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    Age of Civilizations II Europe
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    I created a 1960s Cold War scenario!

    I created a very historically accurate 1960s scenerio in AoC2. I put quite a bit of effort in it to make it as close to reality as possible. Here are some screenshots of the scenerio. I might make this into a mod, although it might take a while to convert all the scenario files into a mod folder. Also, there are a few errors in the map, but these are due to a combination of me forgetting to edit things and game limitations. Here are the unique things I've added in this scenario: More world leaders: Every civ that appears in this scenario has their own leader. New Ideologies: Three new ideologies, Constitutional Monarchy, Socialism, and Dictatorship New civs: Three new civs including Burma, Upper Volta, and another version of Iran Some new flags: New flags for different ideologies Formable nations: Added a few more formable nations.
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    Голубь Голубок


    Feudal Fragmentation scenario
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    I havent posted for a Long time but now that im back im announcing the soon to come 1920s Map + Events for the mod It will be promoted on our youtube channel as soon as we've wrapped up making the map
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    Łukasz Jakowski

    Map of Europe WIP

    Map of Europe WIP It will be free update for all of the steam owners of the Age of Civilizations II
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    aaaa burda aktif

    aaaa burda aktif
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    Ak guvercin

    sdsdsds iyi söyledin
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    what you mean by saying without replacing main game files? like without replacing "civilizations" file in "game"?
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    Forum is so dead....

    Forum is so dead....
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    The World

    what the fr*ck
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    what you mean by "map creation speed"? loaing speed of maps?
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    It's over Turkish

    its probably cause of our "spams" on regular peoples topic etc i think
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    It's over Turkish

    What SECRET you are talkin about?
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    AOC2 Soundtrack+

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    AOC2 Soundtrack+

    449 posts oh no....
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    AOC2 Soundtrack+

    this reminded me to refreshing forums rather then just sleeping in 2 week school break
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    AOC2 Soundtrack+

    i think your one is better cause its have so much choices but his sondtrack also good too
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    But isnt that crash the game? or that doesnt matter?
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    i think its dead cause of the war.
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    you need 375 rep to be king i think
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    hmm i already answered his question
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    oyun ayarlarından kazanmak için teknolojiyi falan açık bırakmışındır onu kapat
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    i think is there way maybe but if you are want to stop spreading in game its impossible
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    Warcraft (Author: eNeXPi)

    2 scenarios?
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    These damned Emus

    go to break that record with 5 months
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    More rank colors on forum

    text colors?
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    come to discord map editor channel
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    Teşekkür ederim! yazıları beyaz yapmak için Ayarlardan eyalet ayarlarına gir ordan bulursun
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    you are active? cause i have questions.
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    didnt try that but probably no
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    click countrys name on menu/diplomacy tab you can change
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    also if f12 is wifi button etc or not working you can try with fn+f12 (cause its only works on me with fn+f12)
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    UMM-Ultimate Music Mod

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