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    Forgotten Wars (BETA)

    This is the first version of a mod than I am donig called "Forgotten Wars". Actually only have six scenarios completes and two semicompleted. It includes the next: War of the Triple Alliance: Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay fights Paraguay. Its hard becuase you will fall in a very big ecnomic depression. War of The Pacific: Perú and Bolivia fights Chile. Very hard if you are Chile. War Mexico-Usa: USA vs Mexico. Possibly some frontiers are bad. Six Days War: Israel vs Egypt, Jordania and Syria. Hard if you are Israel. Centeramerica: All center america fights. Its no based on a real war. Island of the North, the South and the Caribbean: All Islands of America between Greenland and Falklands fights. NOT COMPLETED SCENARIOS: 1828: The world at 1828. 2050: Possibly future in 2050. IN THE FUTURE MORE THINGS WILL BE ADDED, LIKE THE COMPLETED VERSION OF 2050 AND 1828, A 400+ PROVINCES VENEZUELA MAP AND MORE SCENARIOS. scenarios.rar
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    Hello guys. I will say something about some leaders. For example ---> Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Sweden and Denmark is ruled by monarchy. But in the game, their leaders are prime minister. I think we must see kings&queens. (Sorry for my bad English)
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    aynen (yes)
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    1700 scenario

    Enjoy :) 1543435806027xuhvpfzq.zip
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    Podrías poner otros estados independientes como Texas, Rio grande del sur, los estados confederados, también otras cosas como un kurdistan unificado isis ganando la guerra civil siria, la unión ibérica... Espero que leas esto a pesar de todo buen escenario
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    Forgotten Wars (BETA)

    do you have some ideas?
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    Forgotten Wars (BETA)

    give me ideas
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    Forgotten Wars (BETA)

    The Six Days War 🙂
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    Forgotten Wars (BETA)

    what about some ancient wars
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    I can only see black background.
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    Forgotten Wars (BETA)

    Good 🙂
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    Haz que Florida se independice y que Brasil entre en guerra civil
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    Uh not sure when you or Dave will see this but uh I've cut all ties with the server and anyone connected with it due to personal reasons I wish this project the best and hope to see it finished but I gotta leave the community for a while or forever

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