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    A mod that adds a huge amount of historical content TTA has been under development for 3 months and currently introduces: • More than 40 scenarios • About 1000 states • A large number of rulers • Formed nations • New ideologies • Themed cities • Modified map • Music • Changed interface • And much more Mod ready for 50%. Fully completed antiquity (3100 BC - 476 AD) and almost completed the Middle Ages and modernity. In fact, all game content is remade from scratch. There will be no vanilla rulers, no vanilla scenarios, no vanilla formed nations. We carefully work through what we do. Make a mod - so make it good. Examples of medieval rulers and dynasties Only antiquity holds 21 scenarios More news you can see in our group
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    Help me pls

    Error solucionado @SUDAMXX, el escenario seguirá adelante mientras en el gulag tengan un buen WiFi
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    Launcher has been released! Download here: https://www.moddb.com/mods/1159-a-cold-war-mod/downloads/1159-09b-the-sun-finally-set#downloadsform
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    Comrade JP

    Europe 4000 BC - 3500 BC Scenario

    Made a scenario of Europe in 4000 BC to 3500 BC, and you could guess that it was pretty hard to make as there isn't a lot of maps of that time, but I managed. The map I based it on https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_Europe#/media/File:European-late-neolithic-english.svg (I united the 3 Germanic tribes together and the Boian culture and Cucuteni together) V2 links: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/40th_century_BC (first) to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/36th_century_BC (last) You need to paste the text from the .txt files to the Age Of Civilizations file in each of the 2 folders. P.S. When I started this scenario I planned to make the whole world but I couldn't find any maps for the whole world, so if you find a map on the internet of the time era it will be useful if you could share it with me, thanks. Hope you enjoy the Scenario. Edit: Version 2 has been released, including 12 more nations, and now all continents except Oceania have civilizations; to see what's new see post below. Edit2: Just realized about this page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/5th_millennium_BC which includes a lot of more civilizations, if you want to see them in the scenario just tell me the ones that you want. Edit3: Iv seen that when one of the version gets downloaded the other one also gets downloaded, and I wanted to say that you don't need to download both versions, just one of them and if you want the second version you just need to download the second one. Europe 400bc-3500bcv2(older version).rar World 400bc-3500bcv3(old version).rar World 400bc-3500bc (final version).rar
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    According to @Vis Tactius no one does AARs. Or at least no one does them seriously so I guess it's up to me. 🙂 I have set some very interesting goals for this campaign beginning in 1440 and ending in 1821, or basically the EUIV timeline. 1. Unite the British Isles by 1707 2. Colonize the eastern seaboard by 1600 3. Turn the map into the Vicky 2 English Colonial map by colonizing the areas shown in the attached image. Optional Goals 1. Reverse Hundred Years War: conquer France and get Paris. With or without vassalizing the rest of France. 2. Conquer Iberia and Scandinavia 3. Become a Northern European hegemony.
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    New Ideology

    I present my new ideology, it is Yorchism, it benefits them in everything, I hope you like it. Insert the file here: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Age of Civilizations II\game Governments.json Fascism is replaced by Yorchism.
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    Need help with scenario editing.

    I wait this scenario :)
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    Need help with scenario editing.

    Thanks for your answer!
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    New Ideology

    Bueno, de algo a algo se empieza XD
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    The 41 points are dolled out below. Starting in 1440, Richard begins building markets, farms and a library to increase income. In 1444 we began our Irish Unification Wars, with our opening move against Osraige in 1444. In 1448 I allied Castile, a major power on the Iberian Peninsula. I was lucky that Morocco declared before. I did NOT want to deal with a war against Morocco. In 1451, Castile and I joint declared against France. After 3 years of conflict, we peaced out in 1454 Castile gained 8 Provinces, I gained Paris and I vassalized France. In 1455 I annexed Thomond, and in 1458 I annexed Desmond and Munster in two separate war declarations. I retook Belfast and conquered Ulster in 1459.
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    Need help with scenario editing.

    Add french core to france lands.Anda make ally france and uk
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    Will there be any updates or anything? where is the steam workshop that was promised, I love this game but i don't like this painful activity of yours right now
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    Lucas L

    Compartan mapas para HG

    Sí,en el foro ya hemos podido ver cómo la comunidad activa ha menguado bastante... Es un pena,porque no dudo que probablemente una actualización llegue,pero a este ritmo,será demasiado tarde para revivir el juego...
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    PL: Witaj Panie Łukaszu chciałbym się spytać dlaczego pan przestał pracować nad Age Of Civilizations II? ENG (just for other countries members to know): Hello Mr. Łukasz i want to ask why you mr. stopped working on Age Of Civilizations II?
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    Dear Lukasz Jakowski, this message is being sent to you on behalf of the Spanish-speaking community of AOC. As you may have noticed, the forum doesn't has much activity lately except for our subforum, which is one of those that is currently more important, and for that reason, we want to show you this message, voted by the majority of the people who speak our language. Dear Łukasz Jakowski: We communicate formally with you in order to present several aspects which should be taken into consideration for the improvement and stability of the forum and the Age of Civilization 2 game in the opinion of our community. In first place we would like to inform you about the great spam content that is growing in the forum, this is making mad the different communities. The spam is affecting us all, since it saturates the forum with undesirable content, in addition to practically blocking the access to different sections that are usually very active. Secondly, the lack of administrators is becoming too noticeable and brings problems. The lack of administrators in the forum has not only allowed, as stated above, the content of spam to grow every day, but also users increase who only dedicate themselves to insulting and annoying others every day. Third, we believe that the entire Age of Civilization community would be grateful if you could get updates with which you can correct many of the bugs present in the game and also if it would be possible to add new content such as a system of crusades between Muslims and Christians. In addition, another proposal that we think is interesting is the possibility of adding a system of religions, which is similar to the system of government, where each civilization besides having its type of government, also has its religion and that the player can change it during the game. It would be taken into consideration if it could add a voting system for the democracies and republics, and that depending on the winning party could generate certain changes in civilization,we don't ask for something complex, but something simple with which it would help to differentiate the republics from the monarchies. We say this because the system of leaders is something that the community also complains about since these are immortal and never change, as a suggestion to correct this could be that the leaders can live until a certain year and when they die, the game gives you the option to put another leader in the place or create a new one, with a image creation system for leaders or selecting one that already exists in the game. And last, but not least, several of the users of the forum have asked themselves how the ranking system works, and they think it is wrong and that it does not always work, for which an explanation is requested for its part. Sincerely, the Spanish-speaking community of AOC.
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    Łukasz Jakowski

    Age of Fixing bugs

    Here in this topic you can write bugs to fix in the game and how to reproduce them. In March I will focus my work on that! Topic: https://steamcommunity.com/app/603850/discussions/0/1843566500515671824/
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