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    Tips for a better economy

    The economy is the most important thing in Age of civilization 2, without it you couldn't even build up an army to invade other countries or even defend yourself for bigger threats, in this post ill be showing you how to stabilize a prosperous economy in ANY kind of country. (Notice that ill be playing as luxembourg in this tutorial) 1 - Taxes, and spending: One notable thing on taxes is that you can be putting it 1 little more to the acceptable tax and still not loose happiness, good to be winning some tips like 3 - 19 which is good for me. Also set every spending at its minimum (in future we may do some changes). 2 - Technology points: A very obvious decision for a better economy, i suggest to you be spending more in (Economy growth and income production, also put some in the rest). 3 - Development: Development is the cherry of the cake talking about economy, the development defines how much less unneployment you have in your nation, with more jobs rising, more gold you will get, all due to yhe investiment on development. So, keep investing alot in development in all provinces ultil it reaches the maximum capacity (defined by technology level). 4 - Buildings: Building Workshops is a pretty good way to be getting more money, they add up to 5% more income producton (in other levels 10% and 15%), Also building librarys is good to have more technology points and level, (more useful to the 2nd and 3rd tips). 5 - REEEE at economy: For last, REEEEEE all your money on economy, expending thousands on it, your economy will explode like a nuclear bomb in some turns. 6 - Other tips: Keep in mind to be upgrading your economy buildings such as the workshop and the library to get more technology points. After many turns, look what have i done after doing all the tips i gave to you guys. (2731 turns) Thank You - Yetaloz
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    Witam! dziś przychodzę do was z moim modem który zawiera dodatkowe scenariusze i lepsze ideologie! Mod zawiera scenariusze : Wojna Trzydziestoletnia wojna ligi z cambrai Wojna o Sukcesję Hiszpańską Wojna Siedmioletnia Wojny napoleońskie 1797 1805 1806 1808 1812 1814 1815 XIX Wiek : risorgimento Wojna krymska NOWE Francuska interwencja w meksyku NOWE Wojna duńska NOWE Wojna Prusko - Austriacka NOWE Wojna Prusko - Francuska NOWE 1 wojna światowa : 1910 : europejska Beczka prochu 1914 : Wojna która zakończy wojny 1917 : USA wkracza do wojny 1919 - Traktat Wersalski 2 wojna światowa : 1939 : fall weiss 1940 : wasserburg 1941: Barbarossa 1943 : Bitwa o Stalingrad 1944: Bagration 1945: Upadek niemiec Oraz 1947 - Nowy świat Miłej gry mod będzie updatowany EXPANDED - PL.rar Angielska Wersja :
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    FORGET TO PROJECT: ALPHA! LOOK AT TO OUR NEW MOD, WORLD+! PROJECT: ALPHA V0.1.5 | BIG UPDATE! Project: Alpha is a mod in which a map is approximately 3 times larger than the normal map. In addition to the map, there are new UI, new backgrounds, new ideologies and religions, new icons, new civilizations, new formable civilizations, 35 new scenarios, new musics and sounds, the new font etc. The first version of the mod failed to meet expectations. We had to hurry to get the mode out on the date we gave it. But with v0.1.5, both bugs have been corrected and more new features have been added than expected. You can download Project: Alpha Mod - v0.1.5 from the description of the video below. Good Games! What's added with this update? • New UI • Added about 1900 Cities • New Backgrounds • 14 New Scenarios • 80 New Formable Civilizations • New Ideologies & Religions • New Font • Fixed Save Bugs • New Musics and Sounds • New Civilizations What scenarios are available in the mod? • Cyprus • Great Emu War • 1440 • 1917 • Regions of Spain • World War I • Regions of Italy • 1st Balkans War • 2020 (Modern World) • Second Boer War • 2020+ (Modern Day) • 1889 • United States • 1870 • Libyan Civil War • American Civil War • Football War • Victorian Era • 6 Days War • Industrial Era • Korean War • 1792 • The Cold War • 1650 • Endsieg • Sengoku • Kaiserreich • 1218 Rise of Mongols • Spanish Civil War • 630 Rise of Islam • World War II • Ancient Greece What musics is available in the mode? • A Cruce Victoria • Inventions • All This • Para Bellum • Astronomia (Medieval Edition) • Plevne March • Axis Theme • Russia 1917 • Battle of Breitenfeld • Swashbuckling Privateers • Conquistador • The Coronation • Death of Prince Albert • The Highland Wanderer • Eire • The Royal March • Handel This • The Stonemasons • Horns of Hattin and Aftermath • Theme • Impact Allegretto • We Have Independence NOTE: In Modern World, Endsieg, WWI and WWII scenarios passing turns are slower than other scenarios. In the Modern World scenario passing turns get faster after 21st turn. But in newly added scenarios passing turns are faster. If your game pauses at 49 percent do the method that i show you in the video. GG! PICTURES: DOWNLOAD PROJECT: ALPHA V0.1.5 (A.P.K & PC): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Fh7eUe1AmQ&feature=youtu.be (You can download the mod from description of the video for Android and Windows) AoC2ModdingTR Discord Server: https://discord.gg/erJ6zuc AoC2ModdingTR Twitter: https://twitter.com/AoModding Donate Us: https://www.bynogame.com/destekle/AoC2ModdingTR AoC2ModdingTR KeremYılmaz - VisegradMapping - Urduck - A Random Creeper - ElectroPea15 - MuzluKebap - Lim10 - ŞeyhLenin - Kness - Vaux - Synos -Iesth
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    hola una pregunta como funciona el pacto de defensa y garantizar independencia? , una civilización entro en guerra contra otra , yo quiero ayudar a los que se están defendiendo pero no tenemos alianza como puedo hacer? yo pedí las dos opciones y aceptaron pero no puedo entrar en su territorio para ayudarlos , sera por que cuando cuando pedi las dos opciones ya estaban en guerra? , sera que debe ser desde el inicio y no cuando ya están en guerra?
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    I need help how to download zip on Android 😢
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    More Provinces

    Can't wait for full release! 🙂
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    çok güzel o zaman benim bu haritalardan beklentim hep ege adaları oluyor genelde iptal oluyordu haritalar ancak siz devam ettiniz bir 100 saat daha harcarım ben bu haritaya
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    Biraz yukarıda yeni arkaplandan bir ekran grüntüsü var. Göz atabilirsin. Ege Adaları'nı zaten her biri tek ada olarak yaptık. Daha fazla olamazdı 😄 Teşekkürler :)
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    Poland-Hungary (Provinces 70)

    Lengyel magyar két jó barát, együtt isszák egymás borát!
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    Harita güzel olmuş bazı küçük sorunlar ve çizim şeklinde olan arka plan güncellendikten sonra oynamaya başlayacağım kesinlikle bu arada ege adalarını klasik haritadan daha fazla eyaletli yaparsanız güzel olur
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    The mod is awesome, yea there are some bugs but the mod is nice 🙂
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    Great tutorial for begginers! But you forgot one thing: Changing government: Horde if you want maximum money or Facism if you want a little less but also many other neat bonuses. And I have to disagree with the way you spend your tech points, i always go at least 20 in taxes and 20+ in administration on start, it really helps when you're playing agressively.
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    this can be used for locating deserts and mountains and also cold places(whole russia is tundra in the current terrain map) I also tried to find any terrain maps too but I didnt find one yet
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    Bloody Europe II | FROZEN

    any progress?
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    o zamanlar petrolün bir işlevi yoktu hatta orada petrol olduğunun bilinmemesi bile muhtemel ne yapsın osmanlı arabistanla?
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    is it done yet?
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    Realistic Modern World

    is it for the default map?
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    Çok iyi olmuş👍
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    Dude just cool down you don't have to keep this going
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    All things in this forum are free
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    World war 1 scenario

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    Bloody Europe II | FROZEN

    Ich hoffe, es wird nicht lange dauern I hope we can soon
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    Bloody Europe II | FROZEN

    can we download this?
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    Ànex i Rux

    HOI4 Map

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    HOI4 Map

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    Project: Alpha (Announcement) Turkey in Normal Map: 71 in Project: Alpha: 153 Syria in Normal Map: 16 in Project: Alpha: 21 Cyprus in Normal Map: 2 in Project: Alpha: 4 Italy in Normal Map: 50 in Project: Alpha: 103 France in Normal Map: 68 in Project: Alpha: 158 Spain in Normal Map: 48 in Project: Alpha: 115 Portugal in Normal Map: 14 in Project: Alpha: 41 Holland in Normal Map: 9 in Project: Alpha: 23 Belgium in Normal Map: 6 in Project: Alpha: 12 U.K in Normal Map: 41 in Project: Alpha: 129 Ireland in Normal Map: 13 in Project: Alpha: 30 Bulgaria in Normal Map: 11 in Project: Alpha: 22 Crotia in Normal Map: 7 in Project: Alpha: 20 Serbia in Normal Map: 9 in Project: Alpha: 21 Macedonia in Normal Map: 4 in Project: Alpha: 6 Albania in Normal Map: 4 in Project: Alpha: 12 Montenegro in Normal Map: 3 in Project: Alpha: 5 Bosnia and Herzegovina in Normal Map: 6 in Project: Alpha: 16 Slovenia in Normal Map: 3 in Project: Alpha: 9 Switzerland in Normal Map: 7 in Project: Alpha: 17 Licheinstein in Normal Map: No in Project: Alpha: 1 As you can see, the map is growing about 3 times. When the map ends, it can also cross 10,000 provinces. AoC2ModdingTR Vaux - Kerems2434 - Iesth
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    Sevilla Mapping

    HOI4 Map

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    Poland-Hungary (Provinces 70)

    Polak Węgier dwa bratanki, i do szabli, i do szklanki !!!
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    Hussars Soldier

    - Big - Europe - Map -

    - Big - Europe - Map - Hey, i present my europe map right now i'm going to start doing i don't know how many provinces there will be but i guarantee you a lot UPDATE ! Hey! My project resumes but it will have fewer provinces ... sorry 😞 the map will be released in a month or two if I don't have too much time on my ps4 here it is: D Map how im gonna make provinces (Orginal Map) Background MAP IS CANCLED
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    Hussars Soldier

    - Big - Europe - Map -

    because I do not have time and I spend too much time on my ps4 but if I ever have enough time and I do not spend my time on the I could resume the project but I do not think ... Here is my statement! (if we can call like her lol)
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    - Big - Europe - Map -

    why is it cancelled??

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