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    It'll have download link for Android If already has, i want link
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    Hi all!! Tired of travelers in time? Tired of the leaders who only take the water of life? Well then, I have the solution! Dynasties Mod!!! If, as the mod says, the leaders of the game will be replaced by their dynasties and we will no longer have to see those travelers in time nor the immortal leaders. This mod, is still in development and could take two or three months, I hope that much less, besides that this first version will only be compatible with the 1200 scenario. When the version is finished and launched, I will work on the map of 1400 and finally in downloadable content maps. The mod will contain: -Dynasties corresponding to the years 1200, 1400 and the dynasties of PLe2 maps in their maps "Medieval age Scenarios (962 ~ 1402)" -New civilizations that represent the Dynasties, which can be created by fulfilling certain requirements. (This will take longer since I will focus first on adding all the dynasties in the corresponding years before this, but even so, the most likely is that there are already these civilizations when I launch the first vercion) -New Formable Civilizations. -New maps, dynasties and fictional dynasties. I want to say and make it clear, that the mod will probably have some historical error, and that is because of the scant information that is found about some dynasties, but if you know the kingdom, county or duchy that belonged to such a dynasty I would appreciate it Tell me. Also, I need help with some ideas, I do not know how I could represent the leaders of the American tribes and of Oceania, since we do not find enough information on the leaders in turn, besides that I doubt that they have family coats, so for Please, I'd appreciate it if you could find a solution for that. At the moment there will be no download link, so please be patient. Without more to say, here is an image showing all the dynasties present in the mod for now. Progress of the mod: Civilizations with their corresponding dynasty 1200: 100% Completed 1400: Probably not enter the mod PLe2 maps: -1206: 100% Completed -1180: 100% Completed -1143: 5% Completed Upgrade: V1: The region of Italy has all its corresponding dynasties on the map of 1200. V2: The whole Holy Empire contains its dynasties in 1200. V3: Scandinavia already contains its dianastias in 1200. V4: Hungarian, Byzantine Empire, Serbian, Bulgarian, and part of Rus of Kiev with their dynasties. V5: All Western Europe with its dynasties. V6: All of Europe have all their corresponding dynasties in 1200. V7: Northeast of Africa with their respective dynasties. V8: New civilizations and formable civilizations. [Chile old country, Chile new country, Republic of Bolivar, Spain, Holy Oriental Empire, Western Empire Sacrum, Great Australia, Kingdom of Chile, Crown of Aragon, Commonwealth of England, etc] V9: All Africa contains their respective dynasties. V10: New sources for the game. V11: We are working on a new menu for the game. V12: New menu completed V13: Oceania and Asia complete for 1200 V14: South America Completely ready for 1200 V15: Working on the 1180 and 1206 maps of PLe2 V16: New Texture for the game map! V17: More formable civilizations! V18: New civilizations! Like the Kingdom of Germany, the Carolingian Empire, among many others! V19: Compiling new music for the mod. note: I am very sorry if the mod can not be released yet, but there are countries that do not know the dynasty that govern them and others that do not have a shield because they lost it over time, so in order to correct that I have that create coats of arms based on the few data that exist. Investigating all this takes a lot of time, and there may be some historical error, so when I launch the mod and you notice an error, I would appreciate it if you let me know.
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    When it's ready , Can I review your mod on my YouTube channel? My YouTube Channel
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    ayuda con los mapas

    En los archivos del juego ve al mapa que donde sea el escenario que descargaste. En escenarios, te van a salir todos los escenarios que tengas, en la foto salen varios por defecto, aqui debes poner la carpeta del scenario que descargaste (Si el escenario tiene naciones creadas en el editor del juego, debes meter las carpetas de las naciones en /game/civilizations_editor). Como saber si la carpeta es un escenario:
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    Maybe, not sure how that would work but it could be like a type of vassal(like other types like colonies or puppets) I don't know Most likely yes
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    Sure! Just give me credit and put the link to this page in your video's description.
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    Yeah, I like it
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    My questions is: We can change Royal families? It'll release to android?
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    Murat Ocak(TR)

    countries of ethnic origin

    Irk Ülkeleri Yaptım Senaryo için - https://yadi.sk/d/gYAmmVJN5IXu6A
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    Sorry for not bringing updates or images, but I gave explanations of why, even so, I can tell you that the 1180 scenario is already 100% and we started working on the 1143 stage, I also have to say that many are missing maps to finish the mod, but I have thought of finishing three more maps and release the mod, launching the mod with 6 scenarios and go adding more over time, even so I do not want to be delusions because this is not confirmed yet .
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    Then you don't understand the joke.
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    One thing is Chancellor and another thing is Reich. The Chancellor is not a dictator what the fuck do you mean? Do you know at least the difference between them?
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    Ak guvercin

    sdsdsds iyi söyledin
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    Future mapper

    Ak guvercin

    iyi bok yedin şimdi intihar et
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    Emu or EMO?

    nice job stealing an oversimplified joke
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    @Lucas L Mira ya revivi la comunidad hispanohablante xD
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    ITurkish is just dead, me and Lonathan are alive, just on discord, not here. (sorry for the english)
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    En mi Opinion Creo que lukasz esta haciendo las cosas EXTREMADAMENTE MAL 1. El foro esta Totalmente MAL, literalmente los "tres grandes" Lonathan, Shiite, Y iTurkishmapping (lukasz no cuenta) Estan Totalmente Inactivos en el foro 2. Lukasz Se ha enfocado (DEMACIADO) En IOS olvidandose de todo 3.Lukasz ignora demaciado ah la comunidad Literalmente medio foro Pide Alguna Actualizacion, Que se esfuerce lo mas minimo en añadir algun tipo de moderador para el foro, Porque? Por todo el spam del foro. Yo creo que AOC Es una GRAN Juego Con mucho potencial, Y ese potencial se esta perdiendo De Una Manera Lamentable.
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    Lucas L

    Fatherland 1964

    It looks amazing! And another thing: You made this map utilising the Addon+ mod, don't you? I was thinking on make maps in mods, but I don't know, is there any problem with share the maps if you are using a mod? Anyway, I like alternative history scenarios, so I love this type of maps hehe.
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    Easter Eggs Thread

    Kekistan is an available nation
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    Easter Eggs Thread

    Also, there is a city in the middle of the Sahara called ¨Jakowski¨
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    Easter Eggs Thread

    Arstotzka from Papers Please is a country available in Scenario Editor (Although probably a lot of people already know this)
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    Easter Eggs Thread

    I found all continents
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    ADDIN+ V7 DOWNLOAD LINKS: Download Link for Addin+ V7 (PC): https://lnkload.com/2kXp5 (Google Drive) Download Link for Addin+ V7 (Android): https://lnkload.com/2kTKJ (Google Drive) REVIEW: HOW TO DOWNLOAD? You need to get permission to download this mod. So how to get permission? You should send me a photo of a bowl of water or food you put in your street for homeless animals to get permission. If you have a pet, you can send me a photo of it without put a bowl of water or food. You can send your photo on everywhere: 1) https://discordapp.com/invite/VRQFrbD 2) https://www.facebook.com/groups/677024482659186/ 3) Instagram @memososisi or @memososisigaming or @ageofcivilizations2 HOW TO UPLOAD? ANDROID: The link for Android is of the A.P.K. so you should just download it then click it, finally it will be uploaded. PC: Harddisk C ---> Program Files (x86) ---> Steam ----> steamapps ----> common -----> Age of Civilizations II Then you should copy and paste these documents to the document called 'game': civilizations_editor, civilizations Finally you should copy and paste these documents to the document called 'Age of Civilizations II': map Close the documents & Open the AoC2 THE OTHER VERSIONS OF ADDIN+: Download Link for Addin+ V1: http://link.tl/2iGqt Download Link for Addin+ V2: http://link.tl/2iZi4 Download Link for Addin+ V3: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-xITOMOtSqhcRUACFtecQtnHvpVxui8_/view?usp=drivesdk Download Link for Addin+ V4 (Android): https://lnk.news/2j9fp Download Link for Addin+ V4 (PC): https://lnk.news/2j9fD Download Link for Addin+ V4 Fixed (Android): https://lnkload.com/2j9Hy Download Link for Addin+ V4 Fixed (PC): https://lnk.news/2j9fDHow to get permission for Addin+? Nasıl Addin+ için erişim alınır? Download Link for Addin+ V4.5 (Android): https://lnkload.com/2jaxA Download Link for Addin+ V5 (PC): https://lnkload.com/2jgwB Download Link for Addin+ V5 (Android): https://lnkload.com/2jguN Download Link for Addin+ V6 (PC): https://lnkload.com/2jHVl Download Link for Addin+ V6 (Android): https://lnkload.com/2jEnk Addin+ V1 video is above this text. Addin+ V2 video is above this text. Addin+ V3 video is above this text Addin+ V4 video is above this text Addin+ v4 Fixed video is above this text Addin+ V4.5 video is above this text Addin+ V5 video is above this text Addin+ V6 video is above this text MY OTHER VIDEOS: How to Upload New Scenarios for Age of Civilizations II Android: https://youtu.be/Z5PztpzWY6o How to Upload Civilizations_Editor Documents for Age of Civilizations II Android: https://youtu.be/uYazfNDlxlo How to Upload New Maps for Age of Civilizations II Android: https://youtu.be/XA4KR43r2z0 How to Download Documents on Link.tl *Updated*: https://youtu.be/vmcwLgicNeQ A.P.K Extractor Download Link: http://link.tl/1ZDn6 (Google Play Store) MT Manager Download Link: http://link.tl/1ZDnn (apkmonk.com) ZArchiver Download Link: http://link.tl/1ZDne (Google Play Store)
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