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    World War I Scenario

    World War I Here is a little tutorial on how to correctly install the scenario: Download the zip file below Copy the "1544964241155bztfsakp" folder (Don't rename it) and paste it in the folder located here by default: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Age of Civilizations II\map\Earth\scenarios Open the "civilizations_editor" folder inside the zip file that you downloaded Copy everything inside the folder and paste it in the folder located here by default: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Age of Civilizations II\game\civilizations_editor Launch Age of Civilizations 2 Hope you enjoy 😄 If you find any inconsistencies let me know and I will correct them. Download here: World War 1.zip
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    For mobile, all you have to do is install the A-P-K. The link for the PC will arrive on 08.08.2019.
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    I had that problem when I deleted a province after having tried it in the game, I think it's because the game saves the data of the province and then wants to reload it is not in the map file. (TRANSLATED FROM GOOGLE)
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    Por ahora está muy bien, y como dije en el otro tema, esto ayudará mucho a la gente que se inicie en el juego, así que ¡Gracias por hacerlo!
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    Lucas L


    Jajaja, por supuesto, además así ayudas a la gente nueva a aprender las mecánicas del juego xD
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    New thing: I decided to put the date of the 2019 scenario in 1/Jan/2019 instead of 1/July/2019, and it will include some events Some events I'm planning to put: - Venezuela presidential crisis (23/Jan/2019) - End of the drug war in Mexico (29/Jan/2019) - Operación Libertad Venezuela (30/Apr/2019) - Some new leaders (They will be announced but will not appear as leader of the civilization for the moment)
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    Age of Civilizations 2 | Addin+ v7

    привет, ты ахуел?
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    Aoc 2 Millenium Dawn Scenario

    Hotel: Trivago
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    Turkey Independence War

    I did a similar scenerio myself too! But change Ottoman Empire to Ankara Government. Ottoman Empire supported the invaders.
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    oh ok i thought province map
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    Łukasz Jakowski

    1867 Scenario

    Some photo from scenario? 😛
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    How to download mods

    Have no idea as well I'm on tablet and I don't really no any other language then English I know the bascis of French I know 5 words from German and my Spainsh is terrible I only know hola so :p
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