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    Hello! I am a new modder in AOC2 and am working on my own personal project as a side-project, with it being called The Great Brotherhood. It is about a German Victory in world war 2, with it starting a cold war between the Axis and the US. (Italy vs Germany vs Japan vs USA). This does NOT want to aim to be historical but a fun scenario that will include multiple events and interesting decisions that could risk your nation. Will you see the Axis rise to be a god, or fall to be a peasant? Well, you will find out when the mod comes out! Estimate of when it comes out: Unknown, WIP Misc. - The map has been completed aside from Asia which will be fully completed in the Clique update, which will also add events to it. Progress - Decently far, the map will be edited a bit. Here is an image of europe, with it having the Reichskommissariats, and Moskowien is selected. Also, some leaders are a bit strange. They will be changed before the game is released officially! Constructive criticism is of course accepted, thank you. Last Thing, more ideologies will be added: - National Socialism - Italian Fascism - Ultranationalism More will be added, but those are for way later. Download (V1): https://www.dropbox.com/s/rsghrwu7ok829xa/The New Brotherhood V1.rar?dl=0
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    MatrixeQ HD Mapping

    World War Zombie

    Hi after a month of inactivity finally i something upload This is World War Zombie (inspired from Neutronex) If you don't understand First watch this: and then watch the second video after first: That's all Download link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/uj2gm27voccyxg1/wwz.rar/file or download directly here (scroll down) Bye MatrixeQ HD Mapping 👊 wwz.rar
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    Hey gamer I would suggest you take your talents somewhere else, this game is dead kek
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