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    Age of Civilizations II Europe
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    Łukasz Jakowski

    New map of Europe

    New free map for Age of Civilizations II for Steam players: Europe [1787 provinces] 🙂 Over 550 new provinces, have fun! To change map: Games -> Map ->Europe -> X4
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    Actual version of Age of Elder Scrolls - 1.2 Age of Elder Scrolls - is a mod that takes you to the universe of Elder Scrolls, to the planet Nirn. In these mod is: -Map of the Nirn (2311 prov., 1259 towns) (cuted from mod since 1.2 version); -Elaborated map of the Tamriel (1797 prov., 57 scenarios, 131 form.civs); -Map of the Shivering Isles (171 prov., 8 scenarios, 4 form.civs); -Map of the Vvardenfell (612 prov., 7 scenarios, 8 form.civs); -Simplified map of the Tamriel (612 prov., 9 scenarios, 87 form.civs); -Music from the TES games (61 tracks + plugin with more music); -New sounds; -New font; -New icons; -New interface; -915 new civilizations; -Some new ideologies; -Remaded "Ages" Mod is available for PC and Androids You can find link to download here - https://vk.com/firstovinc- or in the page 5 of this topic My other mods: Bloody Europe II Age of Pirates II
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    I have begun work on a probably 1000+ province map of the Roman world. Unlike the hoi4 map project, this one will not be abandoned. In fact, I might even restart the hoi4 map someday. Map I'm using: Checklist Map: 10-15% Growth rate, regions, etc.: 10% Scenarios: 1-2% Fleshed-out scenarios (events and other things that will require more than /map): 0% Total: 4-6%
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    Since the File is Pretty Big ill post a link here for you to Download the mod from I'm sorry for my recent inactivity but it has× been a hard time for me. Features: Includes Custom Soundtrack 8 scenarios Own Logo Custom Events And download Instructions For those Interested we have a Youtube Channel where we will post an overview of the Mod, we will also keep updating the mod on a 2 week basis from now on since its not really as finished as I would like it to be If you have suggestions on what to add Just tell me and I'll be sure to fix your problems in the next Update for the mod. Download Link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1-WFTK-FJ2uya1fDDxDgHZKRXrPBfY-Y_?usp=sharing Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=69NGu8mp0II DISCLAIMER!!!!!! ALOT OF THE PICTURES HERE ARE PRETTY OLD AND DONT FULLY REPRESENT THE MOD AT ITS CURRENT STAGE
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    lukasz jakowski can u add a update that is "History Mode" U Can Disable Or Enable Sometimes If U Country Make Something Out Of The Real History Them Like U Are Germany And U Maked The Kaiserreich Scenario The History Will Be Changed. The Update Is: History mode u can enable or disable, in scenario editor u can make the history of scenario, if u espectate from like Year 5 to 2000 the history will be the exact and in the year of 1936 will be exact of 1936 and 2000 too, if u want can u make this update? - Germoney The Attacker
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    Germoney The Attacker

    More Provinces

    will u try make all world? if u release this mod to me when u is almost with asia and rest of the world done i will make scenarios for u, if u want u can credit me , u can take the map to me now, when u update send me the new version and i will update the scenario man.
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    Beter Griffin

    Why do I exist still

    Why do I exist still
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    More Provinces

    yes but i am angry for aoc2 because I made 60 sea provinces and there was a bug and I have to do these 60 provinces again so I have to take a break to rest
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    Kardesim google drive da erisim istiyor ne yapmaliyim?
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    i wont argue with someone who uses low IQ as a shield
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    ok at this point youre being igrnorant and unaware of your arrogance
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