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    Cosas Mías, No Me Juzgues xD Yo Creo En La Perfección, ¿Porque Crees Que Soy Comunista? (Es Broma xD) I mean I don't want to appear xD PD: Google Translate xD
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    Addon 2.0 Addon 2.0 is our new global modification, designed to revise the idea of the original, and significantly expand its potential, due to the excellent implementation.In modification you will find:• A huge number of new provinces on the original map.◦ Over 50 global scenarios for each period of human statehood• New formable civilizations.◦ New made background, in the style of a satellite map.• Gameplay edits designed to increase the tension of the game.◦ Changed game interface.• 7 new types of governments◦ Excellent atmospheric soundtrack• New world wonders The release is scheduled for 2020 The our group Addon+ 1.4 Addon+ is a global modification that adds interest to the game process (last version 1.4 - Final). Download (Windows): [ Google ; Yandex ; Mail ] Installation: Download the clean version of AoC II. Run the downloaded mod file, select the" Destination folder " location where the game is installed and click extract. If you have a licensed version of the game on steam, you do not need to change anything. This video shows the process of installing the mod on PC. Main innovations of update 1.4 Final ‣ Fixed bugs of previous update. Incorrect boundaries, poor elaboration, etc. were almost completely eliminated. ‣ For one reason or another, some scenarios are cut, the rest are replaced with higher-quality analogues. ‣ New and replaced scenarios: 1910, 1914, 1918, 1930, 1933, 1936, 1939, 1941, 1943, 1944, Late 1944, 1945, 1949, 1961, 1988, 1991, Red World, Another World, Kaiserreich (original), Modern World (Modern world without diplomacy and precise geopolitical situation), regions of Europe, Regions of North America, Regions of Central Asia. * New, atmospheric soundtrack, consisting of 78 songs. * The reference menu has been edited. * Completely redesigned from scratch formed States. * Replaced some of the sounds. * 10 new provinces on the map "Earth+". * Changed some color palettes, these include Modern World, Modern Day, The New Order, Kaiserreich. * Translation has undergone significant changes, now it is more simple and generalized. * Cut and rebalanced some ideologies. * For further development and optimization removed all leaders. * Small changes in UI. * Map texture fixed in some places. * New font. * AI in some scenarios, it can often change the ideology. Our group in VK Screenshots: You can find Android version in our group in VK Also check my new project:
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    Warcraft (Author: eNeXPi)

    Current Status: Working on PATCH 1.1 right now! Warcraft Author: eNeXPi Patch 1.1 FEATURES a) Every Civilizion have a lot more Formable Civilizations options, some civs have option to pick their light path or shadow path... Check Dark Iron Clan on the picture below Some civs don't have option, they have one path I use their affiliation stats in the whole warcraft history Dark Iron Clan is just big example how they switch in history between Ragnaros (Fire Lord) after that they joined Twilight's Hammer and right now they are part of the Alliance Notes: I will try to work on events aswell but first I want to finish the two Scenarios I want. probably that will be for patch 1.1 finish 2 scenarios and uploading the mod/scenario.
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    Seven Years' War

    scenariusz zawiera dokładną mapę z 1756 roku i sojusze z wojny siedmioletniej. Plany obejmują dodanie liderów z tego okresu 1543509837145avmjjdwn.rar zrzut ekranu:
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    Hello, everyone. Today, I introduced the "6 day battles" scenario designed for Fate of World mode. I hope you enjoyed the script. Note: Fate of World mode will be available on November 7, 2019. Note 2: this video is just a promotional video. Icon & interface package used in video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OBdRi8UNxrA AoC2ModdingTR Kerems2434
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    The information is all in one picture RIGHT HERE. :3 And Yes, I wish to be Uganda. If that isn't allowed though, then I live in America, capital needs to be Salem, Illinois since that is actually my home town.
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    On The Verge Of War MOD (WW1,1846,Victorian Era+++, The Distribution 1967, WW3) - (5 Scenario and 246 Events) - (Mobile and PC Compatible) Hello to everyone ... PrimeMusTR, Mirza Baba44 and I Kerem 2434 from the AoC2ModdingTR team are preparing a new mod. There are 5 scenarios in the mode: The Distribution 1967,Victorian Era+++,1846, WW1 and WW3. - ''The Distribution 1967'' : There are 40 events in the script. It covers the years 1967-1980 in detail. The Distribution 1967 by PrimeMusTR and Kerems2434. The events in the pictures are in Turkish but don't worry. Translated into English. PİCTURE1: PİCTURE2: - WW1 Scenario with 100 Events: The script starts in 1910 and continues until 1920. So not only WW1, but also before and after WW1. WW1 Scenario with 100 Events by Kerems2434, MirzaBaba44 and PrimeMusTR. PİCTURE1: PİCTURE2: - WW3 On The Verge of War : I can tell you that the mode gets its name from here. When you begin this scenario, do not expect WW3 to exit immediately. You will make decisions that will drag or save the world into this great global war. You will always try to keep yourself ready for WW3 against possible decisions from events going to other states. I guarantee you will have fun. The scenario is prepared by PrimeMusTR, Kerems2434 and MirzaBaba44. - Victorian Era+++: There are 40 events in the script and Victorian Era makes the script more realistic. Thanks to UlutasErn and Le'Vaux for this scenario. PİCTURE: 1846 Scenario : There are 16 events in the newly added 1846 scenario. PİCTURE: Innovations Outside Scenarios: - New Game Soundtracks - New UI - New Font -New 500+ provinces of spain map And more more more.... The mode will be shared as a dedicated -A-P-K- for mobile devices. All mobile users need to do is install the -A-P-K-. PC users will perform the classic installation. The mode will exit until 07.08.2019 AoC2ModdingrTR Group Kerems2434 - PrimeMusTR - MirzaBaba44 - Hurtlyz - UlutasErn - Le'Vaux - Berat2121113 - Ieunal61
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    Tips for conquering nations

    Just vassalize using ultimatums.. you’ll need a big army... but since you wont be killing them... you can reuse it very quick. Vassals always say yes to annexation in my games
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    World Wonders

    Giza Pyramids Ankgor wat Taj mahal Cristo Redentor Stonehenge Colossus - Rhodes Pharos of Alexandria That's all i know
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    Ukraine man

    New peace treaty

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    awhile ago I kept trying to add provinces to the default map, I all was going smooth until I went above 2300. After I went above 2300 or more the game just wouldn't start and kept crashing. I have had many provinces on custom maps I've made so I don't think its a problem with how I'm making them. All help is appreciated.
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    Governments flags

    I did what you said but nothing works it remain only one flag I tried Country_FL_Ideology country_ideology_fl both didn't work ?
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    Galaxy map (Author: eNeXPi)

    There timelapse 🙂
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    Governments flags

    Ive tried to add different flaggs for the different goverment types for an civilization that ive created(like you told us in the post), but the only flag that is loaded, for every goverment type is the default democratic flag
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    I sent a photo of the bottle in discord many times, you agreed but did not send me a link This is a mockery
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    Any way to exit spectator mode?

    that didn't work. guess i got nothing
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    This update was suggested by Nizar Producciones. Big thanks to him. Anyways, this is an updated version to where I added a few improvements such as a fascist middle eastern country, Spain gets more colonies, and Japan gets a little more land. I hope you like it. This is the updated map. This is the download. I I I I V V 1571523338039ljeatahj.zip
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