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    Lucas L

    1648 scenario

    Oh, in your topic you used the same words than I in my 1570 scenario! I feel flattered ^_^
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    Looks great!
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    I suggest a new update which makes use of the events system, as the game can be way more interesting with events. It is way too hard to set up events individually, and I just request that this is spread out to moderators and Lukasz Jakowski. Also, a more accurate placement of leaders to their proper timelines would be amazing. Thanks to Lukasz for developing this game(I am aware we demand too much from a one man developer, but I plead in behalf of many others!)
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    the USA's worst nightmare

    Have you ever Wondered what would it be like if a lot of Communist Nations came back? well, the Scenario is here! The Scenario includes: 53 communist nations returning Warsaw Pact is stronger than Ever it's literally very OP The Nations added are Socialist Republic of Chile Saxony Soviet Paris Commune(as French Commune) Free Socialist Republic of Germany Asturian Socialist Republic Anarchist Aragon So, have fun destroying the USA with 53 nations in one alliance! more will come... 1567039127829wstnkotj.zip
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    the USA's worst nightmare

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    Lucas L

    My first scenario(Work in progress)

    Interesting! And it would be nice if you could give more information about this alternative timeline.
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    the USA's worst nightmare

    Its not, i'm adding them right now
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    Lucas L

    luxemburgo :v

    Creo que con lo de "reportado" se refiere a que denunció tu comentario.
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    the USA's worst nightmare

    Also XD why my country looks different "sudan" xD
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    the USA's worst nightmare

    Holy moly I love it
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    Lucas L

    luxemburgo :v

    Pero en realidad eso fue culpa de todo el consejo. Nadie, yo incluido, le exigió que acabase su mandato o nuevas elecciones. Así que técnicamente él acabó su mandato y desde entonces en el consejo hay anarquía xD Además Salo_14 es buena gente, no se va a enfadar por una tontería jaja. Sí, se entendió xD. Prácticamente es la única manera de conseguir ganar en el juego con una nación de una provincia, aprovechándose de Oceanía, el Caribe y los estados pequeños hasta que puedas ser un país "normal" y a partir de ahí jugar como siempre. El Dios de la Ortografía ha detectado mayúsculas innecesarias en la mayor parte de tu texto. Exije que se corrijan inmediatamente.
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    Lucas L

    luxemburgo :v

    Para redimirte puedes hacer el mismo reto con Andorra xD.
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    luxemburgo :v

    Hablas por la parte entre Polonia y Litunia y de las provincias rusas v:?
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    1939 ww2

    *ahem* Did you really just steal that scenario from the scenario folder and renamed the folder?
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    Lucas L

    luxemburgo :v

    No sé, me tendrías que mandar una foto para saberlo, ¿no? xD
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    Lucas L

    luxemburgo :v

    Que lo de perder provincias en un tratado de paz es ilógico; y como solo pasa en este juego, pues, lógica de Age of Civilizations 2 xD.
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    luxemburgo :v

    Que xD?
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    Lucas L

    luxemburgo :v

    Se refiere a que los bordes están muy marcados. Si no te agrada (aunque veo que te da igual xD) puedes tratar de escalar el mapa a tu gusto.
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    luxemburgo :v

    Bordergore:Gore de fronteras
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    Load Game files WHERE?

    and where to find it on android? using the A P K opener obviously.
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    hey gamer, is ur next game gonna be age of wii 2 or AoC3?
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    Future mapper


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    I was played with ottomans in Victorian age there is no netural or no another country just me ...
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    Future mapper

    Papers, Please!

    just Translate it to ENGLISH
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    Future mapper

    It is not a Shiite

    It is not a Shiite
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    I am come back ! (Who cares ? )
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    Future mapper

    The World

    Yeah yeah it is yeah
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    Future mapper


    ehh wtf ?
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    Balamber Khan

    Ojibwe [1440]

    EPISODE 2: Azteca 1.1: Aztecans "We arrived at the final point of the river and our master said that there is a sea here. As he said, at the other part of the sea, there is a strong federation called Azteca, and he said that one day, we'll be a strong federation like them. " 1.2: Federation "Our master said that we are a federation now, like Azteca! He also said that we won't migrate anymore, and he said that he is the ruler of us now, we accepted." 1.3: Wichitans "Our mast... *cough* king said that we destroyed evil Wichitans while I was sleeping. Hooray!"
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    Atleast any type of anarchy cant be a goverment
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    Future mapper

    Small Earth Project

    dont look at hre dont look at hre What ever it is good :d
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    Future mapper

    true you didnt

    true you didnt
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    no leader we need anarchy !
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    More yugoslav war more more more !
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    Future mapper

    Modern Day + Mod

    what the
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    I found because I found
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    Future mapper

    Chess Map

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    when it will relased ?
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    Future mapper

    Greater Chilean Empire

    speak english
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    arent you have steam ? just confirm game files
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    Future mapper

    Rate AoC2 from 1 to 10

    bugs and bugs and more bugs
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    Remove Cancer Disease

    Uhh, actually, cancer can spread through the internet. Recently there's an "innocent" game called fortnite that is supposed to be for kids, but then people find out that if you play a round of that game and if one of the players in that round have cancer, the everyone in that round of game will get cancer.
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    Location of the game scenarios

    Could someone make a video showing how to do it on Android? Thanks
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