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    PROJECT: ALPHA MOD - GAMEPLAY (VICTORIAN ERA | KINGDOM OF PRUSSIA) Don't forget leave a like guys :) I want over 50 likes ­čśä AoC2ModdingTR Discord: https://discord.gg/erJ6zuc AoC2ModdingTR YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIVov6An3mEzP17tLGcZl6g AoC2ModdingTR Twitter: https://twitter.com/aomodding AoC2ModdingTR Turkey Community: https://discord.gg/YBXBNww AoC2ModdingTR KeremY─▒lmaz - VisegradMapping - A Random Creeper - Urduck - Lim10
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    Bloody Europe II - it's a mod with a huge map of Europe. In these mod is: -Giant map of Europe (4434 provinces) + big map of Europe (2637 provinces) + large map of German Empire (937 provinces) -Large count of scenarios from ancient times to alternative future -New fonts and music -Plenty of new civilizations, form civs and unions Mod has been released! Actual version - 1.0 Download links: Android: Yandex.disk Google Drive Mail.ru PC: Yandex.disk Google Drive Mail.ru My group in VK- firstovinc My other mods: Age of Elder Scrolls Age of Pirates II Mods by friends: Addon Norrv├Ągen
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    Difference before: +10 music + original music, +3 ideology, change building icon, , classes.dex fixed( {CHANGE THINGS: stables system, tech defense etc.}but it change it.), change ages buffs, ideology buffs change, change move, move to icons, event images, map image I can things: l want to make army gives system, Military defense per research skill Why can't add the systems because the java so complex. and My platform is mobile. Why try to add the system. Because The game inventor. Not work it. I think he can make it because he is the founder, you will know the program of the game. I want Even if he couldn't immediately create the Age of Civilization 3 using my 20,000 words of feedback, I wish I could do it a bit. (The key to modding is the province max POSITION defense, that is, there is a maximum defense rate. Up to 60, so up to 85. I've done a lot of trouble while changing this a little. For reference, there are more points in the writing itself I tried to fix the terrain bug and deleted it incorrectly The game is good! Usually, if you erase it incorrectly, I don't. In const4 / v0 v1, replacing 1 with 2 The game doesn't work. 0xa or 0x10 (Alphabet x) I borrowed the power of the calculator. Note classes.dex is mobile only When converting to com, solving dex and writing is complicated. The rest seems to be com.) my mods links and work images https://drive.google.com/file/d/1N8U11C1rX38Q0-DNF_mcLU-3l_Jf6Gdo/view?usp=drivesdk
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    Norrv├Ągen is the modification is dedicated to one of the most interesting parts of the World in terms of history - Scandinavia. Norrv├Ągen will give you the opportunity to plunge into Scandinavian history, feel like one of the founders of the Viking Age and be the ruler of any existing state in Scandinavia at different times. It is planned to create at least 20 scenarios of different scales, whether it is the entire map, strewn with tribes and clans, or local conflicts, seasoned with events. Well, a few alternatives do not hurt. The main feature of the mod is a new map, currently consisting of 2261 provinces. The map province template was created by me personally, drawn by hand based on data from various historical sources, and includes a fairly accurate historical and modern administrative division. From the images below, you can see that the map includes not only Scandinavia, but also Britain, the Northern parts of Russia and Germany, as well as part of the Baltic States. These lands were added for historicity. For example, England and Baltica are present for the reason that the Vikings often organized campaigns in England and the Baltic States, which seriously affected the history of these peoples. In addition to the typical work on the map, I will create an atmospheric soundtrack, thematic interface, and other nice "accessories" to the mod. Some of other innovations of mod: - Edited game code. For example, I changed the numerical limit of troops to attack an enemy province from 10 to 100 units of troops, to exclude catch-up (video on this topic). I also raised the price of creating a coalition against another country in trade agreements. And (you'll be suprised) new buildings, which are in development now (one of test new building is shown in the screenshots below, also you may see it there); - New UI; - Edited and new added terrain types; - New Age - Viking Age in game timeline system; - Atmospheric music and edited sounds; - A few scenarios with events; - New leaders; - Formable civilizations; and more... On this moment mod is under development. Norrv├Ągen will be released in summer 2020. You can find more information in our VK group.
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    AOC for consoles

    Im the only one who wants AOC2 for consoles (xbox one and ps4)?? Is anyone also want this? It will be cool and I definitely will playing this on my Xbox one ­čÖé ┼üukasz please do thissssssss!
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    Stop rebels

    Do the rebels constantly interfere with you?Do they ruin your plans to conquer the world?You can not get rid of them? Download this mod that reduces the likelihood of rebellion to zero. Ages.json
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    Game won't open

    Ever since I upgraded windows 7 to 10 when I open the game from either Steam or the exe file in the game folders and it'll say running then crash after anything from a second to thirty. I have jre 3.1, my java and Windows are both up to date. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling, verified the integrity of the game files, ran it in compatibility mode for windows xp, vista, 7 and 8. I uninstalled and reinstalled Steam as well. I've tried every solution I've found, including the one Łukasz has provided, and nothing works. My PC is also more that good enough to run the game,
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    Game won't open

    I have the same problem. I bought the game about 5 days ago and since then I didn't played it because I can't even run it. I tought that it won't open because I installed some mod, then reinstalled game and it still didn't worked. My PC is also more than good to run it.
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    With last update all of the achievements works
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    FIXED THE DALMATIAN ISLANDS! PICTURE: AoC2ModdingTR Discord: https://discord.gg/erJ6zuc AoC2ModdingTR YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIVov6An3mEzP17tLGcZl6g AoC2ModdingTR Twitter: https://twitter.com/aomodding AoC2ModdingTR Turkey Community: https://discord.gg/YBXBNww AoC2ModdingTR KeremY─▒lmaz - VisegradMapping - A Random Creeper - Urduck - Lim10
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    AOC for consoles

    Mods are not necessary for consoles. Only just to play normal Aoc2 ;)
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    Are rivers going to be like Sea provinces? It would be really cool to be able to move your units trough rivers, and perhaps the map could have more rivers (Rhine river, etc) it would make a landlocked civ have access to it, but let normal provinces be able to pass a river, cuz you'll have to make a port and pass your units and that would be a bit annoying and expensive late game
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    Had a ton of work but I'm balancing everything again. I should be pretty much untouched until I finish this now since I'm fairly well organized. I've nearly finished the background map aswell as the province map is finished (Although the provinces might alter slightly to fit the background map better) Expect an Alpha/Beta of some sort in June.
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    Allies and Alliances

    allies are burden...better dont have any
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