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    lol aoc2 is my only game. WE ARE AOC2 PEOPLE WHO DONT CARE HOI4 EU4 AND ALL OTHERS!
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    More Provinces

    I create a map for AOC 2 in which there will be a lot of provinces This background is from mod Addon+. I encourage you to download it My tradelink: https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=346850095&token=04XplAQX (a small gift for me if you want) I'm sorry for my English because I am Polish Polish states: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1QttALuzb1p-JtwmE6Z73D3-RmffIORUu?usp=sharing Map Beta: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1yLAF29pBqioSFjQhH_C829Nwm6ariQtR if you want help in making scenario contact private and if you are a programmer, please contact me
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    Your Mod

    Hello there! MapSandbox is going to make a... MOD!!! This is a special mod, because, it's the choice of our fellow players on the style, features to add, scenarios to put, maps to add... The forum will crash if I say everything. You may submit your scenarios, map, any suggestions, ANYTHING. Because it is your choice what is in this mod, I will ask questions... be sure to check the polls! Come on friend and help make the mod! Questions I would like you to answer: What would be the name of this mod? Be sure to put your answers down in the comments! What's the theme in this mod? That's all for now. As you answer and like this post, more questions will come! 1 suggestion and 1 like = more scenarios, I promise you
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    In this current pandemic, the game should me made free to keep on steam for a limited time! People wanting to play the game should have a chance and get to play right now for free! Please listen to us, Łukasz.
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    435 ad with 364 province

    hello guys i create 435 ad scenario with 364 province map the rule :rouran khanate civilization.rar have fun 😄 1591273562594qworhbuw.rar
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    Please don't give up on the mod if you are considering, it will bring joy to many fans of the game. It's now June and we still haven't gotten addon 2.0. I know summer is just beginning but please let us know if the mod is still being developed. Thank you.
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    More Provinces

    Yeah, a year of hard work will pay off
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    More Provinces

    hi i only want to say that this mod wil be amazing😀 Keep up the good work😍
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    hey bruv

    hey bruv
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    World+ BETA Version | WWI Scenario (and New Background) PICTURE:
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    World+ BETA Version First Gameplay! Don't forget leave a like!
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    well (not to criticize) its just a change and addition of scenarios(that already exist on the forum) anyway nice ui at least
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    Duchy of Darkis and Fungus

    More Provinces

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    Is this mod getting Traction like more people being aware about it's Existence? If not then how can i help i do want this mod to get Traction.
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    11:59: A Cold War Mod

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    bruh : ) my project beta download link on the video
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    Bro are you that retarded to not know that this is not a Runescape forum but this instead is AOCII I'll understand your mistake if you were trying to type this on another forum and accidentally typed on the wrong forum but still
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    Uh.... Mmm.... What?
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    map download link pls?
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    This is a Age of Civilizations 2 forum.
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    I need ur exclusive opinion: Omino once famously said I was basically you, do you agree with this?
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    Łukasz Jakowski


    Banned and cleared
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    Small hotfix to fix the spelling of "Patlican" and "Altairarc"
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    It's a joke from a year and a half ago, the "mobile peasants" thing has been a running joke for me since I started back in 2018. And this is more of a meme at this point, literally it is on average updated every 6 months
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    Btw I will most likely be including both of your submods @Borat_ @ITurkishmapping if you decide to make them
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    Legends say Lukasz is still preparing that update
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    I love that! Oversimplified is an amazing channel! 🙂
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    Japan Map

    Is anyone up for making a map of Japan to make the Sengoku scenario more interesting. Maybe from somewhere around 250 - 800 provinces because anymore would be pushing it.
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    Rename Alliances

    Well we cold rename also the alliances wen we play the Game? (NOT IN EDITOR)
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    Age of civilizations 2

    Age of Civilizations 2 — a great game that has a huge potential and a motley, large community. How many people have become her loyal fans, who are still waiting for updates on the game, which was released on November 22, 2018 quite raw and with a lot of bugs. Major updates or even simple bugfixes we have not seen, and the developer continues to ignore the messages of players and does not plan to develop his masterpiece. Łukasz, why did you start making a new game without finishing the old one? You have not yet completed your first, grandiose and large-scale project, updates for which are waiting for all the fans, but at the same time already strive to make a new game? Don't you realize that this very new project will be perceived by the audience with negative for the simple reason that you corny did not finish AOC 2? What do we players need? We want to see at least one update that will fix bugs, and in the best case-will introduce global innovations in the game, with new chips and mechanics. Łukasz, we, your loyal fans, will remember you as a wonderful developer, and the Creator of a large, and most importantly – a successful project, if you still do what we ask. Believe me, not every one of us wants to see a new project, while the existing one does not meet expectations and prospects. This can always be done later, you have a lot of time for new projects. First you need to bring to the ideal existing. After all, he really deserves it, and it will be better for everyone. Lukas, save AoC II. We will be especially happy and grateful if you respond to our spam-action, which we had to arrange to get your attention and response. Sincerely, dedicated players of your promising project.
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    Ukraine man


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    Seria realmente muito interessante se algum camarada esperto fizesse um mod onde ao chegar em determinado nível tecnológico você pudesse fabricar nukes, e criasse usinas termo-nucleares que gerassem lucro de produção de renda, mas que houvesse determinada possibilidade de um acidente nuclear, causando surtos avassaladores de câncer; poderíamos utilizar as armas nucleares para obter tratados de paz forçados, pactos de não agressão, vassalar civilizações e se utilizássemos as nukes, geraríamos surtos intensos de câncer, a população, economia e renda das províncias próximas seriam devastadas.
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    More Commands!

    Hey Łukas! It would be cool If there could be more commands in the game! Like to: Start a revolution in a country Increase the Diplo. points instead of just 0.4 And more! xD Best regrets ~AreenLord.
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    The United States - Concept

    Just popped up on my head Rather than having one single country as the US, I propose that we could actually put Washington DC and other territories as the United States and have its 50 states as its vassals(or we could have a reserved name in the game called "States"). But since vassals can also declare war to its owner, make them less aggressive and close allies. And since its the United States, just like the HRE, we could make a certain grouping among these states, but keep the "UNITED STATES" lettering like if it was a single country. This is what would happen if it conquers lands. Lets say that the US declared war on Mexico(no pun intended), and grabbed some land from it. When signing a peace treaty, ALL of the 50 states have NO war points(the stars). This allows the newly conquered land a US territory, directly part of the US, but not part of the 50 states. After that, you could establish states(vassals)or give land to neighboring states(for example you could let California to take the Californian Peninsula), which is historically accurate, since US territories when expansion were initially just territories, and states were established or other states get land on the territory afterwards. Let me hear your thoughts below.
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    The United States - Concept

    LIST OF US STATES CONCEPTS: -ALL of the US states come with the same color as Washington DC. -If you want to play as the US, you pick Washington DC. -When zoomed out, the lettering of the US shows "UNITED STATES" but if you zoom in, you could see each state's name. -Every land owned by Washington DC outside DC is considered as a "Territory". -Every state of the US could recruit soldiers and it would show under the state flag. -Every state of the US could not attack another country unless Washington DC(the player) declares war, and the territory earned would initially get ceded to the US. The states do not get any points -You could give the earned territory to neighboring states, or you could give a certain area of the territory as a state(written below) -Under the "release vassal" tab, there is a special tab called "give statehood", where you assign provinces for the new state -> example: You recently acquired French Louisiana. You could assign provinces and name it Louisiana, Missouri, etc. -giving statehood is more effective than stabilizing and assimilating. -you could take their statehood away (might not be an option), but would decrease its happiness. The option would be located in the diplomacy tab in the state. -you could also take some land away from the state(like when Tennessee became a territory. This option would also be located in the diplomacy tab in the state. -if a state happiness is low, it could break away from the union. -> Example: the Southern States broke away from the USA and formed the CSA -Each territory could "Demand Statehood", especially if it is a far away unstabilized territory.
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    No I dOn"t WaNnA wAiT tWo YeArS aGaIn
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    I've been in the hospital all morning. I went to the hospital this morning with a high fever and shortness of breath. They tested it and it came back positive. After being in quarantine for 2 hours, they tested again and it came back negative. I finally got home with a few p.ills. So I couldn't do a work on mod today. Sorry.
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    Wish we could turn back time to the good old days when Lukasz said UPDATE COMING SOON
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    New civilization:LGBT

    not bumpable content😬
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    New civilization:LGBT


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