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    aynen burda herkes master yaptı bunlarda bi biz gerideyiz :d
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    Knk burası türk forumu değil,cogu kişi biliyo bunu yapmayı 🙂
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    Sadly I lost my pc a while ago and I cant be playing it ever 😞
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    Hexes are cool Hexes are nice Hexes + Aoc2? hmmm .... Hex map Current number of provinces : 699
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    so what you mean Well, everyone in the Society of the age of civilizations has seen World War I or II, but have you ever heard of community War? What's a community War? Anyone in the community, we take information from him, like from any country, and so on, we create a war scenario between them. Project? Over sixty-eight people. new flags for them Alliances, winnings, loss will have a good story How? I'll leave you with some pictures . you understand better. ■ ■ ■ ■□■□■□■ ■□■□■ ■□■ □ Now we have 13 people in the scenario You want to be part of the project, choose the colors and design of your flag, and says which country you're in comment Edit*1 nov 21 Ppl in scenario iN Those pictures beta scenario cuz we don't have Enough PPl Form where U Just Just choose your capital and flag and from which country you will be added פשוט בחר את ההון והדגל שלך ומאיזו מדינה תתווסף Simplemente elija su capital y bandera y a qué país se le agregará Basta escolher sua capital e bandeira e a qual país você adicionará اختار عاصمتك دولتك و شكل الون علمك و سيتم اضافتك NEW UPDATES Check page 2 (Edit nov30)
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    Great Tsar victory

    Hejka! Od jakiegoś robię projekt o nazwie ,,Great Tsar Vicotry" jak da się po nazwie domyślić opowiadane historie w roku 1936 gdyby Carska Rosja wygrała WW`1 Przez co Rosja Dominuje na świecie na razie eventy mają : Rosja UK Włochy Niemcy Francja Chiny (państwo CHińskie, Republika CHińska i Federacja) Japonia Turcja Czechy Węgry Lecz w przyszłych updatach będzie więcej krajów z eventami! dobrej zabawy życzę Update : 26-12-19 Dodano eventy dla : Chin (Republiki, Państwa i Federacji) Turcji japoni zmoiania Granic: Tureckich chińskich Mongolskich gtv 0.3.rar
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    Lukasz Please update game:/

    I have 172 hours aoc2 and I'm bored because the update doesn't come Hey lukasz please bring new updates to this game My advice to update because I really started to squeeze: Treasury Update Border Walls Update Agriculture Update Day and Night cycle in the game... Please update lukasz ❤️ (Turkish Fan)
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    Hello, everyone. Today I showed you how to create a civilisation that can be shaped in the game. I, for example, established Turkey and the Ottoman Empire. You can diversify it by creating different civilizations. This process works regardless of Android or PC. Aoc2ModdingTR Discord Server: https://discord.gg/erJ6zuc AoC2ModdingTR KeremShortest24
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    bizimkiler genelde direkt oynama peşinde mod fln umursamıyolar
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    "i" not showing on civ. names

    So when i open a scenario, the small "i" in the civilization names does not show (the name im talking about is the name that pops up when you zoom out) but for some reason the big "I" is being showed, if anyone knows how to fix this please let me know, thanks. Here are a bunch of examples;
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    Gece Gündüz döngüsü derken?Zaten bir turda aylar geçiyor Ama çok geç oyun terk edildi istersen başkalarının modları haritaları senaryolarıyla vs oynayabilirsin(mesela benim :d)
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    Im a simple man,I see my name I read.
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    This AOCII OR AOC?

    Its Aoc II
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    Map Of Poland v.0.01

    listen, I CAN HOW ONLY give to the Zachodnio Pomorskie or Wielkopolska Voivodeship but in about a month
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    Map Editor - AoC2

    Gonna try tomorrow
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    i cant go outside because i am only 10 but we have 4 cats and they are living with us can you send me a permission please? my email is foxsternikitaii@gmail.com if you need photo of my cats i can send you
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    I am a developer of multiple scenarios on that can I get download permission.
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    Is there a Turkish translation for the civilizations?
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    If you do make another mod/scenario then what would it be?
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    Countries in Yugoslavia

    Where to copy it?
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    please add the part of anatolia you deleted in the map that it can be used for ancient greek,ottoman,rome maps a lot better like that
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    Tips for conquering nations

    Just vassalize using ultimatums.. you’ll need a big army... but since you wont be killing them... you can reuse it very quick. Vassals always say yes to annexation in my games
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    I managed to download this game to my old pc and Im back but this still isnt finished?!?!
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    Well the computers are expensive af in my country right now 😕
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    9 years later: Guys almost finished
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    awhile ago I kept trying to add provinces to the default map, I all was going smooth until I went above 2300. After I went above 2300 or more the game just wouldn't start and kept crashing. I have had many provinces on custom maps I've made so I don't think its a problem with how I'm making them. All help is appreciated.
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    You do not have to create a new civilization to be able to change the type of government, it's super easy. You must go to Scenario Editor and select the scenario to edit, when it loads, you go to the civilization that you want to change the type of government, you select its capital and in the upper right part of the screen it will show you the types of governments, you select the one that you like, you give to next until I tell you to save, and that's it!
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    will you give a download link? I help to do scenarios
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    Inverted World Map

    Download : https://mega.nz/#!t8NRTKxK!Gmx0cLKUw362e9-9rqjPMIqLzXlBJxmHeGS3OkaPrQo
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    Ultimate AoC II Map!!

    I sent it good luck..
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    If you send me that map I'll try to make it in AoC 2
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    The game itself

    While you are playing with, for example, England, at half game you are already powerful enough to declare war on all your neighbors, and, once finished, you lose all interest in the game. It is not the first time that a campaign of 1440 is played, it calls a kingdom like Holland in the Netherlands, I establish a route through islands to Asia from Africa and I colonize to form a vassal with the name of the "Dutch East Indies". The rest of the countries seem that there is nothing. At first the rest of the great nations that surround and frighten me becomes a retouching, but in a measure that advances the game and once overcome, the other kingdoms are touched in ants and my eyes, the game ends, no longer there is a challenge, and that becomes very boring and repetitive. From my point of view, the AI needs to pursue certain objectives. That the Japanese clans form Japan, the Germanic kingdoms form the German Empire, or that they seek to unify the region, including, that Hungary, being the power that it is, try to control Europe, and the Holy Roman Empire begins a crusade against the Hungarian kingdom to be able to defend itself. In short, the game needs objectives, rivalries, challenges that not only have to surpass the own player, but the AI. That the world advances and evolves and never belongs to the nation that one chooses, less from the beginning, since, if not, I lost my time playing and persisting in playing the game itself. Sorry for the English level but I am not native in the language.
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    The game itself

    I agree something like a world war would be awesome It would give the game more depth
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    This is why this game is dead
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    Im sorry to say but I haven't been working on this because of a trojan I'm dealing with called win/32unwaders, after I get my pc fixed I'll start work right away, for now I'm using my brother's pc
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