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    After a whole lot of slow progress due to slacking I have finished Iberia! 330 provinces so far
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    Galaxy map (Author: eNeXPi)

    Current Status: Not working on it updates Full version is released just making it drive link Galaxy Mode Link: DOWNLOAD LINK I was working lately on Galaxy map you I'm going to upload it soon and you can play it and update further!
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    Earth Without Water (No Water)

    Download : https://mega.nz/#!NgUjAa7C!V1COZeWa1leK63_RzkAYV6IG_XNKBrtwin9fy4tAxq8 (I Can't upload max 14.65MB)
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    I have begun work on a probably 1000+ province map of the Roman world. Unlike the hoi4 map project, this one will not be abandoned. In fact, I might even restart the hoi4 map someday. Map I'm using: Checklist Map: 10-15% Growth rate, regions, etc.: 10% Scenarios: 1-2% Fleshed-out scenarios (events and other things that will require more than /map): 0% Total: 4-6%
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    Frankreich is a alternative history. During end of WWI Britain,France falled on a civil war Russia aswell.But they were aldready won this war so Central Powers didn`t won.But they were alternative treatries for example Ottomans are compeletly removed so they collapse into 8 countries.Germans are collapsed 2 nations they are Frankfurt Rebuplic and New Prussia. Over 50 New Nations New Ideologies New Leaders And more... Major Nations:Kamalists,Ittihak ve Terakki,Frankfurt Rebuplic,French State,English Rebuplic,House of Christ,RSRFR,Russian Rebuplic,Sulh-u Osmaniye,Greece,Etnik-i Eterya,Arabian Caliphate and more... Minor Nations:Malatya,Armenia,Agri,Farsêli...
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    I better get mysel the motivation to. I have not only the map but a few scenarios or so that will require creating a ton of civilizations
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    More Provinces

    North Africa done
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    glory to germany, i mean austria
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    Yes, although not the type you're expecting. The events included in this mod will be revolving around the independence of certain colonial nations. For example, lets say your playing as Britain. Then you would get an event where you can decide weather to make Zambia independent or not. Why would you want to give up your land? Well, if you say no then the happiness in that country will decrease and make it more likely for rebellion to break out. Its a little risk reward event I put in to spice up the game play.
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    Bloody Europe II | FROZEN

    Download archive and replace all files from archive to root folder of the game
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    Made the islands near Italy and did Gaul. My roadmap from here is Iberia -> North Africa -> Illyra
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    I've made this video showcasing the mod so far. Hope you enjoy
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    After exactly 80 provinces, I have completed te province of Italia
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    Twenty provinces! For whatever reason I stopped working on this after the first three yesterday
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    A Chaotic Modern Day

    ideas: Ethiopia taking the whole of horn of africa utah, arizona and nevada merging florida and brazil are allies (pact of madmen) scotland takes nova scotia catalonia, basque and galicia independent and allied together (anti-spain pact) north korea takes manchuria australia has civil war (monarchists v communists, and emus work with commies)
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    A Chaotic Modern Day

    Dissolution of the United States - each state becomes fully independent. China annexes North Korea. Norway and Sweden unite into a single country (Sweden-Norway). Germany annexes Austria (Anschluss #2). Ireland annexes Northern Ireland, Scotland separates from England. Wales remains part of England. Canada annexes Greenland.
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    Not ready yet but nearly - I'm trying not to say anything unless I have something to show. No point in giving updates when I can't show enough progress.
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    I don't know what is happening
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    HOI4 Map

    Now is very common to see how people abandon their projects quickly
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    Lukas I believe it's time

    Also Lukas get your lazy ass to fix the damn spam drug bots are annoying
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    Lukas I believe it's time

    Do you recall back then saying that you wanted the game to modable? And us to create great content for your game? So why no open source? Why no updates? Why no news? Also on the side note what are you doing?
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    Lukas I believe it's time

    Good question
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    Turkey Map (957 Provinces) - ( Actual county boundaries) - ( The Under Construction) by Kerems2434 Hello. I'm Kerems2434 from AoC2ModdingTR Group. I saw gylala made by Turkey map large and small to make a lot of mistakes and I made the decision entirely in Turkey map of district boundaries of the actual correct these errors. There are 957 districts in Turkey. So there will be 957 provinces on the map. 130 provinces completed. The map is based on actual district boundaries. Map Name: Districts of Turkey AoC2ModdingTR by Kerems2434
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    Download: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1psZ7Cbkaw7pIZa0APGjeXW_dIaaPCsAC
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    Half version? unfinished?
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    Easter Eggs Thread

    that is in all versions you mobile peasant
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    What do you say? My English is bad I know
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    I am bumping this thread as well to remind you that the Android version of the game was updated exactly 1 year ago.
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    Easter Eggs Thread

    In Siberia

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