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    Projekt Erika: History's last chapter

    Projekt Erika is a Scenario/mod which takes place in an alternate 1960s universe where the old world has been completly subjegated by the axis powers and the world is on the brink of nuclear Holocaust. Before getting further into the mod i have to get one thing out of the way. As there are a bunch of axis victory mods/ scenarios you might see a few similaritys with other scenarios here and there but do keep in mind that i did not create this with the intent to steal any ideas from other talented creators though i have to give credit to the hearts of iron 4 mod "the new order" as it was the reason i even decided to create this mod. Now without further ado here is what "projekt erika" has to offer. Scripted events: Projekt Erika seeks to immerse the player with hundreds of scripted events such as wars, civil wars, alliances and others throughout the game so the player will have a different expirience each time he boots up the game. Unique new Nations: Currently Projekt Erika features over 50 new nations, some Historical and some less historically accurate although my goal is to add over a hundred new nations which can be formed/ created through events and such. Scripted Countries: As mentioned before Projekt Erika relies heavily on events and as such the main countries in the game such as germany, Japan and the United states (just to name a few) will have many events with which i will try to emulate some sort of focus tree and as such some nations may have a more clear paths they can go down on than others. I may come up with more ideas as time goes on but for now this is all that I have planned... Several Portraits: (all credit goes to the tno devs) Europe at game start 2 Seperate events as examples (might look different at release) As for when Projekt Erika will release I have no idea however what i can tell you is that i will work on it until i see it fit for release so YOU can have the best expirience. If you have any questions you can just reply to the topic and i will most liekly answer them as I am very eager to hear your opinions. This is the_man from projekt erika signing out.
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    3155 AD (Future Scenario)

    just a crummy future scenario. events soon. the united federation is struggling to keep it's citizens together in the union. and then the empire will soon fall. Features: alot of custom civs: new providence, uralia, south german confederation, bizium, janousat, united federation, balarussia". etc : / decent flag design PLENTY of cores/original population. happiness rates. CUSTOM GOVERNMENTS. -------------------------------------------------- things i'll add soon: 100% original ideologies/diseases fixed borders, events. formable civilizations. in the next version i'll fix some border gore between kazakstan/mongolia and maybe add entirely new ideologies and events. 1574891372048hpmyrato.zip
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    Dear All, How to add new language with your flag ? Step 1: - go to file game > language > Bundle.properties and transate 100% complete. Step 2 : go to Game > Font add your font Step 3 : go to Game > language Add your file and done ! For Flag Step 1: go to Game > Flag and find your Flag code ( Khmer flag code is cab_m) Step 2: go to Game > language > Age of Civillization write your locale code * for khmer: ;km;cab_m: (km is your locale, cab_m is your code locale flag) DONE !
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    Do I really need to take a photo? *Asking for a friend 😉
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    I hope we can see th light of the mod. Pretty cool. Keep up the good work!
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    OMG thank you so much ❤❤❤ you helped me alot
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    On the Verge of War Mode NEW UPDATE - FIXED EVENTS !! - 5 SCENARIO AND 350 EVENTS - 1308 PROVINCES OF MIDDLE EAST MAP - 20 MIDDLE EAST MAP SCENARIO - NEW BACKGROUND - NEW UI (A.P.K & PC) Hello everyone. We've brought a new update to our popular mode On the Verge Of War, which we've stopped developing because it's been troubled for a long time. There are 5 scenarios in the mode, 350 events in total, 20 scenarios made for the Great Middle East Map and the Great Middle East Map, new background for the world map, new background for the Great Middle East Map, new user interface (UI) and new game script. WORLD MAP DETAILS : 1- The Distribution 1967 2- WW3 3- WW1 4- 1846 5- Victorian Era with Events 6- New UI 7- New Map Background GREAT MIDDLE EAST MAP DETAILS: 1- 18 NEW SCENARIO FOR GREAT MIDDLE EAST MAP 2- NEW UI FOR GREAT MIDDLE EAST MAP 3- NEW BACKGROUND FOR GREAT MIDDLE EAST MAP 4- 1308 PROVINCES OF MIDDLE EAST MAP PICTURES (WORLD MAP): PICTURES (GREAT MIDDLE EAST MAP): The installation is written in the file. Mobile players must take the User Interface Scale to 1 to take advantage of the UI. PC DOWNLOAD LINK: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1TOIZU9CUdDyZV3f0hmf3vopHYPtlCqeS ANDROID DOWNLOAD LINK (A.P.K😞https://drive.google.com/open?id=1S68ubvZkriBUY0vws4o9IlEeOgh2ron0 AoC2ModdingTR Scenario Group Kerems2434 - MirzaBaba44 - PrimeMusTR - Ieunal61 - M.Isa -Vaux - ModderPaçacı
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    Hello everyone. We have completed the Great Middle East Map Mode, which we have been working on for a very, very long time. And today we feel happy that we can offer you this great mode. Without further ado, let me tell you about the mode. The mode features a large map of the Middle East with 1308 provinces that are much enlarged to the game's own map and 18 brand new, sparkling scenarios designed for this mode. Mapin produced me and Ieunal61, the scenarios me, M.İsa, Ieunal61, Vaux in this mode also has a new play script. GAMEPLAY: SETUP FOR PC: DOWNLOAD LINKS: LINK FOR PC: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1zlcYJ06FgvynDGSV-CAwNqjL7ONZ8PKS LINK FOR ANDROID (MOBILE): https://drive.google.com/open?id=1dm_tW8ysxYJ11jnf_adho95sp2T6Jubf AoC2ModdingTR Group Map Creators: Kerems2434 - Ieunal61 Scenarios by: Kerems2434 - Ieunal61 - M.İsa - Vaux
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    + = Double egg🥚🥚

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