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    Yes this is not funny, stealing the work of someone plus they worked on it. I say : WE SHALL START A CRUSADE AGAINST THOSE THIEFS BASTARDS
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    So as of recently there have been new Turkish modders who have been coming on and not only that they even tried stealing someone's mod more prescise 11:59 so I want all of us to get to together and remove all the Kebabs from here who's with me?
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    time for a fucking crusade
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    If you like it my meme i have one more :
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    @Kerems2434 Will you add the Volga River?
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    Very Nice Mod (çok güzel olmuş eline sağlık)
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    İlk Senaryom. İyi Oyunlar:) Yeni WinRAR ZIP arşivi.zip
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    World War 2 Scenarios

    Nothing but 2 mini scenarios for age of civilization 2 (Sorry for my english) these are my first 2 scenarios World War 2 Mini scenery.zip Italian Liberation.zip
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    World War I

    World War I has started in 1914 28 July. Austria-Hunagry attacked Serbia after the attack Francis Ferdinand. Francis was the heir to the throne of Austria-Hunagry. worldwar1.rar worldwar1.rar
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    project alpha I prefer
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    can you add images of coat of arm ottoman at ww1
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    do you will be add all of the provinces names i no is tooo hard 😞
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    Leader images from another game

    Thank you, these look pretty nice.
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    Müslümanların Dirilişi 1174

    İyi olmuş tebrikler
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    WW1 Scenerio

    Trsblusgarp olmamış Yani libya
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    Far Future scenario

    Nice Bruh
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    World War 2 Scenarios

    true 😄
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    World War 2 Scenarios

    well congratulated congratulations
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    World War I

    You're right about the bolshevik revolution, it's a must
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    World War I

    I don't understood at all. Maybe you can use google translator? #NoOffensive
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    World War 2 Scenarios

    Lol, you speak English and your game is in Spanish... Also me I speak Spanish, write in English and the game is in Spanish. fukin mint
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    Wasn't danzig a vassal of poland?
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    have you gotten access? If you say no, HOW TO DOWNLOAD? You need to get permission to download this mod. So how to get permission? You should send me a photo of a bowl of water or food you put in your street for homeless animals to get permission. If you have a pet, you can send me a photo of it without put a bowl of water or food. You can send your photo on everywhere: 1) https://discordapp.com/invite/VRQFrbD 2) https://www.facebook.com/groups/677024482659186/ 3) Instagram @memososisi or @memososisigaming or @ageofcivilizations2
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    danke then oh ok what's your gmail address? Android or PC?
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    Hey i need permission for download the mod, i already buy AOC2
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    hi! I want addin+ V7 Will you send it to me?
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    World War 2 Scenarios

    Sorry for the name file error (scenery) and also my english
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    Bro what kind of games do you play here? Why do you need photos from everyone? The part about bowl of water for animal seems like you a nice person ... but the fact is I live in Munich we have no homeless animals in our street??? I need link for PC please and yes I bought the game, rated it positive too.
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    Ata çınar

    World War I

    emeğine sağlık helal olsun gardaş
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    World War I

    Austria-Hungary is not attack serbia, serbia is attack austria-hungary to help allies (sorry for bad english)
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    The borders of South America at that time were not like this
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    Yo, Does someone know why (with this mod) the vanilla Europe map left ?
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    Download Link for Addin+ V7 (PC): https://lnkload.com/2kXp5 (Google Drive) Download Link for Addin+ V7 (Android): https://lnkload.com/2kTKJ (Google Drive)
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    Paulo silva

    World War I

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    Hi I Bought The Offical Aoc2 But I need permission to install the mod can you pls give permission My Email: amacsizcocuk2@gmail.com
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    Age of Elder Scrolls | FROZEN

    I have a question. Maybe i'm stupid but, How to Install whis mod?
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    Get out of my domain peasant, return to discord where you belong
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    Updated! 0.04 includes the first version of the Brand New scenario, The Civil War Improved. Keep in mind this is the first version of it, and the map is not finished yet. And yes, this does mean that I am putting development for SPQR2 on hold. It's sad, but that scenario has always been a mess as the 7 of you who downloaded version 0.03.5 can attest. Well enjoy guys, and no I do not have a timetable on when the next update will be released, though it will have an easier way to install included
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    SPQR update 0.03.5: Has it really been a year? released! This is a small update containing some events related to the Korean War, but trust me there is more to come
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    Game crashes

    ur phone is old and trash and can't run it
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    Age of Civilizations II Europe
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    Ah I wish, are you on the new AoC2 discord server?
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    User Scenario

    Still mad this never happened
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    World War I

    To get you started Mexican Civil War Lawrence of Arabia Zimmerman Telegram Schlieffen plan Triple Alliance Bolshevik Revolution Maginot Line
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    World War I


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