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  1. ATTENTION! After the release of the new editor, which is many times more convenient than the old one, I will do mod in it! The speed will hardly suffer, and the quality will be much more than through a provincie generator! ВНИМАНИЕ! После выхода нового редактора который в разы удобнее чем старый, я буду делать в нём! Скорость почти не пострадает, а качество будет намного больше чем через генератор провинций! My YouTube channel (its Russian): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6AcG_OxNwTDSEbvs4JSBLw I started making a map of Switzerland with a bunch of provinces. I d
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  3. thx a lot :)) I am busy so I didn't credit the people, but I will credit the people as soon as possible.
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  5. Watch out, he doesn't believe it, I'm very intimidated
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