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Age of Civilizations


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    This will definitely offend some people oof.
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    hi! i'm trying to add a new government type in the game (Federation) i followed a tutorial but my game end up crashing i wonder if there is another way of adding your own government to the game do someone know how to do that ?
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    Don't think this will happen. Ever.
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    More Provinces

    you could also add kołobrzeg to the koszalin province, and add Czarnków to Trzcianka province
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    Don't worry. Russia won't be OP.
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    More Provinces

    i do rework provinces of poland germany belarus ukraine baltic counrties denmark ireland france benelux countries and Switzerland so you have old province but i can check this provinces
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    What the hell Russia overpowered lol
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    Provinces of northeastern corner of Spain pisses me off since they are not storical, can I suggest a change or is it too late? I want it to be accurate historically. In bloody europe map is much better, per example. The shape of the county of Barcelona there is accurate.
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    Project: Alpha vs Earth Map (Comparing Video) Don't forget to leave a like! AoC2ModdingTR
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    World War 1

    Could I review your mod on my YouTube channel? Here it's the link: https://www.youtube.com/MemososisiGaming Modunu kanalımda tanıtabilir miyim dostum
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    Basileia Ton Rhomaion

    Is there a mod like that?

    It would be a nice mod so we can make the gay border gore go away mostly
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    If someone can explain how to add portraits into a game - help please Thank you
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    *A M A Z E*

    Random person: *posts literally anything* Łukasz: *replies* Literally everyone looking at the post:
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    Trying to Make a Cool New Map

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    Elder Scrolls

    ..? Will do.
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    He May Be Special

    But He's Still Part Of the Family ❤️
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    In this current pandemic, the game should me made free to keep on steam for a limited time! People wanting to play the game should have a chance and get to play right now for free! Please listen to us, Łukasz.
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    I Like This Game But I don't Have It Someone give me this game ? my steam name is "Türk Zombi TRADEIT.GG"
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    how are the homeless animals to shelter their needs when you're in a quarantine?
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    You need to get permission to download this mod. So how to get permission? You should send me a photo of a bowl of water or food you put in your street for homeless animals to get permission. If you have a pet, you can send me a photo of it without put a bowl of water or food. You can send your photo on everywhere

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