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    Age of Civilizations 2 | Addon+

    Addon+ is a global modification that adds interest to the game process. Innovations 1.2 - Final: The new update was perhaps the most ambitious and long-awaited among all the others. The mod was introduced: - New earth map with realistic texture and with a huge number of scenarios. - New maps made from scratch: Iberian Peninsula, British Isles, Ukraine. - New great scenarios with events: WWII - Extended, American war of independence, 1985, 1988; - Completely redesigned interface; - A set of mini-scenarios: the Holy Roman Empire, the Regions of Austria-Hungary, Italy 1829, Regions of China, Regions of the Commonwealth; - Made flags for countries with different ideologies; - Added new leaders and replaced portraits of some old ones; - Made new "Wonders of the world"; - Almost completely redesigned sounds in the game; - Added 11 new tracks; - Remade the palette of civilizations; - Fixed bugs such as incorrect month order and incorrect month names; - Reworked the texture of the Earth map AoC 1; - Added several Formed Nations; Download Installation: place all files from the Age of Civilizations II folder from the archive to the folder where the original game is installed and confirm the replacement. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1LXXxZ3yXhqIwOwBwgPMlsvA9gvDEIeRc https://drive.google.com/open?id=1LXXxZ3yXhqIwOwBwgPMlsvA9gvDEIeRc https://drive.google.com/open?id=1LXXxZ3yXhqIwOwBwgPMlsvA9gvDEIeRc Soon I will release Addon+ 1.4 (25th of August) Don't forget to check out my new project with a map of 5,000 provinces:
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    WW2 1941 january 1

    Soo i've done this scenario, with 30+ events, this scenario is not meant to be 100% historically accurate but its fun to play! Feel free to leave comments and ideas to edit this! Here's a zip version of it: 1549801108343txyhjywa.zip And a rar: 1549801108343txyhjywa.rar and some screeshots of it: [UPDATE]: 1.1 -Added some new events including peace between finland and soviet union -Removed finland from Axis -Balanced army sizes in Operation Barbarossa -Much more [UPDATE] 1.11 -Fixed couple events -Gave german territories in africa to Vichy France -Gave every country about 20% more economy
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    El 2019, pero con las regiones de cada país que se quieran independizar. Ejemplos: Cataluña y País Vasco en España en Italia Padania, en Canadá Quebec en Alemania Babiera o en E.E.U.U California y Texas, pero hay muchas más regiones que se quieren independizar,ojala alguien lo haga.Gracias por leerlo PD:Si alguien lo va a crear que me avise
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    Crisis&Collapse [DOWNLOAD LINK]

    CRISIS & COLLAPSE / Features - - More than 100 events - Countries poor - Technology poor - New states in Anatolia - Byzantine, Huns, Nazi Germany and many countries returned - Leaders Update ( For example, the leader of nazi Germany in 2019, rocky suhayda ) - New diseases - Diseases kill fast - Economy & Population growth -100 - Revolt in many countries - Fascism-communism war in South America - Fascism-communism war in Africa - and more Screenshot - Important: After about 100 laps, new revolts and new states, the map varies a lot Updates - 0.9.2 -> 28 new events / bugfix / Byzantine, Mongolian, Hun empire active all other updates -> new events, bugfixs, leaders update, and more Download Link - oh yeah yeah.zip Only one person makes this scenario... but better than a team !!!
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    Proyecto Europa

    Bueno pues mientras estaba haciendo el escenario del imperator rome me dió por hacer este escenario donde casi todos los movimientos independentistas europeos han triunfado. Espero que lo disfruten, el link de descarga está en mi lista de mods Inspirado en: https://i.imgur.com/3M0PCPp.jpg y https://i.imgur.com/f685nks.jpg S
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    WW2 1941 january 1

    Good scenario!
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    AoC2 Launcher - Released!

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    WW2 - August 1st, 1943

    I'm not sure if it's the AI taking the "transfer occupation" option or something that is enforced also on a human player, but I have set 99% French population in German-occupied France and any ally of France that liberates France will transfer the provinces right away. Even if France is liberated by a country not allied to France, the liberation events would take care of the liberated provinces' annexation to France anyway.
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    Help me pls

    : D
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    Democratic Empire Of Blesigna

    democratic empire ;-;
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    WW2 - August 1st, 1943

    Link konunun en üstünde. Senaryo hem Windows hem Android üzerinde çalışıyor; Windows için indirilen klasörü oyunun senaryo klasörüne eklemek yeterli iken Android'de uygulamanın A P K dosyasını çıkarmak, A P K'de senaryo klasörüne eklemeyi yapıp Age_of_Civilizations adlı dosyaya senaryo "tag"ini (1543059359571xzljdpja) eklemek, A P K'yi imzalayıp orijinal uygulama silinmiş halde tekrar yüklemek gerekiyor.
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    REBOOT New Ideologies/governments New icons for events New formable civilizations At the moment there are very few formable civilizations, but you can help me with your ideas. I hope for your help. Also, it will be very good if someone helps to improve this mod. Ideologies/governments: 8 Icons for events: 7 Formable civilizations: 4 The following things I would like to add: scenarios flags for new and old governments leaders fonts (?) music (?) and more... (?) Download: Armolitskiy's AOC2 MOD.zip Looks like Addon +
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    The 41 points are dolled out below. Starting in 1440, Richard begins building markets, farms and a library to increase income. In 1444 we began our Irish Unification Wars, with our opening move against Osraige in 1444. In 1448 I allied Castile, a major power on the Iberian Peninsula. I was lucky that Morocco declared before. I did NOT want to deal with a war against Morocco. In 1451, Castile and I joint declared against France. After 3 years of conflict, we peaced out in 1454 Castile gained 8 Provinces, I gained Paris and I vassalized France. In 1455 I annexed Thomond, and in 1458 I annexed Desmond and Munster in two separate war declarations. I retook Belfast and conquered Ulster in 1459.
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    Łukasz Jakowski

    Age of Fixing bugs

    Here in this topic you can write bugs to fix in the game and how to reproduce them. In March I will focus my work on that! Topic: https://steamcommunity.com/app/603850/discussions/0/1843566500515671824/
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    AoC2 Launcher - Released!

    Kek all the mobile peasants worshiping Vis
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