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    Endsieg [1945 Scenario]

    Endsieg 1945 In early 1945, the Soviets pushed through Poland, breaching the pre-War German border and closing in on Berlin. Meanwhile, the Western Allies had defeated the German counteroffensive in Belgium and were ready to invade Germany in force, crossing the Rhine in March. This Scenario starts on March 24 of 1945, at the Soviet offensive of East Germany and Allies attack on the Rhine. Here the links: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1N3aovLuRAfa4rXTu3lw2yNbF5j7LcXze <-- .rar link https://drive.google.com/open?id=1P0N2mP-RIcGimACwbuq9J1s_YTx2cppu <-- .zip link Pics of the scenario: Asia: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Europe: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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    Balkan Map (Version 1.1)

    I made a balkan map. This is also my first finished map! Screenshot Scenarios Modern World, Cold War, World War II - 1940, World War II - 1939, World War II - 1941, World War II - 1938, World War II - 1936, Interwar Period, World War I Original:Balkans.zip Update 1 (1.1): Balkans 1.1.zip (Original zip required!)
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    New Flag Effect! (V2)

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    dejen sus ideas de loque quieran que aga
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    Debido a la mayoría aplastante en cuanto a votos,en el transcurso del día de hoy (mi último día como presidente) me dedicaré a traducir el mensaje y enviárselo a Lukasz.¡Gracias a todos por votar!
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    1st February, 1945

    The scenario starts in March 24 of 1945, but is almost same than February
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    1st February, 1945

    Please, I really want to play a scenario which starts in January-February 1945, it will be so cool with some events.
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    1st February, 1945

    Hello xd
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    Tomorrow the mod will receive an update.
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    1700 Scenario v2

    Acabo de ver el post xD y denada!! es uno de los escenario que mas me gustaron del foro y lo mínimo que podía hacer por el era ayudarte un poco!!!
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    Un mundo donde las guerras napoleónicas no suceden,y con todas las consecuencias que ello trae,siempre me ha llamado mucho la atención (es decir,se produjo la revolución francesa y la proclamación de la República,pero el expansionismo posterior no se llevó a cabo ni provocó ninguna de las guerras napoleónicas)
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    Alguna historia alternativa sobre la primera guerra mundial estaría bien
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    Thanks dude now i can do something with my life 😂
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    Balkan Map (Version 1.1)

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    AoC2 ScenarioMakerTR Group has a scenario called "Modern World with Events" which makes the Modern World scenario more real. In this scenario there are a total of "60" events. This scenario is currently only available in www.ageofcivilizationsturkiye.com site. If you like, we can also share the events that are Turkish at the moment by translating them into English. Say what ?
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    1st February, 1945

    It would be the most repetitive of all WW2 scenarios, though. I can't imagine any human player winning as Germany.
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    is it available to download, or i can test it somehow?
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    Sorry i think i dont understand...What is the matter?

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