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    You're welcome. I know that feeling of euphoria that comes when you finally see that keyboard.
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    Button to assimilate all states

    this has probably been said before but we NEED a button that can assimilate all states that can be assimilated. Because having to press the button who knows how many times nearly 30 turns gets annoying, really annoying. It's especially annoying when you annex a large country like Russia or China.
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    AOCII Mapping Episode 1 - The New World

    2789-2800 The 7th World War was declared on 3rd November 2789. On 1st of January 2800, Socialist Republic of Russia dropped a very large nuke into the world. 2999 Moldovia: Ugh... The world is still here. ???: Hey Moldovia! Wallachia: It's Been a long time Moldovia: Hey Wallachia! Do you know anything about Transylvania? Wallachia: Not sure but we better explore Moldovia: No sign Wallachia: I will continue exploring in Bulgaria Moldovia: Okay now i will just get my land ???: Looks Like some Romanians found me... Wallachia: Wait... Bulgaria: Everyone shold fall under Bulgaria! Bulgaria declares war on Wallachia Wallachia: Really you think i am that weak? Bulgaria: I will finish you off! (To be continued)
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    Algo nuevo bajo el sol?

    ¡Y De Pasó Quitará Los Rebeldes, Y También Quitará Las Naciones Formables Por Inútiles!
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    No Me Lo Creo xD ¿Golpe De Suerte? Ja, Fue Mi Gran Nivel De Historiador xD
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    Alternate WW2 Scenario

    Good Question :). You will see....
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    Victorian Age - 1836

    Imagine, if you will, a time before Lukasz added the Victorian Era scenario to the game. I was an avid fan of the game even in this time, and because I wanted a Victorian Era scenario, I created my own. I dubbed the scenario the Victorian Age, and it was wildly innacurate. However, even so, when the official Victorian Era scenario came out, I was disappointed to find it was rather lackluster. It disappointed me for a number of reasons, so I decided to upgrade my Victorian Age scenario. It's been months in the working, but I feel now that it is ready to be released to the public. ==What does it change?== My Victorian Era scenario adds a wide variety of changes in the map - new states are added to West Africa, India, North America, and some parts of Europe, as you will see by the screenshots provided. Furthermore, it adds a wide variety of historical events that can build a dynamic alternate history. ==Screenshots== A full map of the world: Europe: North America: South America: Northern Africa: Western Africa: Southern Africa: Asia: India: Australasia: ==What problems might I encounter?== Unfortunately, some of the events are rather buggy. They may fire at the wrong time or with the wrong triggers. However, it should not greatly impact the overall playing experience. Also, it does not fix the issue of leaders being present in the wrong time period. Thus, Abraham Lincoln is still president of the U.S. in 1836. ==Download== Before you download, be warned! The "civilizations_editor" and "leaders" folders will contain a white file simply named "Age of Civilizations." REMOVE THIS FILE FROM THE FOLDER BEFORE DOWNLOADING. If you do not, it will replace all the data you have built up through playing the game with all of my data. You have been warned. Download link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=16mXgp5HBIgUbQGA4yAuXt5OrB5QF1r0N I hope you enjoy my custom 1836 Victorian Age scenario.
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    Lucas L

    luxemburgo :v

    ¡Y qué inocentes xD!
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    luxemburgo :v

    Que leyendas vivientes!
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    ¡Lo Sabía! Soy El Mejor Historiador Del Universo ¡Sabia Que Era Vasallo!
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    Lo siento por la respuesta tardía, pero entré al tema por la actualización del escenario de hace unas horas. La Wikipedia en español muchas veces difiere de la versión en inglés, y como prueba, si vas a la versión inglesa del artículo del Segundo Imperio Mexicano lo verás identificado como protectorado (vasallo) de Francia. Te adjunto link: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Second_Mexican_Empire No obstante, puedes hacer lo que quieras, modificarlo o no, que para eso es tu escenario. Yo tan solo te lo quería comentar para que tuvieras una fuente confiable que te lo indique.
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    Lucas L

    Alternate WW2 Scenario

    Well, I have one question, why Northern Ireland isn't a part of the allies? I mean, it's a part of the UK but they don't collaborate in the war? Why?
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    Flag Competition

    its just flagmaker.jr a flag designing program.
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    You dont have to. Thanks anyway.
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    I guess you are wrong. 😝 You got triggered by dislike hah? Why you edited comments? Pffff, i have no time for this. Bye bye moron.
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    AoC II is dead

    Yeet it's dead
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    Update 1.4 has been released.
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    Balkan Big Map (4500+ provinces)

    Finished Republika Srpska (99 provinces in Bosnia) , and added Turkey into map. (Parts of Turkey) PS...Yellow territory is federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (100 provinces) , i need to do that soon.
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    Balkan Big Map (4500+ provinces)

    Serbia is done...maybe i will continue work on this. Next will be Croatia And Bosnia.
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    More Provinces

    I am sorry but work on the map is stopped for now but soon I will be working again I need a break for the last days of the holiday
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    More Provinces

    New Update 🙂 Added: Comoros, Mayotte, Cyprus, North Cyprus, The Bahamas, Turks and Caicos Islands and province UK on Cyprus Island
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    Balkan Big Map (4500+ provinces)

    We can chat here for now, if you want. We can split drawing, and later you can add it into picture to provinces program. But we must follow number of provinces i created. This number is made by me, not representing real number of provinces, but it follows real territory size of balkan countries.
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    Balkan Big Map (4500+ provinces)

    Too many wow comments, and not much help. :)
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    Button to assimilate all states

    We need this.
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    Same for army conscription and buildings. It’s just so annoying to build and upgrade (3-5 times each building) building in every province, something like brush tool will be nice. When you have more than 10 provinces the building/investing/army making process becomes unbearable and prevents you from getting enjoyed
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    Compañías Escandinavas

    Lies! -Barron-
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    Project is officially abandoned. I get tired with on and off terms some people bring to me for helping me get this idea work. I never forced anyone to join project, never rush anybody... If you dont wanna help, thats fine. Maybe one day i will put this on the table again, but for now i guess its over. I draw for hours and got nearly 1000 provinces done, but i dont wanna spend any more time on something that i know no one will push to the reallity. Dont wanna sound pathetic, so this is it. Im done.
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    Potrzebuje pomocy

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