction looming over all, will the world survive into the 70's? -Definitely NOT from the moddb page Roadmap for Mod till Alpha Release(as of 19.03.2019): -Finish importing countries/flags-100% -Finishing country borders-40% -Create custom ideologies that match TNO-100% Roadmap for Mod on Full Release -Adding TNO Music -Implementing events into mod -Add realistic population and economy -Edit AoC2 Map to put the gaping hole in mid Africa, and Atlantropa for the Mediterranean Sea. -Edit AoC2 to fix borders. Permissions and Credits: To a gfx artist on the dev team who wishes not to be named, thank you for the province pictures and country flags. Panzer for coming up with this brilliant idea, I do not take any credit for this mod, only to recreate in AoC2 Notes: Suggestions are welcome, but there is no guarantee they will be put into the mod. Screenshots will most likely differ from the final product
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    D A T A Z O

    Ya reviví >:V
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    New wonders (V1.3)

    Because I used google translation, this English sentence is likely to be wrong. (Japanese→english) New wonders (v1.3) Contents of update: Eiffel Tower Big Ben Brandenburg Gate Colosseum Gobekli Tepe added: Japan tokyo National Diet Building (国会議事堂) North Korea Pyongyang Juche tower (주체사상탑) South Korea Seoul Namdaemun (남대문) United States New York Statue of Liberty Russia Moscow Saint Basil's cathedral (Храм Василия Блаженного) China Beijing Tiananmen (天安门) Turkey Cappadocia Fairy Chimneys (Peri bacası) Turkey Denizli Pamukkale Saudi Arabia Mecca Kaaba (كعبة‎ ) France Paris Eiffel Tower (Tour Eiffel) United Kingdom London Big Ben Germany Berlin Brandenburg Gate (Brandenburger Tor) Italy Rome Colosseum (Colosseo) Turkey Gobekli Tepe (Göbekli Tepe) Download: wonders1.3.zip
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    Year 1683

    1683 SCENARIO (All borders may not be true) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Download Update 1: Added mayan empire Fixed some borders Made Joseon indepent Balanced countries Added custom civs folder (Massive)Update 2: Fixed most of the borders Added tons of new countries in Africa,Asia,Oceania and Americas (Massive)Update 3: Fixed the Europe borders Fixed South America borders Update 4: Added tribes to canada,mexico, usa,south america,oceania Fixed some of the carribean and america borders. Added some more colonies to porteguese and spain. Made Lithuania Poland-Lithutania Commonwealth Download
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    Dave ☢

    Leader Replacement for events.

    It's just a minor idea, but looking at the fact that leaders have custom traits and such (A. K. A. a leader can change a country with it's bonuses) i think it wouldn't be a bad idea to add a "Change ruler/leader" option for event outcomes to create more creative scenarios! -Dave
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    World War I Scenario

    World War I Here is a little tutorial on how to correctly install the scenario: Download the zip file below Copy the "1544964241155bztfsakp" folder (Don't rename it) and paste it in the folder located here by default: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Age of Civilizations II\map\Earth\scenarios Open the "civilizations_editor" folder inside the zip file that you downloaded Copy everything inside the folder and paste it in the folder located here by default: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Age of Civilizations II\game\civilizations_editor Launch Age of Civilizations 2 Hope you enjoy 😄 If you find any inconsistencies let me know and I will correct them. Download here: World War 1.zip
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    Basileia Ton Rhomaion


    Hola, así que he estado trabajando en un scemario llamado 1815 en el que se ha trabajado desde la mendicidad de los chats en los que se puede encontrar el original al final de mi artículo. Usaré este juego para ampliar mi mismo escenario con la ayuda de las comunidades españolas. En la sección de español de mi escenario. http://www.ageofcivilizationsgame.com/topic/580-1815/?tab=comments#comment-16032
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    Lucas L

    1941 map (World) (january)

    Hi! I always see maps of WW2,but most of them are of the same ages:1942,1943 and 1945. So today I show you a map that I did of WW2 of all the world,but is from 1941,when the nazis haven't declaired war on Soviet Union and USA,so there are more options than in another ages and the map can be more interesting and balanced. I am from android and I can't share a download link until the Workshop comes,but I can show you some pictures of the map. Greenland and Svalvard are disocuppied like in reality (in the game they are neutral) because I thought it would be better for the game leave them neutral. This scenario contains some new leaders,like Philippe Petain in Vichy France and Charles de Gaulle in "Free France" a new state that I created for the map that symbolise the French resistance,like in reality. About tecnology:All the civilizations have the standard tecnology level,0.45. And the last thing,you must know that this scenario contains some special things due the age (January 1941) like the Greek-Italian war that still continues (and the territory that Greece still have in that moment) Update 26/03/2019: -Now,Suriname is not "Netherlands",it's a state like the Ducth East Indies that are with the allies.(Curaçao is now neutral,because in the war didn't have many importance,so now every country can take the island) -Relations of most of the important countries updated: -All the countries of the Axis aren't in war with any other state,except Nazi Germany,Italy and Vichy France. -Vichy France still being a member of the Axis,but is only in war with the"revolutionary movement" Free France. -Germany and Italy are in war with the same states:All the members of the British Empire (including British Raj),the Belgian Congo,Dutch East Indies,Suriname and the revolutionary movement "Free France". For make it clear,in the map: -Members of the Axis:Germany,Italy,Slovakia,Hungary,Romania,Vichy France,Japan Empire and the vassals states (of Japan) of Manchukuo and Mengjiang. -Members of the Allies:All the British Empire(United Kingdom,Dominion of Canada,Union of South Africa,the British Raj,Australia and New Zealand),"the revolutionary movement of "Free France",the Belgian Congo,Suriname and the Ducth East Indies,and finally,Greece. -Members of the Kommintern:Soviet Union,Mongolia and Tannu Tuba (I didn't include the communist China zones because they were focused on beat the japans,and they weren't so organised like the other communist states,they were basically rebels until the end of the war) And that should be everything. Finally,the NEW pictures:(if you see an error,please tell me in comments and I will try to fix it) (I took pictures of important territories in the map and the diplomacy maps of Nazi Germany and UK) (Also,I have commited an error with Suriname,in the map it doesn't appear like a member of the Allies,but in reality Suriname it's a member of Allies) NEW PICTURES: https://imageshack.us/i/pm6QOD7Lp https://imageshack.us/i/porLqtKSp https://imageshack.us/i/pm54ufqVp https://imageshack.us/i/plLE5s56p https://imageshack.us/i/pmJfzNSNp https://imageshack.us/i/poi4aKRpp https://imageshack.us/i/poKxnxwbp https://imageshack.us/i/plbEviRUp https://imageshack.us/i/pmpa1qOFp https://imageshack.us/i/pmAYzzEcp https://imageshack.us/i/poBcZUcAp https://imageshack.us/i/pmucwdA0p https://imageshack.us/i/pl0oEHsAp https://imageshack.us/i/plISKrQPp https://imageshack.us/i/pn12MUIqp https://imageshack.us/i/poWQvGc1p https://imageshack.us/i/povSvsW3p https://imageshack.us/i/pmJYnr5Ep https://imageshack.us/i/pnBVMyzap Update 30/03/2019: Well,another update of this map.In this update,I only fixed the borders between Slovakia State and Hungary,Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union,and the Soviet Union-Finland frontier. I wanna mentionate and give thanks to the user TomasC8426,because he helped me with the borders of Germany and the Soviet Union and Hungary and the Slovakia State (you can see it in comments if you want) Pictures of this new update:(The new frontiers) -Hungary and Slovakia: https://imageshack.us/i/plLpxq59p -Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union: https://imageshack.us/i/pnFVkzTnp -New frontiers between Finland and the Soviet Union: https://imageshack.us/i/pnrnzirxp https://imageshack.us/i/plJnwoXsp https://imageshack.us/i/poj7Hzk0p Release:Waiting for Workshop... Thank you for reading!
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    Este post cambiará la historia.

    Ah lo que vengo Hay Un Mensaje que creo krauser (muy buena gente) Escribio un mensaje para que lukasz lo lea y se de cuenta que el foro y el juego están muy mal, necesitan varias cosas. Todos los que lean este post Copien el mensaje de abajo y lo publican en el perfil de lukasz LA ultima parte del mensaje Es Un mensaje que yo quería dar (quiero mi duke) El que lea esto puede editar la última parte y por ejemplo escribir, quiero aliens en AoC, y remplazas Mì nombre con tu nombre ojala me haya explicado Saludos! Estimado Łukasz Jakowski : Me comunico formalmente ante usted para poder presentar varios aspectos los cuales se deberían tomar en consideración para la mejoría y estabilidad del foro de Ageof Civilization 2. En primer lugar me gustaría informarle sobre el gran contenido spam que esta creciendo en el foro, esto esta hartando a las diferentes comunidades presentes. El spam, nos esta afectando a todos, ya que satura el foro de contenido indeseable, a demás de que prácticamente bloquea el acceso de diferentes secciones que normalmente están muy activas. En segundo lugar, la falta de administradores se esta haciendo notar demasiado y consigo problemas, la nula participación de administradores en el foro no solo a permitido que el contenido spam crezca cada día, sino, que también a los usuarios que solo se dedican a insultar a los demás y molestando cada día a todos. En tercer lugar, toda la comunidad de Age of Civilization le agradecería si sacara actualizaciones con la cual se puedan corregir muchos de los bugs presentes en el videojuego y también, si es posible poder agregar nuevo contenido como por ejemplo, un sistema de Cruzadas y de Yihad, con las cuales tanto las civilizaciones cristianas y musulmanas puedan participar, también se le agradecería si pudieraagregar un sistema de religiones, que sea similar al sistema de gobierno, donde casa civilización además de tener su tipo de gobierno, tengo también su religión y que el jugador pueda cambiarla durante el juego. También se le agradecería si pudiera agregar un sistema de votaciones para las democracias y republicas, y que dependiendo del partido ganador pueda generar ciertos cambios en la civilización, no se pide algo complejo, sino que algo sencillo con la cual ayudaría a diferenciar a las republicas de las monarquías. El sistema de lideres es algo que la comunidad también se queja ya que los lideres son inmortales y nunca van variando, como sugerencia para que se corrija esto podría ser que los lideres puedan vivir hasta cierto año y que cuando muera, el juego te de la opción de poner otro líder en su lugar, ya sea crear uno nuevo, con un sistema de creación de imagen de líder o seleccionar uno ya existente en el juego. Y por ultimo pero no menos importante, varios de los usuarios del foro, se han preguntado como funciona el sistema de rangos, y piensan que está mal y que no siempre funciona, por ejemplo, yo he posteado mucho y tengo muchos like pero sigo siendo conde, si pudiera subirme el rango, aunque sea a archiduque, se lo agradecería. En espera de su respuesta, les saluda atentamente. SUDAMXX Escritor - @krauser3ful
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    Players:We need to get rid of these scammers!! Lukasz:
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    New wonders (V1.3)

    Pls add Travertines of Pamukkale(In Turkey) Cappadocia fairy chimneys(In Turkey)
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  37. 4 points

    Press F for Memes

    Poor Europeans.in my case...South America fuck yeah!
  38. 4 points

    Press F for Memes

    Haha Europeans. Murica fuck yeah
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    Players:We need to get rid of these scammers!! Lukasz:
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    Łukasz Jakowski

    World War I Scenario

    Nice :)
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    Kebab's Mod[pre-alpha]

    By ModOfCivilizationsTR🇹🇷 What is the this mod? This mod will have New UI New icons New Musics New Provinces New ideologies New Great scenarios with events But we have "Exams for Entering Highschools"in 1st June.So we are very slow. The Pre-Alpha screenshoots
  42. 3 points

    World War III Scenario

    Today I will present one of my scenarios. It is almost 100% original, and here I demonstrate what a third world war would be like in 2080. In this scenario, the United Kingdom and Germany collapsed, and the monarchy was implemented in some countries, such as Brazil, Indonesia and Mexico. There are three alliances: -European Union: Austria, Hungary, Scotland, Bavaria, Czech Republic, Ireland, Ulster, Brandenburg, Pomerania, Bremen, Electorate of Saxony, Poland, Catalonia, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Greece. -Socialist Pact: China, India, Iran, Turkey, Vietnam, Thailand, Rife Republic, Venezuela and Croatia. -United Powers: Empire of Brazil, England, Roman Empire, Mexican Empire, Argentina, Uruguay, Japan, Joseon, Indonesia, Hejaz, Tsardom of Russia (rebels), Bulgaria, Albania, Serbia, Moldavia and Ukraine. -Triple Alliance: Mombasa, Rwanda and Uganda (against DRC). There are some images, I had a lot of work, because I had to be creative and think about things that are happening, that will happen and can happen. Hope all you like, soon i'm gonna put the download link (sorry my bad english).
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    Where are you from?

    Where are you from?
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    Lukasz won't help. And it's Ching-Chong
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    Götterdämmerung 1944 In June 6 of 1944 US, British, and other Allied troops landed on the beaches of Normandy, German-occupied France, in the largest seaborne invasion in history. The landings began at 06:30 and met heavy fire from gun emplacements overlooking the beaches, along with numerous mines and obstacles. Over the day, the Allies suffered at least 10,000 casualties vs about 1,000 for the Germans, but secured their beachhead. This scenario starts on June 20 of 1944, at the Allies invasion of France. Here the links: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1968I_GXeJy0HMm1fFaksa2FKvf8bjAoy <-- .rar link https://drive.google.com/open?id=1bJ-EWFY7i9TvKwQAHEWQNCTpOeiWwPgu <-- .zip link Pics of the scenario: Europe: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Asia: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Oceania: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Alliances:
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    more cheats

    population[province id] 0-9999999 population[nation id] 0-9999999 gold 0-9999999 diplomacy points 0-9999999 mov points 0-9999999 assimilate all provinces national happiness 0-100 army[province id] 0-99999 (no meintanance) sry 4 england build level 1 farm in every provence owned: farm1 all etc
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    Mod Scavenge

    I stole this from Vis and upload it Governments.json
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    New wonders (V1.3)

  49. 3 points
  50. 3 points

    New MOD project :: AOCRAFT

    I added a portrait of Stalin and Hitler It was not in the plan, but added it
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