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    New Video with World+ BETA!
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    Keep up like this, it is better when the borders are right. Good day. Güzel olmuş böyle devam edin sınırlar doğru düzgün olunca daha iyi oluyor.İyi günler.
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    Witam! dziś przychodzę do was z moim modem który zawiera dodatkowe scenariusze i lepsze ideologie! Mod zawiera scenariusze : Wojna Trzydziestoletnia wojna ligi z cambrai Wojna o Sukcesję Hiszpańską Wojna Siedmioletnia Wojny napoleońskie 1797 1805 1806 1808 1812 1814 1815 XIX Wiek : risorgimento Wojna krymska NOWE Francuska interwencja w meksyku NOWE Wojna duńska NOWE Wojna Prusko - Austriacka NOWE Wojna Prusko - Francuska NOWE 1 wojna światowa : 1910 : europejska Beczka prochu 1914 : Wojna która zakończy wojny 1917 : USA wkracza do wojny 1919 - Traktat Wersalski 2 wojna światowa : 1939 : fall weiss 1940 : wasserburg 1941: Barbarossa 1943 : Bitwa o Stalingrad 1944: Bagration 1945: Upadek niemiec Oraz 1947 - Nowy świat Miłej gry mod będzie updatowany EXPANDED - PL.rar Angielska Wersja :
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    Hello davidtjk go to discord

    Hello davidtjk go to discord
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    AOC2 mapper

    Hello, I've started AOC2 channel, for now I play 1440 scenario but I will also release new scenario's. Check it out: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKqk6OaKpGtK0rCbYd2fEPA
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    french italian border and monaco province's place is not correct. pls edit rivers. my dc hasantheconqueror
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    435 ad with 364 province

    bruh you should do the 4269 provinces
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    hey bruh i really see you making map good can u be in our club member we will help you for mod if you ask how? i am know one people who have channel and he can make your maps or scenarios to show everyone!
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    1921 Turkish war of Independence West Front Greeks-Turkish Kurtuluş savaşı senaryosu,Batı cephesi. Realist armies and economy.
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    World+ BETA Version First Gameplay! Don't forget leave a like!
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    valeu mano
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    hey are u alive ?

    hey are u alive ?
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    11:59: A Cold War Mod. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 11:59 was one of the first pioneering mods for Age of Civilisations II, released just six days after the launch of the game. Intent on quality instead of quantity, the mod was built with the ultimate aim of achieving a cold war experience unlike any other. After well over a year of work, we decided to take a break from the modding scene due to Lukasz's continual refusal to update the game in a meaningful way. We've decided to revisit the mod, and we've made improvements on the original content released months ago. Current PC mod development is led by Vis, a web developer, designer, cartographer, artist and ex-Paradox modder. Android development is led by Nine. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Gallery: Featured Mechanics: A new game launcher to allow for easy access to other mods, with loading screen support. A Decisions mechanic for most major nations allowing for the player to shape the future of their country. The United Nations, allowing for politics on a global scale. Flavour events for major countries. The Suez, Panama and White Sea Canals are modelled in-game to allow for strategic flexibility. DEFCON and Nuclear War mechanic [WIP]. Decolonisation mechanic for European empires. Overhauled research mechanic. 100+ AI events to guide AI behaviour with an emphasis on historical accuracy. A new States and Regions mechanic. Overhauled buildings. Chinese Civil War, Operation Compass, Bretton Woods, German Occupation, and numerous other historical facets modelled in detail. and more ... Feature List: New scenario: 'The Bear and The Eagle' with over 323+ events for the player to experience. Flavour events filled with content. Manually colourised images. 45 new governments for the player to choose from. Scripted peace treaties for the AI. Fixed Canadian, Australian and German provinces to match real-life administrative divisions. 100+ new terrain types based on the Köppen climate classification system. 63 province images for major cities and population centres. 1.311+ new states and 146 new regions. Redone localisation and text. Overhauled interface and localisation. Redone sound design to give the game a more tactile and ambient feel. Events written by a native English speaker in British English. Redone background map using satellite imagery and NASA-licensed software. Formal name convention for all countries in the default scenario. Historical armed forces and naval orders of battle, modelled on a 1:10 scale. New city icons. Redone country colours. Occupied and colonial administrative divisions are shown as separate nations with a 'client state' status. Replaced fonts with DIN-1451 (a.k.a. 'Bahnschrift'). Custom portraits for select nations. Redone diplomacy colour palette to match the Hearts of Iron IV colour scheme. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Contact: E-mail: vistacitus@gmail.com @Vis#5102 (PC, Discord). @Ninetiethbeef08#1657 (Android, Discord). Discord: Mod DB: Downloads: 0.92 - Stable Release. Older Versions: 0.91b - Development Build 0.9b - The Sun Finally Set. 0.87b - Development Build 0.86b - Development Build 0.85b - Development Build
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    The IM

    Modern Europe: Events

    And finally i found someone who can appreciate me! Thank you!!!
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    Finally, someone has the courage to make something like this, i really appreciate your plans man!
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    Dude, you literally just copied addon+ and put it on some bad websites.
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    Size map?

    Hello Friends, I downloaded the AoC2 map editor, is it possible to replace the card with a higher resolution than 4440x2600? Thanks for the recommendation 🙂
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    There will be less provinces than Project: Alpha
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    ADDON+ MOD actual version: V1.4 Final MOD CREATORS: Age of Civilizations 2 | Стратегикон: https://m.vk.com/addon_plus DOWNLOAD LINKS: Download Link for Addon+ v1.4 Final (PC): https://lnkload.com/2l8Jb (vk.com) Download Link for Addon+ v1.4 Final (Android): https://lnkload.com/2l8Jb (vk.com) HOW TO DOWNLOAD? How to Download Documents on Link.tl : https://youtu.be/vmcwLgicNeQ If you want to get the link without ads, please contact with me: 1) https://www.youtube.com/MemososisiGaming 2) Our updated discord server: https://discordapp.com/invite/VRQFrbD 3) https://www.facebook.com/groups/677024482659186/ 4) Instagram @memososisi or @memososisigaming or @ageofcivilizations2 HOW TO UPLOAD? ANDROID: The link for Android is of the A.P.K. so you should just download it then click it, finally it will be uploaded. PC: Harddisk C ---> Program Files (x86) ---> Steam ----> steamapps ----> common -----> Age of Civilizations II THE OTHER VERSIONS OF FACTORIAL ERA: will be added MY OTHER VIDEOS: How to Upload New Scenarios for Age of Civilizations II Android: https://youtu.be/Z5PztpzWY6o How to Upload Civilizations_Editor Documents for Age of Civilizations II Android: https://youtu.be/uYazfNDlxlo How to Upload New Maps for Age of Civilizations II Android: https://youtu.be/XA4KR43r2z0 A.P.K Extractor Download Link: http://link.tl/1ZDn6 (Google Play Store) MT Manager Download Link: http://link.tl/1ZDnn (apkmonk.com) ZArchiver Download Link: http://link.tl/1ZDne (Google Play Store)
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    I am bumping this thread as well to remind you that the Android version of the game was updated exactly 1 year ago.

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