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  1. 11:59: A Cold War Mod. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 11:59 was one of the first pioneering mods for Age of Civilisations II, released just six days after the launch of the game. Intent on quality instead of quantity, the mod was built with the ultimate aim of achieving a cold war experience unlike any other. After well over a year of work, we decided to take a break from the modding scene due to Lukasz's continual refusal to update the game in a meaningful way. We've decided to revisit
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  3. Maybe in turkey, in the rest of the world the surface used by humans is around 1,309% for cultivation, 0,119% for urban areas, 1,017% for rural populated areas. 71,5% of the total surface of the earth is untouched. Data from the World Bank.
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  4. Is it possible to appoint certain capital for vanilla/custom nation? Example - when you click on "Warsaw" province in scenario editor, you are suggested to create Poland with capital there
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  5. Just wanted to mention some border mistakes in the Modern scenario. (Nothing personal though) Btw... i cant seem to find Sealand.
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