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    Scenarios with New CivPack - 47 New & Re-new Civ - Renew civ have new flag & color - Based on Rebel and Civil War State Download - Go to ***Scenarios Release in CivEditor Package*** Image: Mexican Rebelion United Province of Cental America New Granada Peru-Bolivian Commonwealth Argentine Confederation Brazilian Civil Wars
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    This is a mod that includes a "realistic" modern world scenario and added some ideologies and goverments, the ideologies are more used for former scenarios meanwhile the goverments are used more in current scenarios. What this includes? - 8 types of goverment and 14 ideologies "the list can be expanded in the release" - The modern day scenario includes the forgotten countries in the original game and the list of powers was modified to be most accurate to one of the real world "GDP Nominal" - It includes current day leaders "Example: Bolsonaro" and alternative leaders "Example: Gus Hall for communist USA" - The leaders are the ones whose offices constitutionally administer the executive or legislature of their respective state/government. - It changes names to Oficial Names "with exception of some historic nations for not be confused with current ones just like Gran Colombia or First French Republic" - Birth Dates are replaced with Assumed Office dates Plans - Create a modern world scenario with more provinces for make more accurate maps - Create 2013, 2000, 1980, 1970, 1945, 1936, 1911 scenarios Alpha 0.01: It includes... - 33 new ideologies - 2019 scenario - 295 new leaders - 188 new songs - New sound for move army - 5 provinces were changed of place for some civilizations (San Marino, Vatican City, Liechenstein, Saint Vincent and the Granadines, Saint Kitts and Nevis) Download Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1JdZy4_QQMtCD83i6C4_YqQf7mRho_Hfd/view?usp=sharing
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    [Tool] CivEditor - Library Update!

    CivEditor Write in Python & On top of libraries Features - Import Your Flag & Auto Resize for in-game image scale - Easy to Customize your civ & Easy to make a lot of Civ - Civilization Information Editor - flag & flagH function for Edit and Backup --Video Review-- 2019-08-19 16-16-41_1.mp4 How to Download & Install? 1. Python Source Version MegaDrive: https://mega.nz/#!eixg2KzC!liZDZaOpPvJGZ_zoiMV7SFhS69kU8dRYaT3nZcpigIo 2. PyInstaller (Execute) Version MegaDrive: https://mega.nz/#!nixiECwa!Z1TLvZmCH-ueGI1Uk-Cy9mrE4eEBIQsNp44MUaEiKhU (***This Is Update Link) What is Different between version? Source Version - Python Latast Version Required (Include Module) - Support for Dev & Hot Fix! - For debug need Python skill PyInstaller (Execute) Version - Execute to exe - Package include CivPack How to Use? - Import your Flag to "Import" folder - Open CivEditor Step-by-Step - Enter CivName - Enter flag filename + file extensions (like ".png", ".jpg") - Click Import - CivInfo is informations about your civ (like Wikipedia or Civ Status) - Click Create ***If you get error... delete file of error civ and plz step-by-step How to Import to game? - Copy your civ folder in Workspace folder to civilizations_editor in game folder - Add civ name to Age_of_Civilizations file - Open game and Edit Civ Color in game editor - Copy civ folder in FlagIO & FlagHIO to civilizations_editor ***Warning*** after import flag from FlagIO & FlagHIO to game, dont edit civ in game editor (Flag will return to blank) you can edit only name after import Dev Word & FAQ: - This tool cant edit civ color because color file is Java Serializable (Python have module to edit but need encoding skill) - Why flag show white frame? >> File is .png Transparent can show in white or black when show in image viewer - Now Library Update! & Android Version Release
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    Review: This video is my video. Also this mod is my mod. New Mod for AoC 2 / AoC2 / AoCII / AoC II Mod Creator: Memososisi You can donate money for me on this website: https://www.bynogame.com/destekle/memososisigaming Also you can join these groups for new mods: 1) https://discord.gg/gkeBhfR 2) https://www.facebook.com/groups/677024482659186/ 3) https://m.vk.com/topic-136362838_39600644?offset=0 How to Upload New Scenarios for Age of Civilizations II Android: https://youtu.be/Z5PztpzWY6o How to Upload Civilizations_Editor Documents for Age of Civilizations II Android: https://youtu.be/uYazfNDlxlo How to Upload New Maps for Age of Civilizations II Android: https://youtu.be/XA4KR43r2z0 How to Download Documents on Link.tl *Updated*: https://youtu.be/vmcwLgicNeQ Links for Upload Scenario,Map,Mod: --- Extractor Download Link: http://link.tl/1ZDn6 (Google Play Store) MT Manager Download Link: http://link.tl/1ZDnn (apkmonk.com) ZArchiver Download Link: http://link.tl/1ZDne (Google Play Store) You needn't do anything except download and upload the documents Free Download Link (Android) : https://lnkload.com/2j9uA ↓↓↓↓↓ How to get permission for --- and PC documents? #PledgeABowl ENG: If you send me photo of keep water for animals or feed animals on this websites: 1) https://discord.gg/gkeBhfR 2) https://www.facebook.com/groups/677024482659186/ 3) Instagram @memososisi or @memososisigaming or @ageofcivilizations2 I can give permission for --- TR: Bana bu gruplarda hayvanlar için bir kap su veya bir kap yemek koyduğunuz fotoğraflarınızı yollarsanız size erişim verebilirim: #BirKapSu 1) https://discord.gg/gkeBhfR 2) https://www.facebook.com/groups/677024482659186/ 3) Instagram @memososisi , @memososisigaming , @ageofcivilizations2 Please follow me on Instagram: memososisigaming & memososisi & ageofcivilizations2
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    Ben nasıl yapılır bilmiyorum reis bu işleri ya --- falan rar indirdim suan obbde dosyasinda on the verge of war yaziyor ne yaomam lazim bu oyunu uygulamaya donusturmek icin
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    Stand by if events are not running in the A-P-K file. A-P-K link will be given which is the event that has triggered tomorrow and works properly.
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    Yardımın için teşekkürler. Fakat biz bunu zaten biliyoruz. :) Sen bunu yazdığında yaklaşık 62 eventi düzeltmiştik. 😄 Yine de yardımcı olmak isttemen bizi çok mutlu etti. Hatayı düzeltip güncel bir şekilde A-P-K'yı tekrar koyacağız. Teşekkürler. İyi günler.
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    Merhaba, yaptığınız ---'da eventler çalışmıyor. Bu sorunun neyden kaynaklı olduğu biliyorum. Olaylarda "tetikleyiciler" kısmında "olay olasılığı" seçeneğini seçip %100 veya 99-98 yaparsaniz her bir eventte bu sorun giderilecektir. Elimde olsa ben deneyip yardımcı olmak isterdim fakat --- paylaşmamda hata oluyor. Birkac oyun içi fotoğraf attim sağdaki farklara bakarak anlayabilirsiniz. Kolay gelsin
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    Europe in 900 AD

    Europe in 900 AD COUNTRIES: Norway Denmark Germany West Francia Burgundian Kingdom Pamplona Leon Emirate of Cordoba Idrisid Fatimid Gallura Abbasid Byzantine Empire Bulgaria Serbia Croatia Hungary Italy Papal States Naples Salerno Scotland Danelaw Mercia Wessex LEADERS: Aelfwynn (Mercia) Charles III (West Francia) Conrad (Germany) Constantine II (Scotland) Constantine VII (Byzantium Empire) Prince Pavle (Serbia) Rudolph II (Burgundian Kingdom) Simeon I (Bulgaria) Tomislav (Croatia) 900 Europe.rar
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    UPDATE (V 3.1) Hello Everyone, I just uploaded SEPARATISTS V3.1, which fixes some significant issues. Much thanks to Kelvinnn for pointing this stuff out to me. The new version doesn't include any new custom civilizations, but it includes some important border changes. Also, I added a set of new files to download, the flags, which are meant to fix in-game flags that are inaccurate. The only flag that I've changed so far is that of Sarawak (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flag_of_Sarawak), which uses an outdated version of the Sarawak flag (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Raj_of_Sarawak). If you don't feel like downloading the flags, they are inconsequential to the functionality of the scenario, but make the scenario slightly more accurate. Thanks, Shrimpy5678
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    Age of Civilizations 2 | Addin+ v7

    what’s the point of uploading this mod if it’s restricted access? well it doesn’t matter since you stole 100% of the scenarios and i could just download them from their original source! and don’t deny that you stole the name just so you could mislead people to your mod, RAT!
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    El Salvador Map

    Download: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1m1Sw8ytNF1x_d79JSJ9BVQl2uDNTPYiP
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    Tsar Satanus I.


    Now you can form Visegrad (V4) Make Visegrad Great Again Happy conquering! 1551959789649jiibrvmk
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    I said "pls add a tech tree similar to this picture in 15 february.His situation is " not read yet"
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    Because this attention whore is going to ask you to prove those claims with pictures of feeding fucking animals. :) I even join his discord server, just to see what he force people to do. Pathethic. :)
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    Age of Civilizations 2 | Addin+ v7

    If you send me photo of keep water for animals or feed animals on this websites, i give permission to you.
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    Formable civs mod (1.0)

    Hello! as a Turk, Turcologist: where is ottoman empire ? actually you need to add in Turkey ottoman,turkic khaganate,anatolian seljuk,great seljuk,hun empire and where is Mughal,Safevids you need to add safevids to Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan is too another turkic state but abbasids werent turkic abbasids were arabic empire. Actually there is 7 turkic states nowadays Turkey,Azerbaijan,Kazakhstan,Uzbekistan,Kyrgzstan,Turkmenistan and North Cyprus Turkic State(actually its a vassal of Turkey) you can add all another turkic states everyone because we were coming the same ancestors. Turkic Khaganate,Hunnic Empires(europa hun,great hun,ak hun)and you need to add uzbekistan Great Timurid Empire actually if you prepare a turkic formed civ. you need to look 16 great turkic empires in the history, because we established this empires together. -All Hail Atilla.
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    Modern Day + Mod

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