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    Fate of World Mode - (New UI, New Scenarios, New Background, New Maps, New Ideologıes and Religions,New Icons, New Musics) (UNDER CONSTRUCTION) AoC2ModdingTR Hello to everyone. I am here again with a new mode. The new UI, new Background, New Game Sounds, New Scenarios, new ideologies, new religions, new maps and new icons, all of which belong to our group AoC2ModdingTR. Currently only UI and map background is complete. New Scenarios: The scenarios are not yet complete. But we plan to make at least 20 scenarios and scenarios of important centuries. Each scenario will contain at least 20 events. New UI: This UI was created using mostly blue and black colors. It really made the game look very stylish. New UI created by Kerems2434 (Me). New Map Background: New background made for Earth Map. It was prepared by adding additions to the background of Addon + mode. by Kerems2434 (Me) New Maps: Maps are not yet complete. We plan to make at least 3 maps. Maps will be prepared in the form of very detailed maps of some countries. New Ideologies & Religions: Since we cannot add religions as a separate system to the game, we put religions into ideologies. For example: Monarchy - Christian Monarchy - Muslim Monarchy - Buddhist or Fascism - Jewish Fascism - Christian Fascism - Muslim ETC. New Icons: Brand new and attractive icons will be prepared for those who are bored of the game's own icons. SUBSCRIBE TO OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIVov6An3mEzP17tLGcZl6g?view_as=subscriber MOD WILL BE RELEASED 3-4 WEEKS. FATE OF WORLD MODE BY AOC2MODDİNGTR GROUP (ALL SCENARIOS, UI, BACKGROUND, MAPS, ICONS, MUSICS, IDEOLOGIES AND RELIGIONS BY AOC2MODDINGTR) PREPARİNG BY KEREMS2434, LİM10, M.ISA, ARDA, BERAT2121113
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    Galaxy map (Author: eNeXPi)

    Current Status: New Download Link on last page I was working lately on Galaxy map you I'm going to upload it soon and you can play it and update further!
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    [Tool] Image to Province Converter

    I've made a tool, which converts a .png into a bunch of provinces, allowing someone to create a custom map more easily. Link to download : https://github.com/Timm638/aoc2_converter/raw/master/AoC2_Conv_0.1.jar Link to short guide: https://github.com/Timm638/aoc2_converter If you need help ask here or come over to the discord.
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    Earths Of İron

    +New Uİ +NEW MAP BACKGROUND +120 SCENARİO +6 MAP (android) +16 MAP (PC) +22 GOVERNMENT (Earth of İron MAP) MAP LİST; 1- 63 2-AoC United 3- British Isles 4-Iberian Peninsula 5-Ukraine 6-Big Middle East 7-Turkey 8-Turkey WIP 9-Area 51 10-Chess 11- Fortnite 12-Netherlands in detail 13- Antartica 14-Kepler 15-AoC1 16-AoC2 Mod PC link; https://lnkload.com/2jHhE ⛔⛔⛔ Mod Android link; https://lnkload.com/2jHhL "memososisine tüm katkılarından dolayı teşekkür ediyorum"
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    Hayir olmadi.sadece hayatimda problemler var Mod is not canceled.Just I have problems in my life,sorry Not certain Thx +30 new formable civs added ABC islands (aruba bonaire curaco) Great sudan Greater aragon Unoted korea Greater india Greater pakistan Greater azerbaijan Greater sweden Greater ireland BeNeLux Kaiserreich Greater bulgaria Greater albania Visegrad Greater turkey Turan Union Greater mongolia Greater bosnia Indochina cemtral asia union central asia turkic union Scandinaviab union South america union Baltic union grand turkish republic And more +++
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    Earths Of İron

    Took and edited the map from Addon+ again..........
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    He might give if u not Turkish. the reason he does this is bc turkish animals r homeless
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    More Provinces

    ok i do panama and panama canal 😄
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    Pretty sure it will
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    Ultra Shattered Earth (Author: eNeXPi)

    This map will be released and updated on my new project im working casually Earth 2.0 (Unfinished Map/Mod) not every province will be nation... thats to much work nobody will do. British Isles in 700 AD
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    New Leaders

    😫 ur first mod ❤❤
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    For both, the answer is yes, it's not made yet but it will be in. Can't say when thought, but right now the versions is
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    More Provinces

    Sorry guys for dont give you update i must learn so i dont have much time i only do Florida so sorry of course I didn't quit my job but I will work less efficiently if I have a lot of free time I will try to do more
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    Download: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1UjvQUFD61yONkD56FNPcVZRl7X1JXpu-
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    img2map tool

    Hi everybody, i made tool that can convert your image to map for aoc2. Image must have colored provincies, provincies must have no holes, no exclaves. Example is attached below. Manual: you must open with programm img2map your image(on Windows you can drag your image and drop on programm). Wait some time, then in folder provs you will get your provintion files. In file conf.txt type + opposite line "must_simplifi" if you want smooth border path. Number opposit line "simplify_rate" means how much will be simplified border path. Source codes also attached. Programm write in C++ with using SFML library. Recent map of France made with my tool) img2map1.2.zip source1.2.zip
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    Can you show an image
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    Game of Thrones

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    In the discord group there is some activity, so I suppose that yes
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    Could you put some events in the game?
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    11:59 9b Mod For Android

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    Could you tell us when it's coming out?
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    I think it's still coming out, when? I don't know. I suppose we will have to trust them
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    Are you going to include some parts of Africa, Asia and North America?
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    They said that maybe by the end of July
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    Game of Thrones

    Wow, It's so cool
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    Terraformed Mars Project

    So basically I was the first one who was working on this project from the community in Google+. I was working on it, and stopped. After someone copied exactly what i was doing and pretended that he didnt understand what i was saying, I kinda stopped there. But I think I could make a new one again I didn't delete the older map, but I don't know if I could use that in AOC2, so I am going to trace the map into a new one. I hope there is no map of mars made yet. Is there an any "official" program for drawing AOC2 maps? Thank you. Updates will be up after I get the map again.
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    Galaxy map (Author: eNeXPi)

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    Comrade JP

    Europe 4000 BC - 3500 BC Scenario

    Added 6 more civilizations: Asia: 1 in India 1 in China 1 in Japan 1 in the middle east. Africa: Added 1 in lower Egypt added 1 in upper Egypt
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    Year 1683

    I think that Spain owned Sicily, Sardinia and Naples as well as Belgium
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    Ultimate AoC II Map!!

    lol yes
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    Things That Should Have in the Game

    Some ideas for the game New Buildings Hospitals They could prevent diseases,or reduce deaths.It could costs 7000 per building? Airports Fast Travel troop's through provinces(only your pronvinces).10.000 per building? Bank You can Store money for the future,or make bigger loans.5.000 per building ? Land Mines Kill 15-30% of the enemy army in the built province.3.000 per mine(have a chance of 30% to kill your troops too in the province) New Troops Paratroopers(Planes) he could pass through 3 provinces,and deploy 50 troops per plane.dont know the price per troop Bombs.... Destroy 65-85% of the enemy army in the desired province.has a radius of 10 provinces...10.000 per bomb? Spy Show all the troops in the province he is(even with castles){and if it is on the capital it shows all the troops from the country?overpower}8.000 per spy? New Mechanics Economic alliances Well..Divides the gains by country? Change the flag of the country You can export images from your computer,dont know the necessary resolution I dont know if some one already have thinked about all that things.. By Luxx (Where's the Workshop?)
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    Very nice ideas! The most I like is the airport one
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    hello there nice mlp avatar
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    Do I have to repeat? Just. Make. It. Public. Period. What's so hard about doing that?
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