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  1. well i accepted da ultimate aoc2 map challenge!> now im going to make the entire map -atleast i will try-
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  2. Our discord server: https://discord.gg/aU3jumr Mod will give you: 1) Map of Europe and North Africa with about 3800 provinces2) Scenarios of 304 BC, 1200, 1440, Revolutionary France, Victorian Era, WW1, WW2, Modern Day 3) Events for each of the scenarios, exept modernity4) A large number of new ideologies5) A lot of forming nations 6) Localization into English, French and Russian 7) A lot of different flags and countries names in different ideologies8 ) Fix of mistakes in the name of states that made Lukas The mod is currently in active development and we hope to release it by the end of s
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  3. Aryan

    Help with scenario events

    After some experiments I realized that the ai ends the war before the event can fire. I did not encounter this since I was doing Spanish Civil War and islands are involved. I also never encounter it when I am playing as that nation. I have a theory. If you give each side an insignificant province in the ocean through the event that begins the war, then this should not happen as the provinces will remain occupied. The ai takes a lot of time before peacing out in case of a stalemate.You can return the provinces by the event that ends the war. I would recommend giving the islands of the sma
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