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    He said that the --- will be released on August 13th. And he has repeated it to more people. Just read the comments ­čśé
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    fail :v

    yase nunca dije Que no lo haria xd
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    Warcraft (Author: eNeXPi)

    Current Status: Not working on it (alpha version link below) Warcraft Author: eNeXPi Link: DOWNLOAD LINK Patch 1.1 FEATURES a) Every Civilizion have a lot more Formable Civilizations options, some civs have option to pick their light path or shadow path... Check Dark Iron Clan on the picture below Some civs don't have option, they have one path I use their affiliation stats in the whole warcraft history Dark Iron Clan is just big example how they switch in history between Ragnaros (Fire Lord) after that they joined Twilight's Hammer and right now they are part of the Alliance Notes: I will try to work on events aswell but first I want to finish the two Scenarios I want. probably that will be for patch 1.1 finish 2 scenarios and uploading the mod/scenario.
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    ON THE VERGE OF WAR MODE (5 SCENAR─░O AND 218 EVENTS) - (1366 PROV─░NCES OF SPA─░N MAP) - (NEW UI) Hello to everyone. As AoC2ModdingTR Group, we have prepared a new mode. ON THE VERGE OF WAR MODE ... There are 5 scenarios and 218 events in the mode. There is also a map of Spain with 1366 states in the mode. - ''1366 Provinces of Spain Map'' : A map of Spain with real city boundaries of 1366 states. By Kerems2434 - ''The Distribution 1967'' : There are 40 events in the script. It covers the years 1967-1980 in detail. The Distribution 1967 by PrimeMusTR and Kerems2434. The events in the pictures are in Turkish but don't worry. Translated into English. - WW1 Scenario with 100 Events: The script starts in 1910 and continues until 1920. So not only WW1, but also before and after WW1. WW1 Scenario with 100 Events by Kerems2434, MirzaBaba44 and PrimeMusTR. - WW3 On The Verge of War : I can tell you that the mode gets its name from here. When you begin this scenario, do not expect WW3 to exit immediately. You will make decisions that will drag or save the world into this great global war. You will always try to keep yourself ready for WW3 against possible decisions from events going to other states. I guarantee you will have fun. The scenario is prepared by PrimeMusTR, Kerems2434 and MirzaBaba44. - Victorian Era+++: There are 12 events in the script and Victorian Era makes the script more realistic. Victorian Era +++ by Kerems2434 1846 Scenario : There are 16 events in the newly added 1846 scenario. Innovations Outside Scenarios: - New UI - New Font -New 1366 provinces of spain map And more more more.... UI Installation: Copy H and paste it into the UI. Say yes to the incoming alert. A-P-K LINK: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1-1iBoSPRJFT2lT3sCTWPpLOWGd2SP_BH The link for the map of Spain will arrive on 2-3 days. AoC2ModdingrTR Group Kerems2434 - PrimeMusTR - MirzaBaba44 - Hurtlyz - Berat2121113 - Ieunal61 - T├╝rkG├╝c├╝ - iAyuviSerkqn On_the_Vorge__war_Mod_.rar
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    img2map tool

    Hi everybody, i made tool that can convert your image to map for aoc2. Image must have colored provincies, provincies must have no holes, no exclaves. Example is attached below. Manual: you must open with programm img2map your image(on Windows you can drag your image and drop on programm). Wait some time, then in folder provs you will get your provintion files. In file conf.txt type + opposite line "must_simplifi" if you want smooth border path. Number opposit line "simplify_rate" means how much will be simplified border path. Source codes also attached. Programm write in C++ with using SFML library. Recent map of France made with my tool) img2map1.2.zip source1.2.zip
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    I'm doing something great

    I can't tell if i'm going to play, more details would be nice
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    It looks like a great mod. (Ayr─▒ca adam─▒ biraz rahat b─▒rak─▒n kurban bayram─▒nday─▒z sonu├žta)
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    I have a question for you. I'm having a little problem with the map of Spain ...
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    1 g├╝nl├╝k ufak bir tatile gittim. A-P-K 13 A─čustos'da ├ž─▒kacak. (I went on a small vacation for a day. The A-P-K will be released on August 13th.)
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    It is Eid-ul-zuha today and muslims all over the world celebrate it not just in Turkey (I know this because it is being celebrated in India as well).
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    Btw, i think there is some vacation in Turkey, so Kerems2434 will be unavailable for few days. Also, i can tell you that he is facing problems with importing spain map into a.p.k file. I can confirm that, because i tried by muself to solve the problem. Loading screen is frozen after 50% of loading. So Kerems and his team will try to solve this, or mod will be released without spain map. I hope i answer all your questions. Also, we (myself and kerems2434) are prepare something huge. Balkan map with 5000+ provinces. We will start our work soon as he came back from holidays in Turkey. If anyone (im asking for serious modders) want to join us and help us split the work, feel free to contact me.
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    Lucas L

    pregunta :v?

    Ah├ş tienes raz├│n, el retraso de la IA es algo que no hab├şa tenido en cuenta. No obstante, supongo que la partida variar├í mucho dependiendo de la agresividad que le pongas. Yo por ejemplo, para darle m├ís realismo al juego, siempre le pongo el m├şnimo de agresividad, y probablemente lo que pase en mi partida sea diferente a la tuya. Y respecto a lo de los aliados, claro, tienes raz├│n, en este juego es mejor hacerlo casi todo solo, yo me refer├şa m├ís a que, cuando ya tienes varias islas y territorios, le pagues lo m├şnimo a una naci├│n para que le declare la guerra a otra que sea de su mismo nivel y en cuanto la guerra est├ę avanzada, tu con todo tu ej├ęrcito invades al que quieras. As├ş te ahorras el desastroso sistema de alianzas del juego y, adem├ís, puedes buscar la paz independientemente. Pero lo dicho, la IA es retrasada jeje.
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    Kerem l├╝tfen ├ž─▒kart art─▒k android e l├╝tfen
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    12th August here. And Eid today. Will there be any release of android ---
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    I am here on time. Interested to play kashmir mod. Where kashmir could get independence from occupation of india
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    pregunta :v?

    grax pero fue imposible
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    kerem bro ben tr modundaki mmkiritik12 dosyay─▒ kuramad─▒m nas─▒l kurulu anlatabilir msn te┼čekk├╝rler
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    is the 1910 alt history or why are the borders for gemany so weird and why is alaskar russian??
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    Bir ┼čey s├Âyleyece─čim 1910 y─▒l─▒nda ke┼čke S─▒rp Despotlu─ču yerine S─▒rbistan Krall─▒─č─▒n─▒ koysayd─▒n ve Karada─č yerine Karada─č Krall─▒─č─▒n koy oyunun i├žinde ikisi de var ve s─▒n─▒r hatalar─▒n─▒ da d├╝zelt geacrondan istersen bakabilirsin http://geacron.com/home-en/
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    FYI...this game won't updated forever...there is no point to complain bout it anymore...
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    SEPARATISTS (europe only - 2020)

    I've finished development on North AND South America! I'll be releasing SEPARATISTS V2 tomorrow! I'm going to begin working on Africa soon. It's probably going to take much longer than the Americas (hopefully not as long as Europe).
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    Emu or EMO?

    Every game in ACO2
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    But today is 13th august and i don't see any _a_p_k

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