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Age of Civilizations


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    New overlays

    Added new overlays for the flag editor. All files throw in a folder flags_editor If you have any ideas for new overlays, please send them in comments upd1: added 40 colonial flags overlays.rar
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    Germoney The Attacker

    World Map V2

    Hey Today I Come With A Idea And That Is: Make A Larger World Map On Aoc2 Can U Send Me Maps Well The One I Found For Now Is This Note: The Map Need Have Antartica
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    Hey memososisi, this looks really fantastic. And I like your unusual approach to the download approval involving the wellbeing of animals. I'd like to share a pic of our little chihuahua Loki, but you have to accept my group membership first. Tanks in advance... Have a great day... Tobi
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    You first click the province, then click "More" then scroll down to Invest, it will only slightly make the province better, but after repeatedly doing that it'll 'restore the economy' of it
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    Holy Roman Empire in 1066
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    Łukasz Jakowski

    World War I Scenario

    Nice :)
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    Моды на русском

    Рофловая идеология
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