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    SORRY FOR THE LONG WAIT! I know it was meant to be out on Friday but I had difficulties with some sea provinces surrounding the netherlands that did not want to change. For some reason, they still don't want to change, so unfortunately you will have to endure the bug for now. If anyone knows how to fix it, please let me know. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/15c5S6X6ohjgY4Bclc_PyF1FuytF-xGjW?usp=sharing Here is the link to the google drive folder with all the files needed. Installing Instructions are in the main topic post. I don't really care about making a few cents off this mod so I decided to send a simple link with no ads. Maybe in the future if people care about my mod and want me to keep working on it I'll give a way you can help me. At the moment, you can try out how fighting other nations works in this mod. Keep in mind that these are small nations, so once I add Germany, France, Poland and other larger nations you will get the better feel of the "grand strategy" idea.
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    Why do we have to get permission to download? Is there a certain reason? I think the mod looks interesting and everything but I don't feel like going onto a middle of a busy street to get permission. I live in a hotel (not an apartment, an actual hotel) and I only have busy streets around me lol. Anyways just a question, not trying to disrespect you or anything. I just would like to download the PC version without having to "get permission", it just seems tedious to download a mod file.
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    Chairman Baad

    ❌ MOD DEAD ❌

    Alright, forget this! If Łukasz ain't gonna fix his shit and make the events work properly, then this is clearly the end of the line. So, I officially declare that... Project Imperator is DEAD! Project Imperator is an AoC2 mod with a focus on quality rather than quantity. This mod has only a few scenarios, but the main scenario (Imperator: Modern Day) has its own storyline with events and decisions for various countries. When you play Project Imperator, the decisions you make will affect the outcome of the story and determine the fate of your nation in the long run. The main goal of Project Imperator is to provide the AoC2 community with a unique gameplay experience. Do note, however, that the name "Project Imperator" is actually just a code name for the mod. The actual title has not yet been revealed. Experience spoilers (screenshots) below... Play the Alpha! The current version of Project Imperator is Alpha Build 8, with events until March 31st, 2027. Alpha releases will continue until at least 10 builds have been released. All downloads for this mod have been taken down. NOTE: This mod is in an early stage of development, so expect bugs and/or missing content. (e.g. most event descriptions and pictures) s-ul may give you a warning saying "Files of this type can sometimes contain malware or viruses." This does not apply to Project Imperator. If you don't understand what a "patch" is... A patch is meant for people who have already installed the version that came before it. A patch only contains new and updated content without the rest of the mod, so downloading them is much quicker. On the other hand, a full mod contains all of the mod files. They are for people who haven't already installed the mod. It is highly recommended that you download the patch version if you already have the mod installed. Click here to join my Discord server.
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    Esse é meu primeiro mapa, ele foi criado recentemente então coisas podem não funcionar lembrando que algumas fronteiras podem não estar certas (com a exceção do, Paraguai, Brasil,Argentina e uruguai, essas fronteiras foram criadas por min) eu coloquei alguns eventos. É isso caso algo não funcione me falem aqui. Eu atualizei e coloquei a america central, norte e a europa, possivelmente algumas naçoes da epoca podem nao existir ou estarem erradas. eu vou colocar em ingles e em portugues o post porque eu percebi que tem muita gente que fala em ingles e vi poucos Brs, é isso se algo não funcionar me avise e se quiser indicar alguma alteração indique por favor. adeus ENGLISH This is my first map, it was created recently so things may not work remembering that some borders may not be right (with the exception of Paraguay, Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay, these borders were created by min) I put some events. That's it if something doesn't work tell me here. I updated and added central america, north and europe, possibly some nations of the time may not exist or be wrong. I will put the post in English and Portuguese because I realized that there are a lot of people who speak English and I saw few Brs, that's it if something doesn't work let me know and if you want to indicate any changes please indicate. goodbye Paraguai.rar
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    Mod gayet güzel aq boş yapmayı kesin kötü bilgisayarlar için mükemmel bir mod paketi Ellerine sağlık / buradan dislike atanların oyun zevkine sokayım 🙂
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    Oh no, why is there very low active 😞
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    Fixed Rhine and Oder Rivers and added Danube and Meric Rivers! (Looks epic again! lol) PICTURE:
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    I usually play till I have dominance over a continent or a region of it in case of Asia and have the no. 1 rank. After that the game isn't quite as interesting anymore as no one can challenge you. Even when several of my vassals rebel at once, it doesn't take too long to crush them and regular rebellions are pathetic. At most you can have some annoyances but nothing threatening.
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    Łukasz Jakowski


    Banned and cleared
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    lots of the provinces are bugged. they dont "border" ones next to them. theres one in south-central canada border and two sea ones near the bering strait/alaska
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    Wow seriously dude? Steal stuff from other mods and you only now allow it to be downloaded without ads or having to do stupid stuff... just stick to making reviews instead of trying to make money in this way.
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    thx Boblik! IS that Bismarck in your profile pic?
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    You need to get permission to download the PC version this mod. So how to get permission? You should send me a photo of a bowl of water or food you put in your street for homeless animals to get permission. If you have a pet, you can send me a photo of it without put a bowl of water or food. You can send your photo on : 1) https://discordapp.com/invite/VRQFrbD
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    Download (Android): https://drive.google.com/open?id=1s1EQWUVJxZd-AbJeoyd38tiQgRfVuHn_
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