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    thx a lot :)) I am busy so I didn't credit the people, but I will credit the people as soon as possible.
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    People calm down Memo said in his discord he will give credit to the mod owners soon
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    Actual version - WIP Age of Pirates II - modification, that takes you to Caribbean Sea, into Golden Age of piracy. +New map - Caribbean Sea (657 provinces) A unique feature of the mod is that you will capture not only land provinces, but also sea. +Some new government, like Pirate brotherhood or Colony administration. +Remaded buildings and population for authenticity +Scenarios from Age of Discovery to Modern days +Good soundtrack This is not full list of what will be in mod, in future I add new maps and, maybe, events. Download links - Is not released yet. My group in VK - firstovinc My other mods: Age of Elder Scrolls Bloody Europe II
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    Overall, you seem like a pretty nice guy who wants to help animals and to be honest i feel rude for doing what i did. But PLEASE, PLEASE credit the mods that you took content from, or better: Try to make stuff on your own. Addin+ can become a great mod if you would make stuff,not steal. Listen, i still have hope that you could fix this whole mess. And another thing, Please don't go crazy, i feel like you're losing it and it's starting to scare me. I hope you're ok.
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    @memososisican i ask why you ignore almost the whole thing and you gave "haha" reaction on my post?
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    Defend yourself how much you want but we know the truth, I told you that you could fix the mod's reputation but it's too late now.
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    I think it is too late for ya mate... you are being reported so not even this will solve all of the problems you are facing rn. even taking permission from those who you stole their scenarios and ideologies and maps and changing the ripoff name Right NOW won't fix your deeeeeep problem..
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    You've got nothing on me, I once saw the Chu Dynasty in Italy
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    Can I review your mod on my YouTube channel , when it's ready? My YouTube Channel 🙃☺️
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     Addin+ V2 video is above this text. Also you can join these groups for new mods: 1) https://discord.gg/gkeBhfR 2) https://www.facebook.com/groups/677024482659186/ 3) https://m.vk.com/topic-136362838_39600644?offset=0 How to Upload New Scenarios for Age of Civilizations II Android: https://youtu.be/Z5PztpzWY6o How to Upload Civilizations_Editor Documents for Age of Civilizations II Android: https://youtu.be/uYazfNDlxlo How to Upload New Maps for Age of Civilizations II Android: https://youtu.be/XA4KR43r2z0 How to Download Documents on Link.tl *Updated*: https://youtu.be/vmcwLgicNeQ Links for Upload Scenario,Map,Mod: --- Extractor Download Link: http://link.tl/1ZDn6 (Google Play Store) MT Manager Download Link: http://link.tl/1ZDnn (apkmonk.com) ZArchiver Download Link: http://link.tl/1ZDne (Google Play Store) You needn't do anything except download and upload the documents Download Link for Addin+ V1:http://link.tl/2iGqt Download Link for Addin+ V2: ENG This download address is on Google Drive. I've made link sharing inactive. If you don't send me a photo of you buying the game from Discord or my Facebook or Instagram in the explanations part of this video, I won't be able to turn on your link sharing. TR Bu indirme adresi Google Drive sitesi üzerindedir. Ben bağlantı paylaşımını inaktif hale getirdim. Eğer bana bu videonun açıklamalar kısmındaki Discord veya Facebook veya Instagram adresimden oyunu satın aldığına dair fotoğraf atmazsan sana bağlantı paylaşımını açamayacağım. Please follow me on Instagram: memososisigaming & memososisi & ageofcivilizations2
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    I am going to add new scenarios for next version.
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    Because I don't like sharing crack games
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    why u so care about the name lol
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    I am sorry for how this dude over here is being like that is literally the rudest thing a person could ever say
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    Okay, you are being a bit of a what do you call it? Oh you're picky right. Don't you think that he or she is just trying to have fun? They didn't say "Oh this isn't fun it is for the community to criticize" They never said anything to offend you also Add-on+ didn't have a patent on its names so they can do whatever they want. You are honestly a very very rude salty person
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    We're friends no enemies. ♥️ Please don't fight me for a name.
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    The name is inspired of the name of Addon+
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    you can't interfere my mod's name if I don't entitle "Addon+" my mod's name
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    Can colonies get independence?

    Rebels sometimes occur at random territory and tries to get independent. I was playing WW2 map and somewhere in Africa rebels formed Belgium :P
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    Age of Fixing bugs

    Likely trade accept % is always at 0, so you never know if the AI is likely to accept your trade or not. Internally it isn't at 0%, but the GUI will always show it at 0, no matter what. Also you can literally make countries declare war on an another country without giving them anything, and they'll accept the 100% of the times. Russia just declared war on you? No worries, just make every single bordering nation declare war on them.
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    Paraguay War/ S. America in 1862

    I maked a Paraguay War scenario, now (semi)-fixed! Changes on borders of North of brazil (and Uruguay) Paraguay Will receive buffs through events and there WIP events of the war. (When Map editor cames out i will try to make bigger South America map) 1545963436467zobuijwa.zip
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    Oh ok what's your Gmail address
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    Where can I use your shit accounts by hacking your shit accounts?
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    OK, there will not be permissions of next versions.
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    i dont but being ignorant and denying that he stole the name is annoying me anyways i wont bother him anymore im sorry that i was salty
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    why are you sorry anyways this game doesnt have an communty anymore also the rudest thing is a bit too much if i would be very rude i would have told him something else
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    i admit i was a bit salty and im sorry for that still its weird that you protect him cuz he clearly stole the name
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    wtf is wrong with you i just said he stole the name
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    Just admit that you used that name for HYIP. As the Chinese make unoriginal clothes, so you made "your" mod.
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    also your scenarios are Unbelievably Historically Inaccurate Also did you make them yourself??
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    Why am I triggered?? I am just saying youre trying to pretend that addin+ is not stolen but it clearly is and i am not the only one who thinks that way
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    Waddya mean you named your mod after another great mod so this question is just plain dumb and Id be better off arguing with a wall
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    i wont argue with someone who uses low IQ as a shield
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    ok at this point youre being igrnorant and unaware of your arrogance
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    are you dense?? you clearly didnt come up with that name on your own
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    you did addon+ and addin+ are basically the same thats not cool man wtf
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    Why did you steal the name of the mod? 😐
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