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    Chigonian Region Mod

    A huge mod that adds a new map, several new nations, and several new scenarios. The map is small, only about 49 Conquerable Territories, but I don't plan on making a bigger one. Additions: -The Chigonian Region Map -Several New Nations -Several New Scenarios How to insert the mod: Place the "Chigonian" Folder in the "Maps" file. Also replace the text file there. While in maps, pull the Chigonian-L and Chigonian_R files in "backgrounds". While still in maps, go to the data folder and place the continents package in the continents folder. Place the custom nations in the civilization_editor folder. Note: I am honestly getting tired of explaining this over and over. So if you need help, come to me. Chigonian Region.zip
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    [OpenPublicBeta] Now! Advance Civilization Editor Tool Write by Python3 & On top of libraries Now Release! Plz go to Features: - Import Your Flag - Auto Resize to 2 Size (68x44, 27x18), With fit filter from Python-Resize-Image - Easy to Customize your civilization - In Full Version more features will added & Support other modding Test on OnlineIDE: https://repl.it/@CPUSkull/CivEditor Online Script Script & Run on IDLE Ps1. Sorry, for my language Ps2. I Dont Know... How to write Python? But it work! This is my first software & Dev in 4-Days ***For Test Only*** - Input CivName - Flag Import "ovs.jpg" & Click Import will Result - Click Create - Software Result! Now you can check your civilization
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    Age of Civilizations 2: Ultimate Overhaul It's been a while! Welcome, dear people, who are still interested in the Development of UO! I do not know why the discord invite is invalid, i set it to forever, lmao. So, I'm back. (Again), and we are still working on the mod. But due to the current situation of the Virus in europe, this all can just crumble down. I am happy, that I didn' t stop development, because these last time were incredibly harsh. But I'm back. (Fixed the Discord server link.) We need Scenario & event creators! Age of Civilizations is a game that focuses on grand strategy, politics and other government driven elements. Łukasz Jakowski however, included something in the game that is rare in other grand strategy games. Customization. Customizing civilizations, leaders, maps, Whole scenarios, events in these scenarios, etc, etc... This, i think is a very good thing. The only bad thing about this, is that the game focuses more on the custom creative aspect than the realistic grand strategy one. This mod is going to be an overhaul for both these things. Unfortunately, a mod with the same goals named Addon+ is being created right now. My mod is still in a Debug alpha phase, and i can't release it in a state like this. This mod will include the following list of things: Translated Loading Screens Scenarios: The Great War (World War I) With historical events, leaders and custom civilizations, starting in 1st of January, 1914. (I've started doing it, The events are halfway done!) Overhauling the World War II Scenario in the following ways: Adding historical events with descisions. Setting an other start time for the Scenario for better readiness. Giving More corresponding bonuses to leaders given by their personality. Scenario "Die Folge" (The aftermath) happening right after the first world war, (Yes, believe it or not, lots of stuff happened after the first world war) containing a variety of events. Scenario "A Modern Mona Lisa" Containing the events of mostly Hitler taking control over germany (1920-1930). If you want to play as a country, that is falling apart at the moment, this is for you. A Cold War Scenario is also being made, but i'm not promising anything for this one. Backgrounds: Including a large variety of backgrounds, from a realistic one with every little mountain on earth, to a low resolution one for computers that can't handle the mod that good. Government, ideologies: From the leftist Communism the the Extreme right Fascism there are an estimate of ~15 ideologies being made right now including governments that are only avalible on 1 country in real life, or none anymore such as Patriotism (Hungary) Democratic Republic, Despotic Monarchy, so on and so forth. Planning on creating an election system for democratic countries just like in Hearts of Iron IV. Languages: Yes, every Scenario, Custom Leader, Loading screen and such will be translated into other*1 languages. Custom Maps: Custom Maps will be added to the mod, with custom scenarios, so people can create something new on a new map. Current map plans include Hungary, Austria, Germany, Washington, Budapest and The map of Graz. Leaders: Of course, if we make scenarios, we need to make sure, that we have good leaders for each scenario. From a Revolutionary Gavrillo Princip to an alternative timeline Franz Ferdinand, there will be as much leaders as possible. Thank you for reading! Current Status: Started with V0.0.4.8 on 22nd of january 2020 Systems: -A HOI4 style focus tree, but in this mod, it's called "Descision Tree", to avoid being sued by Paradox. (I can't show you the whole thing just yet.) -There will be lots of new stuff in the game, as we just decompiled it. These new system include: -More types of Vassals (Dominion, Colony, Crown Colony, State, Soviet Socialist State, etc, etc...) -Democratic elections all four years, if the country is: Democratic, Republic, City State, Patriotism -Ideological support system (See: hearts of iron 4) as you do your actions -Changing the values of terrains, planning before war nescessary -Adding seasons, each one having it's own effects on attacks, income and happiness -Adding religions -Adding a "secret service" action, where up to 400 people can work on a specific assignment, such as: Assasination Espionage Capture Recapture Special Operations *1: Other: This mod will not be translated to all languages, as that would be pretty hard to make. If you'd like to translate to your own, come to our discord! If you want to help me create the mod, or get a look in the development diary with more images about the mod, feel free to join our discord server!: https://discord.gg/MnYRMxh
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    Addin+ is a global modification that adds interest to the game process (last version 7.0). Download (Android) without Permissions: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1s1EQWUVJxZd-AbJeoyd38tiQgRfVuHn_ Installation: Download the document from the link above. Run the downloaded mod file, it will be opened. You don't need to delete your old original AoC2 or your other modded AoC2. Main innovations of update 7.0 ‣ Just 110 MB ‣ New +200 scenarios: 1910, 1914, 1918, 1930, 1933, 1936, 1939, 1941, 1943, 1944, Late 1944, 1945, 1949, 1961, 1988, 1991, Red World, Another World, Kaiserreich (original), Modern World (Modern world without diplomacy and precise geopolitical situation)... * No Music * New some ideologies/governments. * New some formed States. * New +5 Maps: Turkey, Fortnite, Middle East... * Changed some color palettes, these include Modern World, Modern Day, The New Order, Kaiserreich. * Just two languages: Turkish & English * Cut and rebalanced some ideologies. * For further development and optimization removed all leaders. * New font. * In some scenarios, it can often change the ideology. Reviews of the mod:
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    pnc beta

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    Map Of Poland v.0.01

    I am currently starting to create the map BIG MAP Poland 🙂 I have created, inter alia: Świnoujście, Szczecin and Międzyzdroje. province is currently 29 :) Sorry for the text From the translator: P
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    Hi! After some days of work, I finished my first scenario of the entire world! It's a world scenario of 1570 with 125 civilizations. In some places, like India, I had to create some new civilizations that weren't in the game. There is one special case: Japan. I put some clans, but you know, Japan was always in civil wars, so I put some neutral zones too. The scenario doesn't has wasteland (I don't like wasteland in the map of the entire world) Also, there are some places, like North America, Australia and Siberia, with tribal civilizations, and their territory can be a bit different of reality. About technology: all the civilizations have the standard technology level, 0,45. Update 16/04/2019: I'm from android, so I couldn't share the scenario with you, but now, with the help of my friend krauser3ful, I can give you the download link! Enjoy the scenario! http://download2266.mediafire.com/7sb5796z36zg/4y2ehobospe1u81/1570.rar Finally, I show you some pictures of the scenario. If you see a error, please tell me in comments and I will try to fix it. PICTURES: Release: you can download the scenario now! Thank you for reading!
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    Free CS:GO Skins! $$

    So your wondering how to get skins in cs:go??! Here is your solution https://csgocases.com/r/7930873x5 Use this ref code and you will get $0,50 cents you have 2 available cases for $0,39 you can also open free case per a day! Have no credit card,paypal VIRTUAL MONEY??! no problem you can do it by buying credits with phone if you want! That is most aswome thing i see you don't need credit cards!
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    plz give permission to kokspatryk66@gmail.com 😄
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    Lucas L

    pnc beta

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    Please add colonies

    656/5000 Problems with the colonies I was playing the ww2 scenario with Germany, but I realized that it was impossible to attack France and the United Kingdom, due to their vast territories that made them gain a lot of man power. I then tried, thanks to the Editor, to create vassals, so that the two powers still had colonies, but that these did not affect so much man power. However, this has led to another problem. Now, if the colonies intervene in the war, at the end of the peace treaties it is possible that the Indian Raj has annexed some territories in Germany, or that French Morocco now has some territories in Italy. Please resolve.
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    Why aoc2 is dead?

    Because we gave him a lot of support
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    To remove the file from the RAR, download the application named '' RAR '' from the Play Store and long press the .rar file and press '' Extract to folder ''
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    POPULATION Nation First fix nation population. How can Russia has more population than China. Nation population suppose to be realistic. Building Hospital - increase disease resistance School - for non adult Barracks - recruit army Research facilities - for researcher Change library to research facilities Population that are not just a number Add adult (18-60), non-adult (0-17) and retired (60^) pop. Add Life expectancy - old pop that reach certain age die. Life expectancy increase base on technology. [ New technology - healthcare ] from 60-100. Disease decrease life expectancy by few years depend on disease. Each turn baby born base on growth rate. When they reach age 7 they automatically put in school (if a province have one) until they reach age 17. When they become adult they go to industry or research facility. Population type Adult - can be recruited as army, can work (workshop (economy) and research facility ( research) Retired - cannot be recruited as army. Not all can work, if they can it only give small economy output. Non-adult (Children and teenager) - cannot work and be recruited as army. They need to go to school. Each province need to build school so when they become adult it will increase economy and research. Province that that doesn't have school produce no research when they become adult and if you build Army Only adult can be recruited. Province that doesn't have barracks can recruit army but it has -20% attack and defense because you not recruiting a soldier but a normal civilian. It also have -20% cost and upkeep. Army cannot be recruited if there are no adult in a province. Devastation Reduce growth rate, Immigration and increase emigration. When army battle in a province it increase devastation by 2%. Plunder increase devastation by 20% Horde can massacre population - kill 50% of a province pop and increase devastation by 50%. 10 years cooldown. 100% devastation have no growth rate and have 100% emigration, damaged buildings (can be repaired). Immigration Each capital have immigration attraction except tribe and horde. Immigration add pop base on emigration% of each province in a nation to capital every year. New diplomacy - Immigration treaty Immigration come from outside of your nation base on opinion of that nation. Emigration Devastation increase emigration. Disease increases emigration. Growth rate Immigration increase growth rate. If a province has no adult it decrease growth rate by 100%. Growth rate will increase slowly when the children become adult or when people immigrate. Devastation decrease growth rate. Work Only adult can work. Workshop increase economy. Research facility increase research. Happiness Happiness affect work and immigration. -1% happiness = -1% economy and research = +1% emigration = +1% revolts risk (if you have other nation core on a province) If this is too much or too complicated at least change happiness. Happiness barely do anything. The reasons why I suggest this is because recruiting army reduce population significantly and for this reason I don't recruit army in capital so I can focus on economy and research in capital.
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    New security requirements

    You should add the mail and you are a robot verification of type, I hate them but them will at least make lower the robot spam in the page
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    Ukraine man


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    I had a problem while I was extracting .rar in android, the system says : "Couldn't extract" Could you make a tutorial how to extract ?
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    I see some mistakes and unlogic things. For my country for example. Serbian flag is wrong. You took flag from medieval state Serbia. There is ww1 flag of kingdom serbia, but it should be imported. And when (if) i wanna change flag, all events for serbia will be erased. Also, there are some mistakes on events patterns. One of the events is yugoslavia creation in 1918. Event is gonna happen 100%. And what triggers this event? What if Serbia lost in war against central powers? Those things are for now. Should we start our project?
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    Evet knkm öyle bir düşüncem var 🙂
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    Aslında UI'yı vs. AoC1 haline getirirsen daha da AoC1 havasını katabilisin.
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    Evet, olabilir. Anlayışın için sağol.
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    Futura Mod - A Futuristic Mod

    ~ A mod that aims to bring the future into Age of Civilizations II ! About: Futura is a total conversion mod that aims to bring the future into Age of Civilizations II. New scenarios, events, UI, music, and so much more has been added to Age of Civilizations II. Let the future be in your hands with this mod. Remember, this mod is realistic, and all features are based on today. However, this is based purely on political standpoints (obviously climate change and other drastic effects could or would have happened). Also, these scenarios might change based on current political standpoints. These scenarios are also based on the idea of no more global conflict in the future (which is the realistic option, but things can dramatically change). Keep in mind the supported scenarios are 2050, 2100, 2200, Machine War, and Machine War Aftermath. Any other scenarios might make the game crash or cause unexpected behavior. Download: It is important to backup your current Age of Civilizations II folder as this mod will change many files. AoC2 - Futura Mod - v0.2 Mod DB Page Features: • 2050, 2100, 2200, Machine War, and Machine War Aftermath scenarios • United Nations • Completely new futuristic looking UI • New countries • Current and future canals (Panama, Suez, Kiel, Thia, and Mexico) • New music (all music by Kevin MacLeod) • New governments • New diseases • New ages Planned Features • New events and formable countries • Decision system • AI and nuclear warfare • More scenarios Images: 2050 Scenario: 2100 Scenario: 2200 Scenario: Machine War Scenario: Machine War Aftermath Scenario:
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    1910 yılında senaryoların tetikliyicileri yok bakarsanız sevinirim
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    Bilmem , belki sadece aoc1 icin farklı ikonlar vs. getirebiliriz. Eleştirilere açığım knk
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    pnc beta

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    Tool write in Python & Use Tkinter is hard to make android port and need 3rd-party tool, but file can use with android version FAQ: In Release version you can use flag & flagH function to change flag of in-game civ
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    Python and C#/C++ is very different... but you know? - you can run Python in C# - you can convert Python to C#/C++ And Main Function Require - Gettext from CivName - Import Image and Resize for game - Create Civ Folder & Save CivName to file - Get file from Template and rename for Civ ***Full Version will Release with Open-Source (you can edit source and customize code)
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    Tienes el enlace de pc al principio, en la primera página jeje.
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    I've waiting to try this out for a while but the Android .--- file that the link offers is a .rar file so as of right now I'm at a loss
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    Reis... Yapmışsın emek vermişsin eline de sağlık ama kızmazsan birşey diyeceğim. Biraz gereksiz olmamış mı ?
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    Just change this "AoC1 Mod for AoC2 Android Free - Only AoC1 Map but AoC2 - 50 MB ÂPK" to age of civilizations mod aoc 1
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    I'll get this stuff fixed. Appreciate it.
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    I don't get this method, it's so weird. What about other people who live in developed areas of the world? There are NO homeless animals where I live so I can't prove anything except the fact I have bought the game
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    It can not download i need permission 😊 p.s. i'm riccardo_capuano1 😅
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    Where are you from?

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    but its only alpha 0.01, so it mean its not fully completed
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    Where are you from?

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    Where are you from?

    Hungary lol
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    Lucas L

    Where are you from?

    I'm from Spain!
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    Where are you from?

    Why the heck is not my dear fu*king Catalonia there?! I will demand you! I will hit you with a calçot while dancing sardanes and singing els segadors! XD
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    Make the map better than all game map pls...take some of my ideas to repair Lukasz map and put it on your european map...

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