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    הורדה חופשית <3 INFO ABOUT IT New Logo / Game Lunch pic °Fix Fransh Map Sea Grph Aoc1Map °Fix Lags On Map Editor Remove OLD's Port's Forts's War Looks °Real Year's move time °New's scenarios More then "40+" -yeamn's civil war -libyan civil war -6 days full map scenario -Rise of kush - -206 Tarentum scenario CW 1 AnD more:) °Pnc UI is back Special colors White red °Loding Color °music package new Msc 5+ °New city's/land's "scotra land ° formable :) new 12+ °Fix army Box °Fix port Box °Ww2 with diff Story °Fix some Govermeants / new govermeants °diplomacy colors "pnc color is back" °new leaders 2019 - 2020 °New fonts DOWNLOAD LINK https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_u-aSrgm0Fyb32jlyLhF0azPWeez0DRZ/view?usp=drivesdk
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    Hello, everyone. Today I introduced the "Syrian Civil War" scenario, one of dozens of scenarios for Fate of World mode, which we will roll out on November 7. Fate of World mode will be available on November 7. Script Producers: Arda - M.Isa Makers of FATE of World mode: Kerems2434 -Berat2121113 - Lim10 - Arda - M.Isa
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    Hi! I'm from Bosnia if you could add me that would be great and I want the capital to be Sarajevo and I want this flag https://imgur.com/a/BqE9yQd Have a good day or night idk lol
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    Add me too please. I am from Russia
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    My first campaign!

    This was my first campaign, done as Milan in 1440. The initial goal was to unify Italy (Including Istria and South Tyrol) and then annex some more territories (such as those 3 provinces in Africa and Corsica and the American colonies). I decided to finish this campaign in 1513 'cause it was boring to keep clicking the "Colonize" button over and over again.
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    More Provinces

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    Don't forget shot like & subscribe please 😄
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    WW3 scenario USA vs China

    @memososisi Yes, you may review it
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    All the links are blocked Do you have a alternative link?
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    Maybe 17th century, we were more powerful 😛
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    ¿Jajaja por qué no quieres aparecer xD? Y lo de comunista se lo paso, un error lo tiene cualquiera jejeje
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    No Quiero Aparecer Porfavor xD PD: @Lucas L Comunista ?
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    Add me too please. I'm from Brazil.
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    Ranking System

    make a war not love
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    Where do I can find or add new Civilizations to the game? Go to game files -> game -> civilizations_editor And just move downloaded Civilizations folder and it's already in the game!
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    World War Two Nerds?

    I'm interested in WW2, albeit I wouldn't call myself a nerd. If you want to debate, then here are some opinions on WW2 of mine: Germany could have won WW2, but only without Hitler. Even then, if they still had to invade USSR, they'd only win in the very unlikely scenario that they'd get Western support. Erwin Rommel is one of the most overrated Generals of all time. Heinz Guderian is what most people make Erwin Rommel out to be. Erich von Manstein was one of the most brilliant strategists of WW2 and one of the main reasons Germany was so successful. US involvement in the war could only be delayed, but not prevented. Germany could never ever have invaded mainland Britain, even with the destruction of the RAF. Hitler was the reason for both the success of Germany and the failure of it. Germany produced some of the best tanks of the war, but they were exactly the kind of tanks Germany did not need. The Sherman is underrated. While most people say Germany would have been better without Italy, I disagree. While Italy had one of the worst armies of WW2, it still did its own fair share of helping Germany. The Italian Navy kept the Royal Navy busy so Germany could focus on the ground aspect. Many people misunderstand the involvement of Baltics within WW2. The Courland Pocket saw very fierce combat, and the Latvian Legionnaires were some of the last German units surrendered. Let that sink in - the Courland Pocket held out until the Soviets had already reached Berlin. While Soviets had already won by then, D-Day was still an important part of the Allied efforts to end WW2. The nuking of Japan was fully and completely justified. Germany couldn't have gotten nukes, even if the Norwegian resistance members hadn't blown up the heavy water stations and what not. The Soviet Union had better tactics for the use of large scale tank assaults - Deep Operations/Soviet Deep Battle. There was no such thing as a "blitzkrieg" tactic - it was simply generals using the tanks at their disposal to their best ability. Germany was technologically superior to the Allies, but its resources deprived them of putting them to any use. Please don't hate me for having an opinion.
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    Ottomans can into colonizations

    They are going to colonize africa so they can get more powerful and ANNEX THE BALKANS later
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    WW3 scenario USA vs China

    Very unrealistic lol.

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