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    Greater Europe Map v0.75 - DEMO out now

    I'm working on one large update. I'm finishing scandinavia and moving into Russia, which is the last part of the map before doing the ocean provinces. After that, it's downhill from there. I should have a big update ready for Sunday.
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    Looking great, can't wait to see it finished
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    I don't know how to make mods for the Android Version of AOC2, but if someone in the community will want to convert it once I'm finished with version 1.0 I will not mind.
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    XRISE OF ISISX This scenario begins in 2014, when ISIS began to control Iraq, Syria, and some other countries. You'll notice that there's a lot of wars in this scenario Civil war Liberation wars. The countries in this scenario are not all the countries of the world, but the countries that have an impact on events and wars Also,if we added all the countries of the world the game doesn't possess high intelligence. so you will notice a lot of wars The scenario will start from 2014 to 2019 each year, a separate scenario. Events and boundaries are real, but if you notice a flaw in the design of the map, there's nothing we can do about it. So far, we've completed a 2014 scenario , and we're going to have to add photos of the leaders later U HAVE DOWNLOAD "ADDON+" TO PLAY THIS Or you can wait until I finish my 2019 script WHY ADDON+? Because some governments don't exist in the original game or any other modifications PIC'S ¦SCENARIO % CIVILIZATIONS LINKS¦ ROI2014.zip Check YouTube channel" WW2 %cold war" https://youtu.be/51xRkYDVAhU
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    help me

    I can't find my created leader. How to find him?
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    Oh hello

    Hello i am new here in this community. I am someone. My favourite AOC2 mod is Addon+. I like fighter aircraft. Also i like strategy games.
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    I would like to know how many numbers of an army is required to vassal and annex countries, like small, midsized, and large countries. That would be great if you could give me advice 🙂
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    Yeah,dont push yourself too hard mate.And yeah i had a similar number of the bois in my version but i still grew too tired of the project,also thanks for adding me although im basically a corpse rn xD
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    I don't even know if you recognize me, but an old man sometimes has to have his nostalgic fun Shiite (flag of German Empire) light grey capital is in Alabama
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    Why did you abandon the project and continue to ignore the messages of the players? "By the way, I gave up the game, but I am proud that the community brought it to the top"...
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    Addon 2.0 Addon 2.0 is our new global modification, designed to revise the idea of the original, and significantly expand its potential, due to the excellent implementation.In modification you will find:• A huge number of new provinces on the original map.◦ Over 50 global scenarios for each period of human statehood• New formable civilizations.◦ New made background, in the style of a satellite map.• Gameplay edits designed to increase the tension of the game.◦ Changed game interface.• 7 new types of governments◦ Excellent atmospheric soundtrack• New world wonders The release is scheduled for 2020 The our group Addon+ 1.4 Addon+ is a global modification that adds interest to the game process (last version 1.4 - Final). Download (Windows): [ Google ; Yandex ; Mail ] Installation: Download the clean version of AoC II. Run the downloaded mod file, select the" Destination folder " location where the game is installed and click extract. If you have a licensed version of the game on steam, you do not need to change anything. This video shows the process of installing the mod on PC. Main innovations of update 1.4 Final ‣ Fixed bugs of previous update. Incorrect boundaries, poor elaboration, etc. were almost completely eliminated. ‣ For one reason or another, some scenarios are cut, the rest are replaced with higher-quality analogues. ‣ New and replaced scenarios: 1910, 1914, 1918, 1930, 1933, 1936, 1939, 1941, 1943, 1944, Late 1944, 1945, 1949, 1961, 1988, 1991, Red World, Another World, Kaiserreich (original), Modern World (Modern world without diplomacy and precise geopolitical situation), regions of Europe, Regions of North America, Regions of Central Asia. * New, atmospheric soundtrack, consisting of 78 songs. * The reference menu has been edited. * Completely redesigned from scratch formed States. * Replaced some of the sounds. * 10 new provinces on the map "Earth+". * Changed some color palettes, these include Modern World, Modern Day, The New Order, Kaiserreich. * Translation has undergone significant changes, now it is more simple and generalized. * Cut and rebalanced some ideologies. * For further development and optimization removed all leaders. * Small changes in UI. * Map texture fixed in some places. * New font. * AI in some scenarios, it can often change the ideology. Our group in VK Screenshots: You can find Android version in our group in VK Also check my new project:
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    I'm working on next new game. Thanks!
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